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Josh Sternberg "Wonder how Ikea came to the decision to include this disclaimer."

Design Objective

Introducing Mercury OS Interesting UX. If you like working in the flow, check it out.


Erika Hall 💯

Designers need to learn economics more than designers need to learn how to code.

Digital design is just behavioral economics with a presentation layer.

Jessica Kerr 💡💡💡

You waste a perfectly good problem by stopping at one solution.

therealtarzann This video of a Chimpanzee using Instagram …

Tools of the Trade

Dependabot So GitHub bought Dependabot and it's now free and what's your reason for not using it?


This is how our brain detects shapes An algorithm for turning hand-drawn shapes into vector graphics.


Rik van Noord 👇 "Do word embeddings really say that man is to doctor as woman is to nurse? Apparently not." This thread explains why.

Andrew Certain 👇 On measuring UI latency:

If you're wondering what "P-four-nines" means, it's the latency at the 99.99th percentile, meaning only one in 10,000 requests has a worse latency. Why do we measure latency in percentiles?

A thread about how how it came to be at Amazon...

ZDog Designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG.


Hakim El Hattab "Started drawing dynamic SVG hit areas for this menu component 👀"

Charlie Owen Before there was CSS Grid …

Someone asking "is that React?" is a question that will haunt me to my grave.


Lingua Scripta

Nat Alison True!

Javascript is a viable candidate for a universal standard for programming languages because, like English, it is confusing and inconsistent and no one knows why we went with it in the first place.

Horse JS 😭

🤯 Unbelievable! 46% of JavaScript developers use JavaScript

Nat Alison 👇 Twitter fic for the ages:

“Elder, why is it flat instead of flatten?” the student asked, “should the method not be in the form of an action, as spoken in the Old Tongue?”
The Elder sighed deeply and spoke: “Young One, that is a dark tale. First you must understand the history of the Tools of Moo...”

Lines of Code

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost? TL;DR "Customers do care that new features come quickly"

The difference is that the best teams both create much less cruft but also remove enough of the cruft they do create that they can continue to add features quickly. They spend time creating automated tests so that they can surface problems quickly and spend less time removing bugs. They refactor frequently so that they can remove cruft before it builds up enough to get in the way.


Bruce Williams Beautiful APIs don't age that well:

Me, 10 years ago: “I want all my tests ahem specs to be beautiful method-chained sentences; I’m a lyrically gifted TDD artist!”

Me, now: “Give me a good compiler plus a bare assert—or even pattern match that just blows up straight in my face, I’m too busy for faff.”

Move Fast

Scott Belsky Learn to delegate:

you only scale your company, team, and self when you start seeing dependencies as opportunities rather than risks.

Jason Lemkin Speed of iteration is everything:

The slower you are to release new code and new features,

The less time -- by far -- you have to reflect on what is working and what isn't

Bill the Lizard 👍

The sooner you accept that scope change is a part of your normal process, the happier you will be.

Poi Hierro 🎯

Organizations don’t run out of good ideas - they overlook them.

Rory Preddy "When everything falls apart #programming" 😱

Locked Doors

It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to? Apple says, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.” That may be true of Apple's own apps, but not the 3rd party apps installed on your phone:

And your iPhone doesn’t only feed data trackers while you sleep. In a single week, I encountered over 5,400 trackers, mostly in apps, not including the incessant Yelp traffic. According to privacy firm Disconnect, which helped test my iPhone, those unwanted trackers would have spewed out 1.5 gigabytes of data over the span of a month. That’s half of an entire basic wireless service plan from AT&T.


Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming The creepiest part: students aren't being listened to, but know they are being monitored 24/7, so they use that to communicate their concerns (h/t Benjamin Herold):

Sometimes students with a concern simply email themselves, with the expectation that algorithms will flag the message for adults, said Jessica Mays, an instructional technology specialist for Texas’s Temple Independent School District, another Gaggle client.

One student “opened a Google Doc, wrote down concerns about a boy in class acting strange, then typed every bad word they could think of,” Mays said. At the end of the note, the student apologized for the foul language, but wrote that they wanted to make sure the message tripped alarms.


