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Emily "A visual representation of overthinking, anxiety, and paranoia"

Design Objective

Miles Skorpen When the UI element doesn't look like it's part of the UI:

We saw the same issue with RedLaser. We made our "scan" button huge and different color from the rest of the nav menu and users entirely ignored it.


Two Fascinating Things Salesforce Discovered When It Studied Color Using data to make informed decisions:

After conducting research, we discovered that participants generally preferred the lighter (and sometimes the hybrid) themes over the dark theme. Participants also had better first impressions of these themes …

Surprisingly though, the performance data from these same users revealed a different story, as users made decisions faster, and just as accurately, with charts displayed in the dark theme.

Cards and Composability in Design Systems You can't separate the layout from the content:

Unlike primitives you handled yourself, composable components require collaboration with those that know content best.


Tools of the Trade

It’s COBOL all the way down Not dead yet:

95 percent of ATM transactions pass through COBOL programs, 80 percent of in-person transactions rely on them, and over 40 percent of banks still use COBOL as the foundation of their systems.

siro~♪ Bingo:

I like how every software license pretty much sums itself up in the first handful of words.
MIT: "Permission is hereby granted."
BSD: "[Redistribute] and use."
ISC: "Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute."
zlib: "This software is provided 'as-is'."

It's been a weird day at work honestly. Type coercion:

PSA: There are over 1000 people in the U.S. named "Infinity" and the jQuery .data() method attempts to convert to number when reading off the DOM


The ultimate CSS battle: Grid vs Flexbox "Flexbox is made for one dimensional layouts and Grid is made for two dimensional layouts."


Lines of Code

CVE-2018-1000136 - Electron nodeIntegration Bypass Why secure software is impossible? Because even the simplest of features combine logic from far corners of the code base. Too much to reason about:

And here is where the vulnerability lays. The mergeBrowserWindowOptions function didn't take into account what the default values of these restricted attributes should be if they were undefined. In other words, if webviewTag: false wasn't explicitly declared in your application's webPreferences (and was therefore being inferred by explicitly setting nodeIntegration: false), when mergeBrowserWindowOptions went to check the webviewTag, it would then come back undefined thus making the above if statement return false and not apply the parent's webviewTag preference. This allowed to pass the webviewTag option as an additional feature, re-enabling nodeIntegration and allowing the potential for remote code execution.

Liz Denys 🔥

OH: "I'm not a programmer, I'm a fanfic writer for APIs."


Moving Fast and Securing Things How Slack implemented Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). Also, checklists for the win.


Randy Shoup 👍

Agile is no more or less than

  • work in small increments
  • get feedback
  • take engineering seriously

If someone tells you it’s more than this, they are trying to sell you something.

If someone tells you it’s less, they don’t understand agile.

Jen Simmons 🤔

“Just because you are grabbing all the low-hanging fruit doesn’t mean you are making a good fruit salad.”


taotetek "Accidentally":

The maximum interval in an incremental back off loop for a client should always be less than the amount of time it takes you to accidently drink a bottle of bourbon wondering if things are going to work again after you fix a service and before the next retry happens.

Backblaze "Our CTO found this on reddit. Heh. Heheh."



Three-day no-meeting schedule for engineers Food for thought:

In the interest of preserving these blocks of uninterrupted time, the product engineering organization at Pinterest experimented with putting 9AM-5PM no meeting blocks on engineers’ calendars from Tuesday–Thursday


Steven Sinofsky Thread:

1/ “Writing is thinking” is my favorite saying in “how to work” in a company. It is very interesting to dive into this a bit because I often get so much pushback, especially from startups and/or those focused on agility.

12 “Manager READMEs” Fantastic idea:

Eventually, I found a treasure trove of examples by Engineering Leaders from companies with some of the best culture in tech.

They called them Manager READMEs, or Manager User Manuals. And they’ve graciously let me share them with you.


Electric Sheep

Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone Google Assistant will call the restaurant so you don't have to. And it will sound like a real person, with simulated hmm's and uh's. Obviously significant ethical implications when computers pretend to be people (Robocalls have been doing this for a while). But OTOH some people struggle with phone calls, and most small businesses have not embraced SMS or webchat.

