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Ellie Murray “Remember, just because we can get a number, doesn’t mean we have a meaningful answer.”

Design Objective

Stop designing products for random people An alternative for demographics and personas:

The High-Expectation Customer (HXC) is a 3-in-1 customer who is a benefiter (Someone who is going to benefit the most from your product), a hacker (Someone who is using multiple hacks to solve the problem), and an expert (People aspire to emulate her).


Erika Hall 🔥

If you every think to yourself "Well, a general survey isn't the right way to go about informing this decision, but the CEO really wants to run one. What's the worst that can happen?"


Changelog “We've found it! The only developer in the world who made their website too accessible 😆”

Tools of the Trade

GitHub Actions Github rolling out CI/CD, free for open source.

Linux, macOS, Windows, and containers
Hosted runners for every major OS make it easy to build and test all your projects. Run directly on a VM or inside a container.


lynn cyrin On building better command line tools:

  • error messages are a part of your interface, perhaps the largest part. Writing good ones is hard
  • clearly demarking when an error is with you, or with something else, is phenomenally important
  • executing multiple commands on one line will always betray you

Sarah Drasner Casual shade:

My coding speeds:

  • Fast: I already know how to do this
  • Slow: I’m learning something new
  • Stopped: damnit why can’t I ever remember if it’s splice or slice

Erin “ancient legend states he turned to stone waiting for his 'npm install' to complete”



Introducing Duotone Font Awesome adds depth with two-tone fonts.


Mark Dalgleish 😭



Mike Veerman In summary:

There are no recipes for building quality software. No framework. No step-by-step-plan. No guarantees.

A good chef continuously tastes her soup. Good devs work on feedback, not prediction.

Sebastian Markbåge 👇 Stateless programming enables time travel, and time travel enables cool UI tricks:

Using computer science magic to make the user experience magic trick work.


Jessica Rose 👇 You know the responses to this thread are gold:

Tech Twitter: Folks often focus on posting our wins on social media.

What's the most bafflingly stupid tech mistake you've made that you're willing to share?

RT for more sympathy-cringe responses?

Here are a couple oops that definitely absolutely did not happen to me:

Nicholas Corgan:
I spent days diagnosing an issue that ended up being caused by me attempting to store 256 in an 8-bit number.

Ash Wilson:
I once nuked some data in a production database because I thought I was logged into staging. Then we discovered that instead of backing up staging and production, we’d actually just been backing up staging twice


tychon That's a good way to think about it:

Planning is important to me, but not in a micromanagement sense. It's important not to delude myself into believing I have control, but also important to not lose sight of the fact that hope without action is dreaming. Planning is believing there could be a future, if I act.

John Cortexiphan People not asking questions is an early sign of trouble to come:

some more hot takes, for those starting out with being a developer lead or similar... or a project manager... or even just a regular developer...

If someone isn't asking questions about a project or task, they've like not understood what is being done or what is expected of them


All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people Stop what you're doing and read this article. Here is one interesting takeaway:

But trust also degrades naturally over time. Italian researchers Cristiano Castelfranchi and Rino Falcone have a model of trust in which it’s observability not success that is the key factor. Under their theory an entity that is silently successful can end up seen as less trustworthy than an entity that visibly fails. If we recover from failure quickly and efficiently, trust increases. Whereas when we succeed and no one notices we become more and more unknown and uncertain. This explains what is known as the service recovery paradox, when consumers trust a service provider more after a failure than they did before the failure.

Adrian Sanabria This general principle also applies to “a better UI”, ”more reliable architecture”, etc:

If you know how to make things more secure but you can't convince people to implement it, you won't make anything more secure.

In other words, execution and feasibility are more important than ideas.

Conversation 💯

Given that tech people know what happens when CPU is 100% and RAM is full and you're hitting the swap file, it's pretty weird how many places focus on keeping everyone busy and working on more things than they have teams for.