None of the Above

Christopher Sebela "my favorite lifehack is NYC residents who follow the "your dog must fit in a bag to ride the subway" rule on the slimmest technicalities possible"


Raelet 📱

how I, a millennial, filter spam calls:

-if my phone rings, it's spam

PJ Donohoe "the bay area is so special 😭😭😭"

Stig Abell I wish my diary was 1/1000th as interesting:

Elton John wins the award for the best diary entry ever (quoted in today’s Observer).

“Woke up, watched Grandstand. Wrote Candle in the Wind. Went to London, bought Rolls-Royce. Ringo Starr came for dinner”.

Does the news reflect what we die from? Rhetorical question.

As we can see clearly from the chart above, there is a disconnect between what we die from, and how much coverage these causes get in the media. Another way to summarize this discrepancy is to calculate how over- or underrepresented each cause is in the media. …

The major standout here – I had to break the scale on the y-axis since it's several orders of magnitude higher than everything else – is terrorism: it is overrepresented in the news by almost a factor of 4000.

Homicides are also very overrepresented in the news, by a factor of 31. The most underrepresented in the media are kidney disease (11-fold), heart disease (10-fold), and, perhaps surprisingly, drug overdoses (7-fold). Stroke and diabetes are the two causes most accurately represented.


We love to hate the government. Then along came measles. Also on the topic of perception vs reality:

When government works, it becomes largely invisible, taken for granted, wiping out both crises and the traumatic memories of those crises. Bad government we remember and loathe and curse to our children; but good government is often a victim of its own success, the cure so effective that we forget how horrifying the ailment it eradicated was.

Russian trolls fueled anti-vaccination debate in U.S. by spreading misinformation on Twitter, study finds And the way these two (media bias and our memories) can be used to engage in cheap biological warfare.

Jose Daniel "Always make sure you give your patent application a last minute review. 🧐"


Physics & Astronomy Zone "When water flows so smoothly it looks solid, this effect is called Laminar Flow."

Julia Loewenthal, MD 👇 Interesting thread:

1/21 “Is there a nurse or doctor on board?”

Clinicians—have you ever responded to one of these?

Last week I left the hospital and boarded a flight for my vacation. I then responded to the mother of all in-flight emergencies…

blep "May we all find peace and happiness like this cat in a cat dryer"

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Adam Graham "Whatever Twitter’s intentions were, this is what it has become"

Design Objective

I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me Don Norman on how design fails older consumers:

Despite our increasing numbers the world seems to be designed against the elderly. … And when companies do design things specifically for the elderly, they tend to be ugly devices that shout out to the world “I’m old and can’t function!” We can do better.


Paul Rosania Pretty good ballpark:

Feature DAU rule of thumb for PMs:

  • Not visible (long press, keyboard shortcut, pref, etc): 0.5%
  • Visible, ancillary (top level UI, advanced feature, strategy tax button, etc.): 5%
  • Visible, critical workflow (product is unusable w/o it): 50%

Erica "Extremely here for the new era of industrial/product design we're in. (Panic Playdate, Teenage Engineering OP-Z and PO-400, Superlative SB-1)"


Tools of the Trade

Jaana B. Dogan 💯

Why do people think simple solutions are cheap? Simple is hard. Simple requires a lot of knowledge, experience and experts. Simple is expensive.

Displaying a sponsor button in your repository Add a sponsor button in your repository to increase the visibility of funding options for your open source project.


gretchen anderson That's an idea …

I don’t exercise anymore I just accept OSX updates 30 min before a critical meting and watch the progress bar while wiping my palms on a towel

Jen Gentleman 😂

>> What do we want?

Natural language processing!

>> When do we want it?

When do we want what?

Willy Nilly "SEO optimisation is the the sincerest form of flattery"


Eric Lawrence It's a culture of search!

You can tell that Google's a search company, because the Chrome UI is not complete without four search boxes, each of which does a different thing.


Lingua Scripta

Preet Shihn "A tiny ~9 byte JavaScript property store module"


Line of Code

Dan Abramov Easy to browse and easy to search:

I used to think “clean” means code broken down in small functions, no repetition, no comments. Now I think of it more as code with few possible control flow combinations, direct style (can always trace what connects to what), doesn’t violate grep test, comments explain why.