Steve Maine 😭

TIL that changing random stuff until your program works is "hacky" and "bad coding practice" but if you do it fast enough it's "#MachineLearning" and pays 4x your current salary

Locked Doors

Infection Monkey Open source, automated pentest tool.


Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets CBS buys four used copier machines. Finds a trove of sensitive information on them:

But it wasn't until hitting "print" on the fourth machine - from Affinity Health Plan, a New York insurance company, that we obtained the most disturbing documents: 300 pages of individual medical records. They included everything from drug prescriptions, to blood test results, to a cancer diagnosis. Turns any link into a suspicious looking one.


None of the Above

The Cube Rule of Food Identification Are hot dog sandwiches? Are pop tarts a type of ravioli? The Cube Rule applies simply geometry to answer life's toughest questions.


Jamie Wilkinson I'm very familiar with this part of writing a talk:

At that point in talk writing where I haven't written anything but the house is spotless

Matthew Gerring A thread about San Francisco hills, service workers, MedCal eligibility rules, and the superiority of Merino Wool:

I usually work as a freelance software engineer. Today, I’m a bike messenger. Thanks to a surprise layoff, I have to scramble to pay my rent & bills next month. I need to hit 20 deliveries by 12am to do it. Follow along! (Thread)


41 Strange "Unusual 65ft-tall beech tree found in the Balkan Mountains (photo: Deyan Kossev)"


Tobi Lütke Must be:

I know nothing about hotel room design but from experience I gather that the Nr.1 priority must be to hide all power outlets

RΛMIN NΛSIBOV "Cross country skiers looking like musical notes"


Can you hear these silent GIFs? 20~30% of people have a form of synesthesia that allows them to hear silent GIFs like this one:


Can You Overdose on Happiness? What if you had a brain implant that could stimulate happiness?

The two began with a single volt. Not much happened. The patient’s well-being or “happiness level” was around 2, while his anxiety was up at 8. With a single volt more, the happiness level crawled up to 3, and his anxiety fell to 6. That was better but still nothing to write home about. At 4 volts, on the other hand, the picture was entirely different. The patient now described a feeling of happiness all the way up to the maximum of 10 and a total absence of anxiety. "New type of display seen in Hong Kong"

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Pure CSS Francine This stunning image, in the style of 18th-century oil paintings, but hand-coded entirely in HTML & CSS. 🤯

Design Objective

The Best Place for Error Messages on Forms TL;DR

If you have time to implement error messages for both devices, opt for placing them to the right of the field on desktop and below the field for mobile devices.


Ryan Singer Design starts from the top:

Much of bad design isn't bad design — it's work done without design. Somebody had to fulfill a commitment and there was no time to think or room to change course. The way companies make commitments is the first design problem. It constrains everything afterward.

Andrew Chen On "Conservation of Intent", a theory of why increasing conversation by X% seldom affects key metrics:

1/ OK, this is an infuriating startup experience: You ship an experiment that's +10% in your conversion funnel. Then your revenue/installs/whatever goes up by +10% right? Wrong :( Turns out usually it goes up a little bit, or maybe not at all. Why is that?

Sketchize Printable templates for sketching mobile/tablet/desktop UIs.


Tools of the Trade

Lobe Lobe is a new service for building and training deep learning models, using a simple, visual interface. Got to check it out. Here's the sample project for Hotdog / Not Hotdog.


Eloone Interesting idea:

Today, a guy at work brought us candies made with salty liquorice that taste really really awful 😖 So an idea flew around the office: "when you break the build you eat a candy".

Now everybody is super careful and tests (more) their code 😂

Solis Mac app for live design: integrates with your code editor, to show real time, multi-viewport preview.


Rust in production at Figma If you're interested in Rust, some lessons here about performance (fast, low memory) and ease of us (not quite there yet). TL;DR they ended up with a Node/Rust hybrid solution.

Password Strength Visualization Help users understand password strength, by pixelating an image.



Swipe Views with CSS Snap Points Building a more efficient mobile web navigation.


How Google is tracking Safari users on third party sites The War of the Cookies.

Lingua Scripta

BigInt: arbitrary-precision integers in JavaScript V8 v6.7 ships with BigInt support enabled by default. Coming soon to Chrome and Node.