Locked Doors

A Technical Analysis of the Capital One Hack Horrible press release aside, this is absolutely right. There's a common factor behind many data leaks, and it's one particular vendor:

While it may be easy to blame Capital One’s developers for the loss of data, the truth is that IAM role misconfigurations are likely present in nearly every single AWS account.

Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data Raise your hand if you did not see this coming:

The security expert contacted dozens of UK and US-based firms to test how they would handle a "right of access" request made in someone else's name.

In each case, he asked for all the data that they held on his fiancee.

In one case, the response included the results of a criminal activity check.

Other replies included credit card information, travel details, account logins and passwords, and the target's full US social security number.

Andy Greenberg “Things that get airdropped to you by strangers at #DEFCON27”



The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News Why Hacker News feels the way it does (and probably by design):

Hacker News readers who visit the site to learn how engineers and entrepreneurs talk, and what they talk about, can find themselves immersed in conversations that resemble the output of duelling Markov bots trained on libertarian economics blogs, “The Tim Ferriss Show,” and the work of Yuval Noah Harari.

Section 230 Was Supposed to Make the Internet a Better Place. It Failed Section 230 of the CDA shields internet companies from liability for what their users publish. One sentence in particular, and how it shaped the internet of today, the good side and the horrors:

No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

freia lobo “this new Telegram groups feature is so interesting” (Slow Mode for group discussions 👍)


None of the Above

Lewis Vaughan Jones “When your drone runs out of battery over a lake, timing is everything...”

Carrick 🤣

Someone else: You’re kind of quiet and boring.
Me: Known issue, closed as duplicate.

Alex Fisch This is how we spend money in the US:

About every 7 months, Uber loses the equivalent of the cost of building a subway from UCLA to the San Fernando Valley!

relationships.txt “My (25m) bf had angered crows and magpies and now they're defecating on my car” (original post removed)


Or as Cullen says:

Murder a crow and deal with the consequences from a murder of crows. Nature is poetic.

Martin “The migration of birds in Europe traced by GPS. 😮😮😮”

A Crashed Israeli Lunar Lander Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon TIL there are no fines for littering the moon:

Fortunately for Spivack and the Arch Mission Foundation, spewing DNA and water bears across the moon is totally legal. NASA’s Office of Planetary Protection classifies missions based on the likelihood that their targets are of interest to our understanding of life. As such, missions destined for places like Mars are subject to more stringent sterilization processes than missions to the Moon, which has few of the necessary conditions for life and isn’t at risk of contamination.

Justin E. Ray Must … resist … urge … to … pet …

Hey, you.
This is important.
Cheetahs don't roar, they meow like housecats.

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francesc “Documentation might be outdated”

Design Objective

Erin "the UI is super intuitive"


InteractionDesignOrg “User Shadowing: Observe Behavior Rather Than Opinions

Gavin Smith How to enterprise software:

hey I won’t be available for the next couple hours everyone, I have to study @Workday’s novel of password requirements.

*slides reading glasses up nose*



Kitze 🔥

border: 1px solid red; is the console.log of css

Katie Santo “Flexbox versus grid, a handy visual guide courtesy of @jensimmons”


Lines of Code

Dan Abramov “The three search results for any programming term”



apenwarr Helpful reminder:

All systems are distributed systems. The main difference is the wire length.

...and somehow the wire length matters a lot.


Sahil Lavingia This is true in every industry:

The best jobs aren't publicly listed.

You have to dig for them, invent them, or convince someone it's worth creating just for you.

:party-corgi: If you can't do this one simple thing …

People who send me messages fully detailing what they want as the first message are my favorite

Joe Pettersson 👇 This thread is eye opening:

I saw a tweet asking why sometimes when you unsubscribe from an email list it says it can ‘take a few days’. Buckle up, as I have a RIDICULOUS story about this happening in The Enterprise™️...