Reginald Braithwaite 🐸

Languages tend to suffer from a “boiled frog” problem, where everyone already in the language has only ever had to deal with small increases in complexity.

Newcomers, on the other hand, experience a tremendous shock.

PopePopeRet I can't …

Today's service at 3pm will be "Requiem for a heap allocation". Prayers will be before, afterwards, or during, depending on who wins the race-condition.

Jeff Martens "I would have loved to be around for the conversation that happened right before workers replaced this utility pole..."


Tech Topia

‘MissionRacer’: How Amazon turned the tedium of warehouse work into a game The gamification of work, not just Amazon:

Target has used games to encourage cashiers to scan products more quickly, and Delta Air Lines used them to help train reservation agents, tasks that may otherwise seem rote, said Gabe Zichermann, who has consulted with companies on gamification and written three books on the topic.

Sossujrurl Related, when machines have us perform microtasks …

Traffic was so bad this morning Google Maps has asked me to review the B&B I was stopped by.

It's Getting Way Too Easy to Create Fake Videos of People's Faces They didn’t stop to think if they should: this algorithm only needs one source image to create fake videos.


None of the Above

DEE "This one meme just shit on the entire planet"


Sebastian Good 🤔

The first step in solving any problem is to dramatically underestimate its difficulty.

Repair Of Iconic ’60s Era Synthesizer Turns Into Long, Strange Trip For Engineer An urban legend coming true:

He sprayed a cleaning solvent on it and started to push the dissolving crystal with his finger as he attempted to dislodge the residue and clean the area.

About 45 minutes later, Curtis began to feel a little strange. He described it as a weird, tingling sensation. He discovered this was the feeling of the beginnings of an LSD experience or trip.


Alex Konrad 💡

Pro tip: if your email starts “I hate to be a nag” you don’t have to hit send

Andrew Chen 👇 The dumb idea paradox:

In the past few years, some of the biggest wins were: An app that lets you get into strangers' cars. An app that lets you stay at random peoples' houses. Disappearing photos. A site that doesn't let you play video games, but you can watch other people play. Seriously?

Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle Learn to increase safety with this little visual trick:

Although we can’t say that the noodle eliminates road rage, we can say that every time a naysayer hollers at us now, at least they’re doing so from a safe distance.


The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet We're retreating away from public platforms:

In response to the ads, the tracking, the trolling, the hype, and other predatory behaviors, we’re retreating to our dark forests of the internet, and away from the mainstream.
These are all spaces where depressurized conversation is possible because of their non-indexed, non-optimized, and non-gamified environments.

Miss Wobble "I honestly have no idea why my mother has done this. 🤔"


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Jack Schaedler "A Map of the web from the perspective of an audio software developer. Complete with sea monsters. Not drawn to scale."

Design Objective

Present & Correct IRL legacy code: "A 'Thomasson' is an architectural relic which is useless yet still maintained."


Natalie Armendariz 💯

TL;DR Don't just seek out companies with beautiful products to work on—it probably won't matter anyway because there's more to it than visuals. Find companies with strong values and friendly people, that's what really matters. (4/4)

Laura Klein "Ok, how many other designers saw this and were sure those were sticky notes?" 😂

ABC News Stunning drone footage follows school of Cownose Rays swimming in crystal clear waters off the Australian coast.

Tools of the Trade

Ron Jeffries 💥

OK, experts who think story points aren't about cost, and that cost isn't essentially time, educate me. What are they, what are they good for, why do we estimate them?

In answering, show no concern for the likelihood that I invented them.

If I did, I'm sorry now.

A report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting This is a good perspective to have on any standards committee:

I don't like AMP. I think that Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages are a bad idea, poorly executed, and almost-certainly anti-competitive. So, I decided to join the AC (Advisory Committee) for AMP.

Simon Willison "Building a history feature is Hard. This looks like a very solid implementation."

Lines of Code

Eric Junior engineers keep the team honest:

Dear junior engineers,

Please do not always defer to senior engineers.

You are in a good position to see that something doesn't make common sense.