Lines of Code

James Bowes So true:

Programming is making a branch named "improve-coverage" and having it reduce code coverage.

Thibaut Sacreste 🔥

I've been experimenting with clickbaity pull request headlines at work.
CTR's gone Though. The. Roof!!!



Will Pearse Story time:

You know how HTTP GET requests are meant to be idempotent? Well, do I have the story for you ... a while back I added WiFi control to our garage doors with little Wemos D1s.

Containers XKCD nails it:



A Comedy of Errors — Conor McDermottroe of CircleCI "My worst story? Probably that time I dropped the database and broke shit."


Charity Majors Whether your manager says it or not, managing up factors into your performance reviews:

I never even heard the phrase "managing up" til I was at Facebook. And then I immediately translated it to "sucking up" in my head.

No, managers are fucking people too. Wish I'd learned this art sooner.

Building successful online communities: Evidence-based social design Such a simple idea (h/t Florent Crivello):

The authors also suggest that ascribing blame or community sanctions may be less effective than offering community members a way to "save face" "without having to admit that they deliberately violated the community's norms." They describe a system called stopit designed at MIT to address computer-based harassment. When users reported harassment, the system sent a message to the alleged harasser claiming that the alleged harasser's account may have been compromised and urging them to change their password.

The Curse of Culture When culture gets in the way of innovating.

Workout For Daily Life Great exercise tips for office workers (follow link for more exercise ideas).


Locked Doors

Michael Nygard 🔐

I use 1Password to generate answers for BS "security questions." Extra entropy. Just spelled out a 27 character combo of letters and numbers. Rep asked "That's your pet's name?!"

Said "As far as you know, it is. The real name is all over my wife's social media."

It’s Impossible to Prove Your Laptop Hasn’t Been Hacked. I Spent Two Years Finding Out. Journalist tries to get their laptop hacked into. Thing is, they can't tell whether it was hacked into, or not.


Babette Radclyffe-T "My hotel in Seoul let's you order room service using Emojis 😄😎🍱"


Emoji: NTT DOCOMO, Japan, 1999 Hardcover book and smartphone keyboard of the original emoji set.


Emojis: A New Language? Nah. Stuff You Should Know episode that explores the history of emoji, and what lies beyond the poop emoji.

None of the Above

Tasha Robinson Creative:

The sheer amount of detail that went into Heathrow Airport's #MayThe4th sign is lovely. Note that the "next info" on the Kessel run flight is the release date of SOLO. Also thumbs up for "possibly a trap" on the Death Star flight.


The Every Single Mention Reader From a Twitter thread about work related fuck-ups, this story is hilarious:

Got my days wrong and ended up alone in a room with my boss and the President of Ireland while I was on ketamine.

Tal Waterhouse Punny:

People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

Alan Cole "I've found it: the most rage-inducing gif on the internet."

The Thoughts of a Spiderweb Fascinating:

Spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs, making them one of a number of species with a mind that isn’t fully confined within the head.

One space between each sentence, they said. Science just proved them wrong Smart use of typography in this article. But not everything worked according to plan:

Johnson told Lifehacker that she and her co-authors submitted the paper with two spaces after each period — as was proper. And the journal deleted all the   extra spaces anyway.

Note: An earlier version of this story published incorrectly because, seriously, putting two spaces in the headline broke the web code.

BTW I'm writing this blog post in monospaced font, so two spaces after the period. It's published as HTML, with a variable-width font, so one space after the period. Having the cake and eating it too?

Amy Renee ☕️

My brain every morning: your issue is very important to us, please hold as our call volume is high, and coffee is still coming online…

christina rotondo "my mom put oil on her bird feeder to keep squirrels from stealing the bird food and"

Steve Rogalsky From a Twitter debate about "craftsmen", and the need to deprecate this gendered term:

A fond memory from my university days: I was seeking to understand why we can't use "mankind" or "men" for all cases. A wise woman asked me to name 10 famous men. I named 10 famous males, and no females. Her point exactly.

That's the problem with using craftsmen for all cases.

John 🛒

Going into my teenage daughter's room is like a trip to IKEA. I went in for a look and came out with 6 cups, 3 plates, a tea towel and some cutlery

James Felton Follow #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob for more gems like this:

"Hey space astronomer, where is space?" [Space astronomer puts on his lab coat and adjusts his space safety goggles] "According to my latest science, there is space."