Star Simpson 👍

I want to read a Bond sequel but it's just about how M does project management and generally runs the org in the face of tough challenges such as difficulty reaching reports, coordination vs. impenetrable information silos, and general byzantine info issues.


Locked Doors

Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings “Workers hear drug deals, medical details and people having sex”. We learned Google is doing that earlier the month, and Amazon back in April. File under "I can't believe listening devices are listening on me". Apparently Apple is going to stop this practice.

FTC says ‘you will be disappointed’ if you choose $125 for Equifax payout Consumers voiced their opinion and demanded their $125 settlement from Equifax. The FTC decided that protecting consumers is not something it cares about:

The agency is encouraging consumers to consider taking the free credit monitoring option instead. “You can still choose the cash option on the claim form,” the agency writes in an FAQ on the settlement, “but you will be disappointed with the amount you receive and you won’t get the free credit monitoring.”

Capital One Announces Data Security Incident And so we're at the point where corporations care so little about security breaches, that we end up with press releases like this:

No bank account numbers or Social Security numbers were compromised, other than:

  • About 140,000 Social Security numbers of our credit card customers
  • About 80,000 linked bank account numbers of our secured credit card customers

None of the Above


jas loves nat 🤣

if you’re arguing loudly on your phone in public please put it on speaker. i need to hear both sides of the story to know whose side i’m on.

Massimo “This cotton candy guy's wizardry is actually a brilliant application of the dynamics of vortices in fluids”

Sniper Barbie 💯

The best part about kale is not eating it.

Natalie Walker “This is distressingly easy to misread”


Gerry “A font created by your congressional districts”, to illustrate a major flaw in US elections.


BamaLu 🔥

Do y’all remember, before the internet, that people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of access to information?
Yeah. It wasn’t that. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Lewis Wake 👇 Fun fun thread:

I have no friends so I like to take famous dance scenes from movies and put songs that are the same tempo on top of them.

A thread:

Love Actually vs Billie Eilish

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Chris Shehan_Art “I hope there’s a post-credit scene at the end of the Mr. Rogers movie where Bob Ross shows up and teases the PBS Cinematic Universe.”

Design Objective

HaraldurThorleifsson Sigh. Yes:

  1. Most businesses don't understand design very well.

  2. Most designers don't understand business at all.

If you are a frustrated designer you can either moan about the first point or you can actually do something about the second point — starting with yourself.

Mini rant: Sometimes I feel like the designer I'm working with never left their high-school counter culture club — all adults are wrong, business is a dirty word, and only cool things have the right to exist.

Geoffrey Litt 👇 This is actually a thread about immediate utility and learnability:

A key superpower of spreadsheets is that a beginner can just store some data in a table without any formulas... which is actually useful for achieving real goals

Unlike, say... printing "hello world" onto a screen

Does your design support immediate utility?

Khalil Sehnaoui “I approve of this loading graphic.”

Elizabeth Yin 👇 What is product-market fit?

  1. Product-market fit is one of those concepts that seems easy to understand as a concept but in practice, hard or impossible to articulate what it actually means. Most people lazily say "Product-market fit is like porn...when you see it, you just know!" But what does that mean?

Pulp Librarian 👇 Takes us down memory lane of fonts in print:

If your story is about computers then use Computer Monotone! David Moore created this in 1968 as an alphabetical extension of the E-13B font used on the bottom of cheques. It smells like Fortran an tastes of 4 bit processing, just like a real computer should.


Tools of the Trade

Lisa Braun It always amazes me that these little dongles are in fact tiny computers:

Here is my little thread about Lightning video adapters – also known as Haywire – which are actually computers that feature Apple Secure Boot and run Darwin kernel


1995parham/github-do-not-ban-us TL;DR Github restricts access to developers from Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. The US always had export restrictions, applied for political gain, and open source was one way to route around those restrictions. I was hoping Microsoft will stand up for the worldwide developet community.