In fact you may be the keepers of the common sense, having not yet forgotten it.

Thank you

yαnnick grenzinger Exactly! And check out the rest of April's deck Crafting Compassionate Code:

This is why I think "the design of everyday things" is a better reading than "Clean Code" for any developer #NewCrafts


ReinH 🎯

You can tell a lot about a language by what people have snippets for.


alisha ramos In tech you can get paid well and stay an individual contributor:

Don't become a manager or CEO if you:

  • Don't like the thought of having no tangible outputs 😳
  • Don't like driving fwd initiatives for your company and resources for your team through meetings and docs 📝
  • Don't like hiring/coaching 💪
  • Don't like strategic planning

Locked Doors

Bloomberg Shits the Bed Again on Cybersecurity TL;DR WhatsApp had a serious security bug, but is still a solid messaging app with end-to-end encryption. Telegram is not a good alterntive. And you won't learn anything from Bloomberg about information security.

Ian Coldwater 👇 What a Tuesday!

Having trouble keeping all the CPU vulns that dropped today straight? Understandable. There's a lot.

This is going to be a thread.

Khalil Sehnaoui "This is why you need an RFID shielded wallet. Be careful !!"


People Are Being Arrested and Jailed Due to Hertz Erroneously Reporting Rental Cars Stolen: Report A computer "glitch":

A few people were even met with the business ends of a firearm and were taken into custody forcefully after disagreeing with police. Some actually endured the terrible experience of spending a few hours in jail—but a few either spent considerable time behind bars— once case resulting in two weeks in prison.

None of the Above

Hawksmoor Manchester Off-by-one error:

To the customer who accidentally got given a bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol 2001, which is £4500 on our menu, last night - hope you enjoyed your evening! To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway 😉


That ISE guy 😭

New term my teen daughter told me that I will start working into conversations: That sounds like an issue and not an iss-me.

TechnicallyRon It kind of is …

For any Americans confused about #Eurovision, its like the superbowl half time show but on ketamine and directed by a drunk panto horse that cannot be stopped

resting bicycle face "When sewing, always remember pattern placement is key."


Rurik Bradbury 🐬🐬🐬

I bet dolphins are annoyed that fintech means finance.

Deafinitely Girly Boost!

Subtitles aren't just for deaf people. Lots of my hearing friends use them, too. If you're hearing and find yourself using subtitles on Netflix and TV and would quite like them at the cinema, please retweet to help normalise their presence! Big thanks

The Tech of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Explores the amazing and ground breaking art and animation in this movie (h/t Sujal Shah).

What We Get Wrong About Lyme Disease Interesting read about the origins of Lyme disease, and the people who invade the habitat of the blacklegged tick.

Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment Thank you!

Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”, although the original terms are not banned.

The decoy keyboard is working 😭


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Greg Young "I had never seen this expressed in art before but brilliant!"

Design Objective

I Can Has Petz? The new Petbarn branding is brilliant.


Pavel A. Samsonov 🧼 Someone bought the wrong soap, still good advice on UX:

Your product must provide feedback to the user when a function is activated, otherwise they can't know that it's done anything.

This is true of analog products too - for example, liquid soap doesn't need to foam, but that's how we know it's working.

Brian Lovin ⭐️

This is what FB developers will see in their local sandbox when building features for the upcoming redesign. Regardless of your stance on FB the company, this is a really powerful example of how a considered developer experience can directly impact the end user experience.


Tools of the Trade

Microsoft to Ship a True Linux Kernel With Windows 10 WSL So maybe 2019 is The Year Of Linux On The Desktop! There's also a new command line terminal.

Unlike WSL1, which used a Linux-compatible kernel, WSL2 will use a genuine open-source kernel compiled from the stable 4.19 version release of Linux at

While Microsoft will be providing the Linux kernel, they will not provide any Linux binaries to go with it. Instead, users will still need to download their favorite Linux distribution from the Microsoft Store or by creating a custom distribution package.


Introducing GitHub Package Registry 🚀

GitHub Package Registry is fully integrated with GitHub, so you can use the same search, browsing, and management tools to find and publish packages as you do for your repositories. … And it supports familiar package management tools: JavaScript (npm), Java (Maven), Ruby (RubyGems), .NET (NuGet), and Docker images, with more to come.