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Julien Kirch "When you discuss user stories points"

Design Objective

Kate Compton 💯

Bobby Laurie: PEOPLE: Listen to your flight attendants! ALMOST EVERYONE in this photo from @SouthwestAir #SWA1380 today is wearing their mask WRONG. Put down the phone, stop with the selfies.. and LISTEN. **Cover your NOSE & MOUTH. #crewlife #psa #listen #travel #news #wn1380

Ok so maybe if panicking people can't put on your weirdly-shaped cup thing right, ITS BEEN BADLY DESIGNED.

There's no nose notch, or elongated side, or anything that would suggest to a (currently scared shitless) person that it goes over your nose.

Tools of the Trade

will leinweber 😭

I made a VGP (very good program) that makes it so it looks like I’m typing on slack whenever anyone else is typing, and stops when they stop.

Everyone loves it so far and doesn’t find it annoying at all!

11 Tips for Working on the iPad From which I learned things you can do with drag & drop, how to install custom fonts, type to Siri, and more. Related, Working on an iPad Pro as my main computer.

John Arundel On the nose:

Technical writing is 10% typing and 90% trying to think of good examples.

Clemens Vasters Blockchain are great at solving a problem you may not have, thread number 49824:

The specific combination of well-understood architectural building blocks that make up "blockchain" is very well applicable, but nearly exclusively applicable to all-around trustless global ledger accounting problem (e.g. "coins").

Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber Interesting read: why GPS location is so inaccurate in city centers, and how to improve accuracy using particle filters.


Brandon Hays 🤔

what idiot called it "YAML Parser Error" and not "A Series of Unfortunate Indents"

F A T A L - T λ C O "Firefox and Firefox Nightly"



Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 Ever wondered what this error message means?

🏎 Mario Kart: CSS 🏁 You can turn left and right, even switch drivers, all made with CSS and without a single line of JavaScript.


Lingua Scripta

Node v10.0.0 Major new release, with major support for promises: in the file system API, await for reading input streams, finally, and more. Time-travel debugging looks cool. See also.

Announcing npm@6 Another major release, and npm@6 will audit your dependencies:

Soon, every user of the npm Registry will begin receiving automatic warnings if you try to use code with a known security issue. npm will automatically review install requests against the NSP database and return a warning if the code contains a vulnerability.

Lines of Code

abstractionscon "What five words best describe programming?"

Nora Jones: "I can do this in five words"
Cassidy Williams: console.log('did this work?');
Sarah Mei: "Probably take about two weeks"
Clay Caviness: "Small change; no tests needed"
Joe Beda: "How did this ever work?"
type error: "error: expected url::Url found url::Url"

Assaf Re: timezones and failing tests:

Our servers run on Kiritimati time (UTC+14) …
Specifically to make tests fail. It’s the furtherest time zone we could find (from the US), and every new team member breaks the build at least once because of this.

Adam Bell “Excuse me, code quality check time”



FoundationDB is Open Source FoundationDB is a distributed scalable transactional (ACID) key-value database. Very interesting, how it was developed to be testable:

FoundationDB team developed the database inside a deterministic simulation. They abstracted away IO operations like network and disk, which allowed injecting all kinds of faults while running clusters under the load inside an accelerated time.

Simon Brown Or as they say, weeks of code changes can save you an hour of architecture design:

A humble suggestion to anybody contemplating a greenfield microservices architecture, especially if you're replacing a monolithic "big ball of mud" that has become hard to work with ... draw some diagrams showing your proposed design.

Josh Butts 🙏 CTO’s Prayer:

God, grant me engineers to build the things I can’t buy, budget to buy the things I can’t build, and the wisdom to know the difference.

trcull Sales will continue until morale improves:

Not once in my 20 year career have I seen a sales person held accountable for selling something that doesn’t exist. And yet I’ve seen countless engineers held accountable for not delivering something that was sold that didn’t exist. My single biggest frustration with our industry

Adil Aijaz "My take: If you do one thing, do CI. If you do two things, do CI and trunk based development. If you do 3 things, do CI, trunk based dev, and feature flags."