Jane Manchun Wong “I didn't know JavaScript is capable of doing these... thanks Google”



Angie Jones This meme is just 🤣

Therapist: And what do we do when CSS stresses us out?

Me: !important

Therapist: No.

Justin Potts I've been outed:

Therapist: And what do we do when we feel stressed

Me: Redesign the landing page

Therapist: No

Jesse Vincent “Feeling very old today.”


Lines of Code

Ali Spittel 💯

Why would you ever spend a few minutes reading the documentation when you can spend a few hours randomly trying things?

I'm guessing this has something to do with focus and attention. Just like we have people on the introvert-extrovert spectrum, we have people on the planner-tinkerer spectrum.


Amy Isikoff Newell True, but I feel like "baggage" has the wrong connotation, maybe "scar tissue"?

Nobody leaves a job until they've packed their bags. By which I mean, we all show up with baggage from previous jobs. As a manager, it's important for me to know what my own baggage is, and as I get to know new hires, to try to understand theirs.

The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader According to research, being ignored is worse than being treated poorly:

The impact of absentee leadership on job satisfaction outlasts the impact of both constructive and overtly destructive forms of leadership. Constructive leadership immediately improves job satisfaction, but the effects dwindle quickly. Destructive leadership immediately degrades job satisfaction, but the effects dissipate after about six months. In contrast, the impact of absentee leadership takes longer to appear, but it degrades subordinates’ job satisfaction for at least two years.

mikko 💯

Rarely is anyone thanked for the work they did to prevent the disaster that didn't happen.

Our performance review does include "disaster X didn't happen", and you get to show how you contributed towards these goals.

Electric Dreams

Pranay Pathole “How AI products actually work”

Locked Doors

Welcome To The Equifax Data Breach Settlement Website Claim your Equifax settlement to make sure they feel the consequences of this breach.

Apple bleee. Everyone knows What Happens on Your iPhone Interesting to see how much information your phone broadcasts over Bluetooth:

Well, AirDrop seems to be less anonymous than we thought. It’s possible to identify you: your phone sends out SHA256 your phone number hash to all the devices around you every time you hit Share.

ErrataRob 👇 Thread about cryptography, and why it's either 0% or 100% secure, no middle ground:

In the following graph I show the time it takes to crack keys by length, using three devices, a $35 Raspberry Pi, a $1000 desktop computer, and the NSA buying a million desktops for a billion dollars.


And on the topic of "military grade security":

Your iPhone has all the latest advances in crypto. It gets updated monthly. Nuclear silos still use floppy disks. Consumer grade crypto is therefore way better than what's protecting our launch codes, simply because it's newer.


None of the Above

Jay Arnold “Am I a horrible person to get schadenfreude from this?”

Whitney Cummings 👍 (hint):

You are not a hypocrite if you change your mind after getting new information

Dick King-Smith HQ “Who knew that manatees sometimes come out of the water to graze on land?”

Open Ocean Exploration “This is your weekly reminder that baby octopus ride on jellyfish in the open ocean and it is adorable.”


Turgut “Pets doing pranks is my new favt thing”

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Josh Constine “When people ask why I work from home so much”

Design Objective

Steve Schoger Dark mode is not simply the inverse of light mode:

🔥 When implementing dark mode, don’t throw away the visual cues in the light version by naively inverting the color scheme.

Close elements should still be lighter and distant elements should still be darker – even in a dark UI.


Maxim Leyzerovich 💯

Low fidelity design gets high-level feedback; high fidelity designs get low-level feedback.

David J Bland Yes.

Product discovery work belongs in the same backlog as your delivery work. Just put it all in there together, cry, then capacity plan for both discovery and delivery in each and every sprint.

Tools of the Trade For when you need a little more Keanu in your life:[width]/[height]*/[options]*


Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation These scripts are as useful and as easy to make as checklists:

This script doesn’t actually do any of the steps of the procedure. That’s why it’s called a do-nothing script. It feeds the user a step at a time and waits for them to complete each step manually.

