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Design Objective

Hypothesis driven UX design This, so much this:

  1. Take your assumptions and state them as explicit hypotheses
  2. Let your team buy into stated hypotheses
  3. Force yourself to design according to your hypotheses
  4. Force yourself to test against your hypotheses
  5. Create a culture of learning by showing stakeholders the benefits of validated customer hypotheses

The environment disables the people, not the other way around Can't stress this enough. Disability is caused by the environment, by how we design and build tools/technologies that only serve select people, and then label anyone who's excluded from using these tools/technologies as "disabled":

And so with digital products that assume certain abilities, like the ability to coordinate mouse pointing and clicking on small hit targets, for example. Or designing a typography with low contrast between text and background — the doors-only-the-second-floor of web design.

Tools of the Trade

High Performance SVGs How to ensure stellar performance for SVGs and get web pages to load and render faster.

noidontdig/gitdown Don't commit when you're drunk: a script that uses an Arduino-based breathalyzer to moderate your git commits based on your blood alcohol content.

@_ericelliott To anyone building an API:

Try not to use usernames or emails as keys in your app -- it could make it difficult for users to change them later.

@ageitgey Spot on:

As I painstakingly manage my captured pokemon, I suddenly realize that Pokemon Go is just an animated version of Jira backlog grooming

Lingua Scripta

I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next So this post scared quite a few people who took it literally. Then again, it is believable and not far from the truth. Node has a serious bloat issue. What are you doing about bloat in your own projects?

Lines of Code

drbrain More experienced team members can do this too:

A less-experienced team-member gave feedback on my variable name choice. I examined and found I could make the code better by changing them.

@dadamsTweets Is something I've seen happen over and over:

My boss said today: "It is interesting that you don't need to read a user story to implement but you need to read the user story to test".

@perhammer Making the unit tests pass.


Large Diffs Are Hurting Your Ability To Ship Break large pieces of work into smaller pull requests (diffs), which are easier to work with:

  • Large diffs won’t get reviewed
  • It’s hard to spot bugs in large diffs
  • Reverting large diffs is hard
  • Reverting large diffs is hard

@schmonz First, add feedback:

In software development, efficiency comes from doing fewer wrong things for less time. To optimize for efficiency, optimize for feedback.

@can_test Architecture is no exception:

Dear software/system architects: if you create architecture diagrams that DON'T include testing/feedback systems, you're doing it wrong.



It's not DNS
There's no way it's DNS
It was DNS

Locked Doors

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea Thank you Microsoft for this proof of concept, showing us why golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea:

What's more, it is believed it will be impossible for Microsoft to fully revoke the leaked keys.

And perhaps most importantly: it is a reminder that demands by politicians and crimefighters for special keys, which can be used by investigators to unlock devices in criminal cases, will inevitably jeopardize the security of everyone.


How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure This will strike a chord with anyone transitioning from tech lead to management:

“Listen, if there isn’t something going off the rails on your team, then I know you are micro-managing them. You are really good at what you do, and if you stay in the weeds on everything, you’ll keep things going perfectly, for a while. But eventually two things will happen. One, you will burn out. And two, you will eventually start to seriously piss off your team. So I better see some things going sideways, on a fairly regular basis.”

@jmccartie Related:

“The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone, you’ve made a hiring mistake.” ― James C. Collins

Resumes suck. Here’s the data. Always be skeptical of posts that share selected data. For example, this post discusses how they grade resumes, but fails to dissect how they grade "strong candidate" or high performers. So ignore the part where they attempt to correlate performance with resume attributes.

But do look at the striking difference between agency recruiters, in-house recruiters, hiring managers and fellow engineers. These four groups all evaluate the same resumes and reach different, incompatible conclusions. Which makes the strong case that resumes are not objective measures of anything. Can we do better?


The rise and fall of Gopher 25 years ago there was Gopher and it arrived earlier and started off better and grew more popular than the Web. Until it wasn't.

Death of the Industrial Advertising Complex TL;DR for large brands, advertising has a negative ROI, the more they spend on it the worse off they are (see Gillette vs Dollar Shave Club). What would happen when brands finally catch up to reality, specifically for advertising platforms like Facebook and Google?


God grant me the serenity
to delete the emails I can't answer
courage to reply to what I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

None of the Above

@sydlol "Edgar Allen Poe? haven't heard that name in years"

This Is Why There Are So Many Ties In Swimming Because pools are made of concrete.

We were wrong: Ending stop and frisk did not end stopping crime Time we realized heavy-handed policing doesn't reduce crime:

Post stop-and-frisk, the facts are clear: New York is safer while friction between the NYPD and the city’s minority communities has eased.