Dylan Tack Me. All the time.

Despite using AWS for a decade, I never get over that heart-stopping feeling when your console is inexplicably empty, and then you realize you're in the wrong region

Changelog "And you thought your production deploys were tricky..."



If you just message “hi” and nothing else I assume I’m getting fired We need to agree on how to use messaging/chat in a work enviornment:

She did this the other day and my heart immediately began racing. Why? I’m not sure. All she did was say hi, a perfectly legal and normal thing for anyone to say to anyone else …

It has at least partly to do with the fact that conversations online never really end or begin, so it’s immediately alarming that she is not just saying the thing she ostensibly intends to tell or ask me.

Valerie Woolard Srinivasan This as well:

My computer science professor in college had all of his TAs take the exams in half the allotted time.

If the didn't get 100% he changed the questions.

There's a lesson there for tech interviews.

Locked Doors

Kushagra Check your Trello board now, because:

Search for public Trello boards of companies, to find login credentials, API keys, etc. or if you aren't lucky enough, then you may find companies' Team Boards sometimes with tasks to fix security vulnerabilities


PranavDixit Thieving then phishing:

Remember how my iPhone got stolen by bikers who snatched it from my hand last week? I have reason to believe that the thieves are now trying to get me to reveal my iCloud password to reset it using an ingenious scam. It's useless to them without the iCloud password (thread)


CIA: Collect It All For the spy-curious, a card game based on the CIA's training game: Collection Deck.



Palantir Knows Everything About You Bonkers:

“Nefarious ideas became trivial to implement; everyone’s a suspect, so we monitored everything. It was a pretty terrible feeling.”


Todd Palino Related:

"Data is the new oil" is a phrase often heard in our world of late. Repeated again by Audi just now. This is a loaded statement, and those who use it don't seem to understand the implications.

GEDmatch, a tiny DNA analysis firm, was key for Golden State Killer case Police in California arrested a serial killer after 40 years, by matching crime-scene DNA to that of relatives, who uploaded their own DNA to a genealogy website:

"biggest tool was GEDmatch, a Florida-based website that pools raw genetic profiles that people share publicly. No court order was needed to access that site’s large database of genetic blueprints."

大山 Dashan 🤯

Seen at a Harbin restaurant: swinging cradle for your phone, I'm told to cheat the "10k steps/day" test & qualify for health insurance discounts, presumably while you relax, eat & drink more, or have another cigarette.


None of the Above

mike angiulo Well, that works:

Everyone at home kept watching Netflix using my profile. Messed up all my lists and history... so I renamed “Dad” to “Install Windows Updates Now.” Problem solved.


Sinclair P. Ceasar III 👍

My therapist taught me to interrupt my anxious thinking with thoughts like: "What if things work out" and "What if all my hard work pays off?"

So, I'm passing that onto you wherever you are, whatever you're leaving, or whomever you're becoming.

Mark Constantine "A classic good news/bad news situation"


Neil Cremins Same here:

Current state of my inbox:

We’ve updated our privacy policy.
We’ve updated our privacy policy.
We’ve updated our privacy policy.
We’ve updated our privacy policy.
We’ve updated our privacy policy.
We’ve updated our privacy policy.
We’ve updated our privacy policy.

Frank Pallotta "This is like a painting from the Renaissance."


Rebecca Giblin 😭

I keep asking kids what they want to do when they grow up and none have said 'answer emails' there's going to be a ton of disappointment when they find out

Sarah Rose "soooo, I no longer feel like a crazy person for losing random socks..."


The ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue Sounds like science fiction: scientists grow little brains in a dish, transplant human brain cells into lab animals.

omarcito "the weirdest and most satisfying video on earth"

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finestmarxman 🔥

🎙 FYI: I'm on vacation for the next couple of weeks, going to hang around England and Poland. Weekend Reading will be back April 28.

Design Objective

Here’s everything I’ve learned from designing 10,000+ UI screens as a lead product designer Nothing new, but very well presented:

Am I saying that in order to be considered a successful designer that you have to actually design something that gets built? Well to be honest, yeah, kinda. Talking about the plans you had for your spouse’s birthday that you didn’t follow through on aren’t going to do you any good.


mathowie 🤔

My favorite idea from accessible design is the thought that we are born unable to walk, and many of us die unable to walk, so we should consider ourselves "temporarily mobile" in between and design a world accordingly, with affordances for all.