Tatiana Mac If it works …

I’ve started telling JS devs that semantic html elements are preloaded microframeworks that ship you accessibility and performance plugins.

Erin “me revisiting old side projects”

Lines of Code

ReinH 👇 Important thread:

There's an important missing step in most TDD processes: once you have a working thing, re-evaluate your tests from a maintenance perspective. The tests you write while designing are often not the tests you want for maintenance.

Assaf When you write some code and change your mind halfway through.



Vicki Boykis Science! 😭

The law of conservation of software energy states that, for every line of unnecessary code that is diligently deleted from a given system, a developer somewhere else reads a blog post about a new AWS service and creates an architecture for a new, over-engineered system.

Gina Trapani “Software engineers: take your children to work with you. This is pure gold


deech Funny but true:

the most powerful programming paradigm is DDT (don't do that) driven development. i am become thought leader, $20k per keynote. dms open

Cassidy Williams “Adding a feature to a legacy codebase”


OPP (Other People’s Problems) How do you know when to involve yourself in something, and when to stay out?

I’ve come to realize that there isn’t a job where you can fix all the things. It is true that founders have immense ability to set direction and culture, but trying to control everything happening in a company causes many other problems that are outside of the scope of this essay.


Erik Bernhardsson How to delegate:

A super useful exercise I just did was to list most things I’m doing at work in a spreadsheet sorted by my comparative advantage (can be positive/negative) compared to anyone else who could potentially do the same task. Then draw a line and delegate everything below that line.


Twitter Needs a Pause Button Making it too easy to publish has its downside:

Some users might also reject a cooling-off interval, or abandon a platform that imposed one. Yet many other people are already trying to count to 10 before they tweet, and would welcome help. And many tech-industry leaders are looking for ways to dial back internet-enabled pathologies. Rethinking instanticity would help us put our better selves forward, perhaps often enough to make social media more sociable.

bluewake 🤔

The only two possible options when there are recommendations powered by #AI

  • Crappy. Why do you offer me that?!
  • Creepy. Why do you know that much about me?!

Locked Doors

Cracking my windshield and earning $10,000 on the Tesla Bug Bounty Program Hacking cars for fun and profit.


Deep Kate 🔥

Rolling your eyes at people downloading an app "without reading the terms," acting like these concepts aren't deliberately confusing by design is not the answer. Consumers shouldn't be put in a position in the first place where enjoying an app requires becoming an IP attorney.

How Hacking Works 🏴‍☠️

Jek Hyde 👇 She's paid to break into buildings and test their security, and fun story time …

In this case, for a large office building in the middle of a major industrial part of town next to a POLICE STATION… I was given 4 days. Yeah. Not ideal. But that’s a cool part about my job. I’m not going to jail. Well… not for long.

zenalbatross “props to the amazing human who decided that one of the security questions should be ‘what is your favorite security question’”


None of the Above

Alby “Why would anyone want to study topology? It's just--”

Kramski In that case, I'm adulting correctly:

I love how being an adult is just saying "But after this week things will slow down a bit again" to yourself until you die

Assaf When recruiter firm have to mask who they represent ... I wonder which famous Emeryville animation studio that could be?


Jennifer Leggio I need to try this next time …

Was talking with a colleague about email etiquette, and we joked about writing work emails in the tone of great authors. Naturally, I proceeded to cancel a meeting in the spirit of Ernest Hemingway.

It is my hope, however, that we can find another time, when the clock doesn't tick so early and the sun shines with a bit less glare to discuss the impending hurdles we need to make to continue to fuel our capitalist society, and we can both breathe freely with our metrics. (5/5)

catchymemes Here are some creative things to brighten up your day (see them all).