The Unsexy Truth About Millennials: They’re Poor Next time you stumble upon a think piece about Millennials, keep this in mind: "lower wages and poverty can account for so many of the things that older generations find so mystifying about millennials."

Party of Two Fantastic read about the complex and nuanced world of politics.

@MrMikeClarke "From the book Creative Mischief (by @davetrott) - this is brilliant. Evil, but brilliant!"

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Design Objective

Design Better Data Tables How to display tabular data:

Tables might be boring, but they are such a major element of any data-rich document that they’re worth every ounce of design thinking we can apply to them.

Making a case for letter case

Just as title case looks more formal and serious, sentence case looks more casual and friendly.

I beg to differ. In the age of conversational UI, casual and friendly is expressed in all lower case. Sentence case is for formal and serious. Also, bots.

Introducing BuzzFeed’s Design Process Combining design phases with feedback loops and iterations:

It’s not uncommon for inexperienced designers to jump to solutions before they’ve fully unpacked and understood a problem, or to fold in all feedback they’ve received because “my peers are smart” without practicing the skill of filtering out input that’s distracting or not inline with the goals of a project.

Peek Inside a Facebook Design Critique "By showing how design critiques at Facebook typically go, we wanted to highlight what makes for a good critique and what can often get in the way."

Hidden Expectations The hardest parts of the Web are the invisible parts: accessibility, security, performance, and empathy.

The Headless Web Makes the strong case for a future of the web, which is not exclusive to web browsers:

If we can provide a world where content and utility on that content are available headlessly then I think we are in a good position.

Tools of the Trade

This Image is Also an HTML Webpage Cool trick.

The performance benefits of rel=noopener In addition to the privacy benefits.

attic-labs/noms A decentralized database based on ideas from Git. If you ever wanted a database that can do versioning, forking and merging, quick reverts.

Haka Software defined security:

The scope of Haka language is twofold. First of all, it allows to write security rules in order to filter/alter/drop unwanted packets and log and report malicious activities. Second, Haka features a grammar enabling to specify network protocols and their underlying state machine.


2004: rake -T  
2009: bundle exec rake -T  
2014: foreman run bundle exec rake -T  
2016: docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --nafuuu ... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  


Friend: Do dates make you nervous?

Me: omg yes especially when doing math across timezone boundaries

@jessicard "web dev is fucking brutal"

Lingua Scripta

ECMAScript proposal updates @ 2016-07 All the stuff that's destined for ES2017. Glad to see async/await made the cut.

TIL JavaScript has a special 'long arrow' syntax to iterate over a range of numbers

let i = 10;  
while (i --> 0) {  

Huge number of files generated for every AngularJS 2 project First step is admitting you have a problem:

Lines of Code

How To Write Unmaintainable Code A classic.




OH: "Can you give me an estimate on how long it will take you to fix this bug?"

"That's like asking how long it will take to find my keys."


Programming is like

  • Get 68 people to write a book
  • Simultaneously
  • End is sort of vague
  • Change the topic twice
  • Pedantic people
  • Lots of Coffee


Notes on concurrency bugs Through the eyes of academic literature on non-deterministic bugs:

97% of examined deadlock bugs were caused by two threads waiting for at most two resources

Moreover, 22% of examined deadlock bugs were caused by a thread acquiring a resource held by the thread itself.


"by simply dropping two pizzas into any organisation, teams will form around them, and then you have devops" - @phillip_webb #s1p @pivotal

@assaf "WontFix: feature delivered exactly as specced"



We assume that everything we have once written is visible to every newcomer. Nope. Repeating the best practices should be a best practice.

Locked Doors


In a snakeoil presentation I heard: "you should use foxit, everyone has an Adobe Reader 0day", so I tried to find a bug in foxit,it was easy

New attack steals SSNs, e-mail addresses, and more from HTTPS pages Sky not falling, but this is a very interesting technique:

To determine the size of an HTTPS-protected response, the attacker uses an oracle technique that returns what amounts to a yes-or-no response to each guess. When a request containing "value=" results in the same data size, the attacker knows that string is inside the encrypted response and then tries to modify the guess to include the next character, say "value=0".

Sensible Privacy: How We Can Protect Domestic Violence Survivors Without Facilitating Misuse When the main potential attackers are the survivor's partner.

So I accidentally broke a Skype messaging bot..