Luming Yin TIL

Thread with screenshots: In America, mainstream native desktop (macOS or Windows) are in decline, and developers increasingly opt for building web apps or Electron apps. However, web apps vs. native desktop apps is a completely different story in companies such as China.


Tools of the Trade

Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service Cloudflare just rolled out their public DNS server. According to benchmarks, the fastest DNS server in the West. And with the clear goal of NOT collecting your browsing history.

Some people thought it's a prank, because the announcement went out on April 1st — but it makes sense, the IP address is 4 1's.

gron "Make JSON greppable!"

▶ gron "" | fgrep ""
json[0] = {};
json[0] = "2016-07-02T10:51:21Z";
json[0] = "";
json[0] = "Tom Hudson";

FiraCode Fira Code is based on Fire Mono, and adds ligatures for commonly used programming symbols, for a more readable text:

This is just a font rendering feature: underlying code remains ASCII-compatible. This helps to read and understand code faster. For some frequent sequences like .. or //, ligatures allow us to correct spacing.


Nerd Fonts A collection of developer-friendly fonts (SourceCodePro, FiraCode, Inconsolata, etc), that are patched to include developer icons (Font Awesome, Material Design, Powerline, etc).


John O'Nolan If you're planning on using Slack for community groups, read this first:

After 4 years of running a (11,000 member) public Slack community for @TryGhost — today we’ve decided to shut the whole thing down for good.

I’ve got a few interesting observations to share from the experience, and what we’re moving to now instead.

Command Line Magic 😭

shutdown -h 0 # Stop the auto playing sound that you're hearing, wherever it's coming from. This will also exit your editor.

Peter Brandt "Computers spitting out charts did not exist in 1975. This is a Copper P&F chart I kept by hand. We used graph paper to hand create price charts."



Everything About Web Design Just Changed Slides from Jen Simmons's presentation at An Event Apart (notes 1 and notes 2):

So intrinsic web design is:

  1. Fluid and fixed
  2. Stages of squishiness
  3. Truly two-dimensional layouts
  4. Nested contexts
  5. Expand and contract content
  6. Media queries, as needed

Focusing on Focus Styles I'm familiar with the :focus selector, but wasn't aware of :focus-within, or the upcoming :focus-visible.

Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here TL;DR iOS 11.3 ships with Service Workers, and a half-baked implementation of PWA, that's more annoying than useful. Better hide manifest.json when you sniff Safari user agent.


Accessibility - React The React.js docs now have a page dedicated to accessibility.

Tarak Rindani "An engineer installing an IBM computer, 1958. #WomenInTech" … and here I am, complaining about alignment in CSS.


Lingua Scripta

Using async iteration natively in Node.js Arriving in Node.js 10, end of April:

const readStream = fs.createReadStream(inputFilePath);

for await (const chunk of readStream) {
  console.log('>>> '+chunk);

13 Noteworthy Points from Google’s JavaScript Style Guide They use spaces and semicolons, so that's a good start …

Node.js 8.10 runtime now available in AWS Lambda Lambda gets async/await, and faster startup time thanks to Turbofan/Ignition:

const AWS    = require('aws-sdk');
const lambda = new AWS.Lambda();

exports.handler = async (event) => {
    return await lambda.getAccountSettings().promise() ;

wilkie 👍

taught my students imo the most important thing about JavaScript: you prefix every search with "mdn"

Lines of Code

glaebhoerl ⚖️

When people say "comments are bad" they mean "don't put information in comments if you can make it evident from the code". This is correct.

When they say "comments are good" they mean "take the higher-level thoughts you couldn't, and write those down too". This is also correct.

VisualProgrammingLanguage A visual programming language that lets you code with an Apple Pencil, compiles to Swift code.


Jeff Sussna 📣

Protip: if you're afraid to test in production, remember that your customers are always testing in production.

Locked Doors

Andreⓐ 😢 Re: CVE-2018-0492

Do I even want to know why Debian has a security update for beep(1) today?