Foone 👇 They make films, but also have their own calendar, Q clearance, and a nuclear reactor:

So, Kodak is weird. And a particular way they are weird has to do with the
International Fixed Calendar, as developed by Moses Cotsworth in 1902.
It's a calendar designed to be maximally compatible with the standard Gregorian while also fixing many of the problems of it.

Bob “You know it's hot in Canada when 👇”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus 😭

Yeah. Shit.

Pete Buttigieg Is Still Figuring This Out
“I’ve discovered that a show like ‘Veep’ is more realistic than most Americans would care to imagine.”

MonkeyWrenchGang 🔥

Want to help to stop the madness of car-centrism? It is simple!

Start crossing the road like this. Reveal the inherent design flaw of the iron cage...

Mary Robinette Kowal 🚀 Good to know:

Let's talk about peeing in space.

Several people, in response to my NY Times essay, have said that women couldn't go into space because we lacked the technology for them to pee in space.

Christian Borys “A team of people were paid to produce this”


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storyofmyfuckinglife This could be the title of my autobiography.

Design Objective

Jony Ive’s Mistakes: When Beautiful Design Is Bad Design The iMac's hockey puck mouse, the MacBook's butterfly keyboard, the Apple TV remote, the list goes on:

The quote often attributed to Einstein is “everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” I think the trouble was that Ive often ignored the second part of that advice in the pursuit of refinement.


Norgard 👍

It’s too simple is the greatest compliment a product can ever be paid.

The time I tried to ruin Halo 2 On the difference between what users say they will do vs what they actually do, and sticking to your design instinct:

So when our participants told us that they would not enjoy the system, we as researchers then made our own mistake and conveyed those comments as accurately representing how most players would feel about the system after they’d actually played it. And after some heated arguments and back and forth, Bungie chose to push on ahead with their novel matchmaking system over our objections, which turned out to be exactly the right call.

Bill the Lizard “A new contender has emerged...”


The hidden bias in iterative product development Be aware of this:

This weakness-based mindset gets further reinforced when we start analyzing data and feedback. Because loss aversion causes us to focus on losses more than gains, we are more likely to gloss over positive signals and areas of strength and focus instead on the areas of the product that “aren’t working.”

John Cutler Everything is an opportunity for learning:

Something I’ve noticed about great product teams.

They actually talk about the stuff that didn’t work. The misses. The surprises. What they learned. How that informed future decisions.

... it is the antithesis of success theater.

RaminNasibov “fonts matter”


Tools of the Trade

101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human) This is a great list. Bookmark and revisit often.

  1. Try to remain optimistic
    If something goes wrong, try and be optimistic. Tomorrow is a new day. Optimism will help your team dynamic and your mental health.

  2. Continually re-assess your workflow
    Just because something works now doesn't mean it always will. Re-evaluate your workflow and make adjustments where necessary.

Email Like A Boss 👍

Justin Searls “Finally figured out a way to halve the time it takes to do an iCloud restore from backup on an iPhone”


(It works because restore from backup is very CPU intensive, and your phone slows down once it gets hot)

Lines of Code

Erin ☔️


tests: 1 passed, 1 total

**all tests passed**

Jaana B. Dogan 👍

If there is one advice that fits everything in programming, it is "Change one thing at a time".

Helen 侯-Sandí “The only 10x engineer”


Sarah Drasner 🎯

Please stop glorifying what's unnecessarily complicated. I've heard countless times people brag about how long it takes people to understand what they work on.

In my perfect world, it would be the opposite. You would brag about how quickly people can understand what you wrote.

Ben Orenstein $10K well spent:

My new consulting engagement: you pay me $10,000 and I delete your project’s backlog while explaining that nothing of value has been lost.

Baron Schwartz I wish more people would understand the first point:

True facts about testing in production:

  1. You don’t have a choice; you are doing it whether you acknowledge it or not.

  2. Those who say it’s a good thing (they’re right) are not telling you to stop other testing! Pre-prod testing is also, still, a good thing.