None of the Above

Instagram for Win95

The Oppressive Gospel of ‘Minimalism’

Today’s minimalism, by contrast, is visually oppressive; it comes with an inherent pressure to conform to its precepts. ... It is anxiety-inducing in a manner indistinguishable from other forms of consumerism, not revolutionary at all. Do I own the right things? Have I jettisoned enough of the wrong ones?

Dogs Are Being Used To Explain Body Positivity To Children, And It’s Pretty Great

IBM creates world’s first artificial phase-change neurons "They behave like biological neurons, including low power usage and dense scaling."

Specialized fires up color-changing, heat-sensitive paint for Olympians "The Torch paint transitions from a deep red to bright yellow as the temperature rises above 71ºF (22ºC)" Want!

I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ Haha.

Primitive Technology: Forge Blower Using sticks and clay to build a forge blower to make iron:

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Design Objective

4 ways I’ve fucked up as a designer Solid takeaways, like this one:

Don’t skip process. User flows? User scenarios? User stories? User jokes? User lollipops and user flashlights and user sinuses? Yes please, give it all to me. I don’t care if it exists or not, I’ll learn it and I’ll find a way to apply it. Because these processes exist for a reason.

Tools of the Trade

FallibleInc/security-guide-for-developers To start with, a security checklist, and stats about vulnerabilities.

Accessible UI Components For The Web If a custom UI component must you build:

Custom UI components (with the exception of components that extend native elements like <button>) do not have any built-in functionality, including accessibility, so this needs to be provided by you. ... The following is a list of questions you can ask yourself when attempting to make your UI components more accessible.

vfaronov/httpolice Lint for HTTP.


tfw you spend an hour banging your head against something because the way you configure it is a double negative

Lingua Scripta

Why object literals in JavaScript are cool Goes into all the things ES6 object literals that were not possible with ES5.

Lines of Code

Message Obsession

I’ve noticed a “code smell” in object-oriented code that I call “Message Obsession”. I find Message Obsession causes similar difficulties to Primitive Obsession. However, Message Obsession appears to be the complete opposite of Primitive Obsession. Refactoring to address the difficulties caused by either Primitive Obsession or Message Obsession leads to the same design


“So you spent all day writing this tiny amount of code?”

“No I spent all day thinking about *how* to write this tiny amount of code.”


I think the biggest takeaway from my 16 years of programming is just 5 simple words:

Don’t try to be clever.


it("Should do that thing we talked about")


The Churn What really happens when developers are constantly chasing the next big thing:

I understand. But that's because we got used to all that early rapid growth. Those were heady days; and we want them back again. But they're gone; and we have to face the fact that we are wasting time and effort on a massive scale trying to recreate them.

Why Uber engineering switched from Postgres To MySql Churn? Just guessing, because of this presentation by the same author, two years earlier, titled "Migrating Uber from MySQL to PostgreSQL".

Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming Highlights the false promises OOP made that didn't live up to the hype. But you can also read this as "things OOP doesn't do right, ignore those and only use the less clever OOP features."



only two more days until Monday

Locked Doors

Pregnancy-tracking app was riddled with vulnerabilities, exposing extremely sensitive personal information The "fix it later" security culture at startups:

The companies backed by data-hungry VCs will perforce design their products to extract as much data as possible from their users ...

every dollar they spend on security engineering is a dollar they can't spend keeping the lights on while they try to raise another round, or attain profitability, or sell the company ...

If they do manage to survive their six-month timeline, they can fix it then (or maybe fob the problem off on some googleish giant that's acquired them).

NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over It's about time. The second factor should be something you have. SMS is not something you have, it's something the carriers let you use.

New attack bypasses HTTPS protection on Macs, Windows, and Linux Always VPN on networks you do not control:

The attack can be carried out by operators of just about any type of network, including public Wi-Fi networks, which arguably are the places where Web surfers need HTTPS the most. It works by abusing a feature known as WPAD—short for Web Proxy Autodisovery—in a way that exposes certain browser requests to attacker-controlled code.

Delilah, the first Trojan to recruit Insiders Infosec has a new problem on its hands: a malware that extorts victims into stealing insider data.


Twas the week before DefCon, when all through the IRCs, red teamers were buying burner phones as if someone would blow a $1m iOS vuln on 'em

None of the Above

Taxonomy of the Occlupanida A taxonomy of plastic bread closures (Occlu=to close, pan= bread).


you may not think your brain is a supervillain. but 1) its called Brain and 2) it lives in a skull fortress


This race must be familiar for many women: she’s overqualified for the promotion, he’s unqualified, and yet it’s still a contest.

On a technicality Pretty much:

So I concluded that, for a smaller community, the people who need the rules are likely to be people who you don’t want around in the first place. And “don’t be a dick” covers that just as well.