Facebook Container Extension A new extension for Firefox that "helps you control more of your web activity from Facebook by isolating your identity into a separate container." Basically, Mozilla is treating Facebook as malware that needs to be contained. Related …

Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data When people talk about Facebook as surveillance, this is what they mean. It's not the selfies you chose to upload, or the cat videos you liked, but the unchecked collection of information without your knowledge/consent.

Tiller 🚨

This is the most CLEVER phishing scam I’ve ever encountered and for a second it almost got me.

Here’s how it works: they ask you to send them the password reset code they have requested gmail send to you, claiming it will stop someone’s access but in fact it just lets them in.


The Glenlivet Code Scotch Whisky Challenge accepted!

Each bottle has a scannable code on the back that puts you in a virtual underground room where a hologram of the Master Distiller challenges [you] to crack the code by selecting four aromas and four flavors out of several combinations


Funny Money

Nicholas Weaver "My slides for tomorrow: I have ~5 minutes to explain to an audience for a class on "Blockchain" at Berkeley why it is total bullshit. I didn't go easy."



AlterEgo A wearable device that can listen to what you say with your "silent" voice:

At first, you spoke the words you read out loud, but then you learned to voice them internally and silently. In order to then proceed to faster reading rates, you had to unlearn the “silent speaking” of the words you read. Silent speaking is a conscious effort to say a word, characterized by subtle movements of internal speech organs without actually voicing it. The process results in signals from your brain to your muscles which are picked up as neuromuscular signals and processed by our device.


What happens when an algorithm cuts your health care How do you argue with an algorithm that's wrong?

The scholar Danielle Keats Citron cites the example of Colorado, where coders placed more than 900 incorrect rules into its public benefits system in the mid-2000s, resulting in problems like pregnant women being denied Medicaid.
The appeals process was difficult to navigate, and Eppink says it was “really meaningless” anyway, as the people who received appeals couldn’t understand the formula, either. They would look at the system and say, “It’s beyond my authority and my expertise to question the quality of this result.”

None of the Above

Scott Helme "Mobile banking is great until you're in Hawaii and can't pay invoices or bills because timezones... 🤦‍♂️"


Georgia | Saoirse Story time:

So there was a MYSTERY at the library today.

A wee old women came in and said "I've a question. Why does page 7 in all the books I take out have the 7 underlined in pen? It seems odd."
"What?" I say, thinking she might be a bit off her rocker. She showed me, and they did.

Making the Touch Bar finally useful A collection of touch bar presets for BetterTouchTool.


Jac Rayner 😢

Dear Amazon, I bought a toilet seat because I needed one. Necessity, not desire. I do not collect them. I am not a toilet seat addict. No matter how temptingly you email me, I'm not going to think, oh go on then, just one more toilet seat, I'll treat myself.

John Bick "That awkward moment you realize you did it wrong your whole life." (works better with glover needles)

parker Another iteration of Car vs Bike fighting over public space:

“Screw these VCs only funding trivial stuff for rich people!”

VCs: “Lets compete to see who can invent cheap ecological transit for all. Bikes, scooters, rollerblades. Let’s try it all!”

“Screw these VCs. I hate seeing all these scooters everywhere. Where’s my Uber?”

ohtumblroh Is true?


Showerthoughts 🚿

The hotter a computer gets, the more it freezes. #Showerthoughts

Hipster Viking Amy "FIG. 1B: GRAVE GOODS. Archaeologists believe this item had religious significance to early man and was used for ritual purposes."


HackerNewsOnion 😢

California Has Ruled It Illegal To Conceal A Company’s JIRA Subscription For The Purpose Of Attracting Engineers

Felienne "Off by one error ;)"


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Fisher Price is getting it right 😭

Tools of the Trade

There Keep track of who's working in what timezoe.


Sasha Laundy 💯

"All code examples MUST work on copy-paste" was a core rule of Twilio docs in the early days. Played a huge role in successful developer adoption.

Oni Another take on modernizing Vim: combines modal editing with features you expect in modern editors like VSCode, Atom, LightTable, and Emacs.


Charles for iOS Capture and inspect network requests and responses on your iOS device.