Scott Belsky Extraordinary achievement does require leadership:

a team can only overcome an “insurmountable” obstacle if they see that their leader believes it can be done. it’s a big difference between “managers” and “leaders” - of incremental progress vs. extraordinary achievement.

nota_bennett 👇 Short thread about team dynamics, everything checks out in my experience:

1/5 Are your leaders talking about why basically all the time?

If you just talk about what you need a team to do, the "what" tends to get distorted over time and they end up doing not-quite-what-you-meant. "Why" gives ideas heft and longevity.

Sophie Alpert How to identify unnecessary process:

Whenever a rule is added in a team, first ask:

Will the existence of this rule discourage future people from using their human judgement to make smart decisions in nuanced situations?

Michael Carusi 😭 So true:

The three stages of career development:

  1. I can't wait until I'm important enough to be included in meetings.
  2. I feel so important being in these meetings!
  3. I will do anything legal and several illegal things to avoid these meetings.


Lenny Rachitsky 👇 Managing up is a skill for everyone, a short thread with tips:

1/5 Overcommunicate: Share what you plan to do, what you’re doing, and what you did. It’s nearly impossible to over-communicate. I sent a weekly “State of The Me” email to my boss, with my current priorities, things on my mind, and blockers I need help with. It worked wonders.

Blair Braverman 👇 Thread:

Y’all, having sled dogs has been so good for my body image. And not because mushing is a joy-filled, physical outdoor activity, although that’s true. It’s actually something much simpler than that.


Locked Doors

Zoom Zero Day: 4+ Million Webcams & maybe an RCE? Just get them to visit your website! TL;DR

  • The MacOS Zoom app included a feature that would keep a server running on your computer, even after you un-installed Zoom
  • Anyone could add you to a meeting and watch you through the camera
  • Zoom ignored this security flaw until the public out cry, then issued a fix
  • Apple pre-empted Zoom, and did a silent OS update to disable this "feature"
  • All is good now


Chad Loder To all the people reacting to the above by switching apps:

"I never audited or paid attention to @zoom_us security, but now I'm upset, so I'm going to switch to a DIFFERENT conferencing platform whose security I will also never audit."

Steelcon Gottlieb This, not the stupid cookie policy, may lead to better security and privacy practices:

I can't overstate the significance of this #GDPR British Airways fine (1.5% of worldwide turnover / £183m) for anyone in security, privacy or senior management. You've got to get security right, with appropriate levels for your organisation, else the fines can be career changing.

None of the Above

Andy Baio “oh, to be young and online”


Josh Campbell 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯

I was just stuck in an elevator. Everything was fine because I had a burrito in my backpack. Moral of the story: Always bring a burrito.

mrb “Lmao if you think Silicon Valley owns innovation”


Rattlesnake, uranium, whiskey found during traffic stop If you're driving a stolen vehicle, it might as well carry a venomous snakes and radioactive material.

Jen Gentleman “I've never been more invested in a random internet cat succeeding”

Tess Koman 👇 This thread is a slow burn:

name a more crushing blow than "this is a great start!" from your editor, i'll wait

Disintermediating your friends A research into how couples meet. In summary, stranger danger is trending down.


Carol Blymire This kind of behavior/attitude is one of my pet peeves:

Here is a hopefully short synopsis of something that happened this week that I still don’t understand (1/?)

Our Commitment to Lead the Fight Against Online Bullying Instagram taking some steps to stopy bullying: asking users to reconsider before posting a mean comment, and shadow bans.


The helicopter team that films the Tour de France is one of a kind They train for six months!


Annie Minoff Art meets science:

Did you know there is a legit ✨particle accelerator✨in the basement of the Louvre museum!? I heard about this a few years ago, and have been dying to see it ever since.

Well mes amis, yesterday I DID!

Join me! On y va! 1/


Stella Chuu “Winner of best cosplay at #AX2019”