Did Wes Anderson design North Korea? You decide

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Design Objective

Transit Maps: Apple vs. Google vs. Us Transit App explains how they render their transit maps.

@tw: Short, sweet, 100% effective:

Engineer's guide to good design: 1. Build it how you would want it 2. Remove half the functionality 3. Double the whitespace

Psychology of Design Pt5 – 10 Secrets About Attention You Need to Know

Fourth, features that are notable are more eye-catching. The rest of features or properties is often ignored. Therefore, we have to decide which features should be the most notable and noticeable, highlight them and make sure other elements will support them.

M A T C H B L O C Instagram account "revelling in the graphics of Eastern Bloc matchbox labels".

Tools of the Trade

Analyzing GitHub issues and comments with BigQuery It's busy season for containers, big data, and machine learning.

Lines of Code

How to De-Brilliant Your Code

But, even better, ask people to take turns explaining what methods do. If people flounder or if they disagree, then they obviously don’t get it, self-reporting notwithstanding. And having team members not understanding pockets of code is an ipso facto problem.

Interviewing my mother, a mainframe COBOL programmer Big banks with legacy mainframes, small startup with hip microservices, we're more similar than we're different:

Since the accounts wasn’t locked, it was possible to withdraw money if you had the bank account number, so the solution was simple; not give the customer their bank account number.


Senior Engineers Reduce Risk Risk minimization is not the only responsibility of a senior engineer, but it is central to any senior role:

Senior engineers reduce risk, in every sense. Often, “risk” is used to describe technical risk, which is that the software doesn’t function properly, or is never completed at all. But there are other issues that can prevent the business atop the software from succeeding — risks around process, or product design, or sales, or the company’s culture. A senior engineer understands these risks, and mitigates them where possible.

U.S. Team Wins First Place at International Math Olympiad The secret to their training? Diversity:

G.A.: Do any other countries do this?

P-S.L.: Not at this scale. It’s counter-intuitive. First, bringing in the international students gives the top US students peers. They always tell you — if you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room. So we bring in these peers, who are actually at the same level as these top six. Of course that increases the level.

Business as Usual

Dollar Shave Club and the disruption of everything How Dollar Shave Club took over Gillette's market share, by shrinking the market down:

According to the traditional way of measuring marketshare Dollar Shave Club only has 5% of the U.S.; the discrepancy is due to the massive price difference between Dollar Shave Club and Gillette.

How long does it take to create an overnight success? For John Hanke it’s taken him 20 years to create Pokémon Go To anyone who thinks overnight success "just happens":

Throughout these 20 years, while he had a big vision of a game layer over the world, he didn’t know what form it would take. At every step, he just focused at his next level up. At each new level, he had new powers, new team members, and new items in his inventory…

California, ranked as least business-friendly state, blows past all others in job creation What is the opposite of trickle down economics?

"You could argue that just in the last four months we have finally erased the last residuals of the Great Recession out of the labor market," he said. "And of course California, once written off as a disaster of business unfriendliness, is continuing to lead the nation in terms of economic growth."



German word for "clicking a UI in the wrong place but then holding down the mouse button whilst moving the cursor away from the bad target"?

@CHPoakland: Something about the fact they used Twitter to announce this:

MEDIA: Please pull your helicopters to a higher altitude so we can attempt a PA announcement with our helicopter.

None of the Above

Laser Flip Triple Set BATTLE - Christian Flores Practice, practice, and then practice some more:

Tricks can sometimes take forever and seem impossible to land. For Christian Flores it was a laser flip down a triple set. It took him 20+ missions over 2 years to finally roll away from it. Christian recounts what it physically and mentally took for him to land the hardest trick he has ever done.

@anildash: Truth!

I swear some recipes add extra steps just to make more dirty dishes. "Step 6: Take out 3 large bowls & rub raw chicken on them. Discard."


Another embarrassing u-turn for climate "scientists". First they said May was the hottest month ever recorded. Now they're saying it's June.

My four months as a private prison guard What did you expect private prisons would be like?


Every ceiling fan has 4 settings:

  1. I think I turned it off
  2. No it's still going
  3. OK it finally stopped


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Design Objective

Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Design IMO this new fashion trend makes apps easier to use:

The defining characteristics of this hot new trend sweeping across Silicon Valley are:

  1. Bigger, bolder headlines
  2. Simpler more universal icons
  3. Extraction of color

How much interface does your analytics product need? This is the approach we took with our product at Broadly, and customers are loving it:

By optimizing towards more lightweight use cases — e.g., monitoring and reporting, rather than exploration and data mining — we can remove the user from a lot of the work that needs to happen.