Arvind Narayanan All true:

Tech buzzwords explained:
Big data—data
Algorithm—automated decision-making
Dark web—Onion service
Data science—statistics done by nonstatisticians
IoT—malware-ready device


Update on Async Rendering React 16.3 is out with async rendering. This blog post explains what's new and how it works.

React's new Context API and Actions Related.

Anton Lavrenov 🔥 JavaScript tip

You do console.log in any place of the code WITHOUT code modification. With @ChromeDevTools you can create "conditional breakpoint". If you add console.log into the condition, the debugger will not pause, because console.log returns undefined.

Lingua Scripta

V8 🚀

Starting with Chrome 66, @v8js compiles JavaScript source code on a background thread, reducing main thread compile time up to 20%! h …


Ben Adams "Is javascript broken or are javascript devs broken?"


Lines of Code

Hillel 🤔

The consistent finding of studies on software correctness is "everything is terrible and we will all die cold and alone"

Denis Redozubov "The annual reminder of how tiresome debating types with proponents of dynamic typing is:"


Kevlin Henney They just want to be left alone.

just use your regular identifier conventions

Runa Sandvik "It me."



Testing in Production, the safe way Like it or not, production will test your code, so make it a conscious effort, and learn to do it well:

Testing in production might seem pretty daunting at first, way above the pay grade of most engineering organizations. While it’s not easy or entirely risk-free, undertaken meticulously, it can greatly help build confidence in the reliability of the sort of complex distributed systems that are becoming increasingly more ubiquitous in this day and age.

Tess Rinearson 👍

immutability is a liability

Rich Rogers My new favorite definition:

"A full-stack developer is one who can add technical debt to any layer of the application." - @RealNickJacques


Ask HN: Weirdest hack that you ever saw in production? Like, for example:

Turns out that the dictionary that hit my hand was perched across two keyboards, holding down the “enter” keys of two terminals. Turns out that for reasons unknown, those terminals had to be repeatedly hitting the enter key in order for the logins and print jobs of about 40,000 people to work.


Auren Hoffman One person with bad judgment can lead to a massive slow down:

top three criteria for hiring (in start-ups): judgment

if everyone in your company has good judgment, you can have fewer rules which allows you to move MUCH faster.

judgment is a strategic advantage.

Locked Doors

Dylan Curran 🚨🚨🚨

Want to freak yourself out? I'm gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it

Growth At Any Cost: Top Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection In 2016 Memo This attitude — from Facebook, Boz is the messenger, not the message — is downright scary:

That can be bad if they make it negative. Maybe it costs a life by exposing someone to bullies. Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools.

And still we connect people.

The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is de facto good. It is perhaps the only area where the metrics do tell the true story as far as we are concerned.

Khalil Sehnaoui "Shimming a hotel door open with a pizza menu in 16 seconds."


Eve Livingston Internet slang that's fallen out of favor:

Not to get all Black Mirror/your dad about it but wild how there was a time when 'brb' was necessary because you weren't just constantly mainlining the internet in the background of the rest of your life

Imagine saying 'gtg' now. There's NOWHERE TO GO.

Sam Bason Exactly:

What IoT manufacturers think people want:

  • Kettles you can switch on from an app
  • Fridges with cameras

What people really want:

  • Microwaves and ovens that set daylight saving time automatically.

None of the Above

Dennis "You can't unsee it"


Zak Toscani This thread is hilarious!

Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they’ve agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I’ve ever been at any job ever. Ever.

Assaf "Challenge accepted"


sharrowsDC 🚴‍♂️

“the community” is just shorthand for “people who oppose change.” People who support street redesigns, however, aren’t members of the “community.” They’re merely “bicycle advocates” or “cyclists.”

“pattes de poulet" "I’m bored so I made a burger . 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 wow I need friends"


rob whisman 😭

teens don't realize how privileged they are to have these smartphones. it used to be you'd have to read shampoo ingredients on the toilet but now with the phones you can just snap a pic of the bottle and read them wherever

The Science of The Job Search, Part III 61% of “Entry-Level” jobs require 3+ years of experience. What is wrong with employers?


Lurkin' Mom 😢

Me at 16: I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Me at 36: Or? Ok so hang on, just hear me out. How about we sleep now and catch up on laundry when we’re dead?

I. H. Laking "Ok, this is actually legitimately impressive."