A designer’s guide to Parkinson’s Law of Triviality What to do when your team is focused on unimportant details.

Snapchat and the Art of Upstreaming What every consumer application can learn from Snapchat:

And that’s what Snapchat gets that nobody else does. You’re making a product for humans, not scientists. The average user doesn’t care about full resolution 6MB images saved on their camera roll backed up to Dropbox/Google Photos etc. Camera rolls are the new cutting room floor. The best photos already found their way to Instagram months ago, leaving behind a mess of duplicates, blurry outtakes, and screenshots.

Nine Nasty UX Truths "Utter lunacy"?

What this means for you, as a designer, is that you must keep close to your coders, try as much as possible to anticipate the anxieties that will besiege them, and keep them from derailing the experience with utter lunacy.

The UX Secret That Will Ruin Apps For You "Facebook servers crunch your data in milliseconds, but the user interface takes longer to load. That's by design."

Designing complex products How to keep product complexity down:

Complexity in product design tends to rear its head in two ways 1) the complexity of managing people and opinions. And 2) the complexity of designing the product itself.

The Future of Browser History Re-designing the browser history to reflect how we actually search for answers.

@jglovier "We changed from a declared font, to a native system stack. Twitter reactions in a nutshell lol:"

Tools of the Trade

HyperTerm Hackable terminal emulator, using HTML/CSS/JS.

Marp There are plenty of tools that let you author presentations in plain text/markdown, Merp comes with an editor that offers live preview and PDF export.

netdata Real time performance monitoring. This projects gets data presentation right on so many levels.

alindeman/zonebie Randomly assigns a timezone on every test run: a chaos monkey for all your time-handling code.

awslabs/chalice Amazon's own Python serverless microframework.

How to make your own bittorrent client in Node.

@csswizardry "For when crem on its own just doesn’t seem to work."


A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies Everything you wanted to know about font-display, pre-loading, data URI fonts, FOUT/FOFT and more.

Coding mobile-first emails CampaignMonitor explains all the hacks they use to deliver responsive emails that work in all the popular clients.

ChromeLens Chrome DevTools extension to develop for the visually impaired – as in 4% of your site visitors/app users.

@sgharms "CSS"

Lines of Code


"nil leads to panic. Panic leads to fear. Fear leads to functional programming" -- @francesc #gophercon


Race conditions on the web

The goal of this blog post is to raise awareness about race condition attacks in both developers and security people, because I feel like not many know about this kind of bug


If you think those complex conspiracies are for real: join an IT project and see even the simplest plans fail.


How A/B Testing at LinkedIn, Wealthfront and eBay Made Me a Better Manager

A/B testing does more than elevate products faster — it does the same for teams. Using universal A/B testing as a management tool sends a message to PMs of all stripes: intelligently tested ideas will rise to the top, regardless of who thinks of them.

This Is Your Brain on Silence Contrary to popular belief, peace and quiet is all about the noise in your head.


*sets a Pokelure in the meeting room*

"Okay everybody who wants to learn about the employee handbook on data security"


Pokemon Go and the Traveling Salesman Problem Pokemon maps are popping up all over the Web! It is hunting season for the traveling salesman problem.

@_woahaydrian "Idk if I should catch it or apologize"

Locked Doors


If you ever anticipate having to give your phone up for a legitimate but limited reason, enable Guided Access, which locks them to that app.

None of the Above

Two Types of Travelers There are two types of travelers in the world, which one are you?

Optimal Stopping How to find the perfect apartment, partner, and parking spot without searching forever.

Nintendo Classic Mini The NES revived, this time with HDMI, USB, preloaded with 30 games. Launching in November.

How Samantha Bee Crashed the Late-Night Boys' Club

Bee took the same approach to hiring writers, creating a blind application process that didn't favor people who'd already had success. (It spelled out, for example, how scripts should look when submitted, leveling the playing field for the uninitiated.) Lo and behold, she ended up with a writers' room that looked kind of like America: 50 percent female; 30 percent nonwhite

Everything we love to eat is a scam With little of no supervision, and misleading labeling laws, what you think you're eating is probably something else.

Emails From A CEO Who Just Has A Few Changes To The Website Truth.

How technology disrupted the truth What it means when institutions like journalism crumble.

The Origin of Florida Man: The World’s Worst Superhero What's behind the prolific public life of Florida man?

German Race Car Driver Uses Eye Tracking Goggles to Reveal How F1 Drivers See the Track That's super human response time.