Seb Lee-Delisle "Look at this gorgeous thing. I learned to program on this in 1983. The Sharp PC-1211"


Command Line Magic 🤔

If you cat /dev/urandom forever it eventually outputs a secure version of wordpress.

AnnaR "tfw your coworker is a time traveller"



Revisiting prefers-reduced-motion, the reduced motion media query Quick and easy hack to disable animations for users who prefer reduced motion.

kkuchta/css-only-chat Of the bonkers things you can do with CSS: async web chat using no JS whatsoever on the frontend.


Lines of Code

Kelly Vaughn 👇 This thread has all the best responses:

Oh you're a developer? Name 3 of your favorite commit messages

  1. Elegant fix for tricky bug.
  2. Remove fix for bug. Does not fix bug.
  3. Bug fixed. TODO: find a less hacky solution!


Dani Donovan 👇 An illustrated thread about living with ADHD:

All or nothing.

For me, #ADHD results in a lot of black-or-white thinking. Anything less than perfect feels like a total failure. Breaking even ONE DAY of a streak immediately results in falling off the wagon.

I am 100% or 0%, and have a hard time accepting anything in between.


Robert Sweeney This post went viral because we all know it's true:

I turned down Daniel Buchmueller for a job at Netflix. After a 60 minute interview I was on the fence, so I concluded that he "wasn't senior enough." He went to Amazon instead where he co-founded Amazon Prime Air (their drone delivery service) and was #2 on Fast Company's "Most Creative People" list.

At some point, we programmers are going to have to admit that we really can't judge another programmers technical abilities in a 60 min interview. We end up hiring programmers that are good at interviewing, but not necessarily good at doing the job. And we miss out on engineers like Daniel.

Locked Doors

The inception bar: a new phishing method Makes a web page that looks like the browser, greenlock certificate and all.


Alexa has been eavesdropping on you this whole time Devices that only records when triggered by a "wake word", except they're too easily triggered to wake up and record:

I listened to four years of my Alexa archive and found thousands of fragments of my life: spaghetti-timer requests, joking houseguests and random snippets of “Downton Abbey.” There were even sensitive conversations that somehow triggered Alexa’s “wake word” to start recording, including my family discussing medication and a friend conducting a business deal.

Matthew Green 🔥

I used to feel that tech companies competing to market “privacy” could only result in a win for consumers. Now I’m starting to wonder if it serves the same purpose as carmakers adding an “eco” mode to your SUV.


People Are Clamoring to Buy Old Insulin Pumps How an obsolete medical device with a security flaw became a must-have for some patients with type 1 diabetes.


These Ads Think They Know You The good news is, the data that's collected about you isn't all that accurate. The bad news is, inaccurate data is used to make decisions about you:

The accuracy of predictions made by data providers is difficult to verify. The companies release little evidence that those included in these groups actually belong there. A study from 2018 found that the gender assigned by data brokers was accurate, on average, only 42 percent of the time — that’s worse than just flipping a coin. So in the ads we bought, we expected many men would see ads aimed at women and vice versa.


Electric Sheep

Chris Harris This is such a cool effect: "First attempt at removing cars off the roads with neural nets. Will have to dream harder."

None of the Above

Kelly "I saw this on reddit and I’ve watched it a minimum of 27 times and every single time it has only gotten better and exceeded my expectations"

Charlie O'Donnell 😭

I learned from an early @Casper engineer that at least two people returned their mattresses PACKED BACK INTO ITS ORIGINAL BOX.

Legend has it that both also folded their receipts in half ten times.

Fox Benwell "Internet! May I present to you, ENTHUSIASTIC POST-CAT, who often waits by the door for our postie or those charity-bag drop offs, and stashes all her spoils upstairs."

josé morales "at no point did I know what was coming next in this sentence" 😭

VANITY FAIR: Airbnb will pivot to video with the release of its first-ever feature film, Gay Chorus Deep South, set to debut at Tribeca Film Festival

Lukas Stefanko "Teenagers trying to make phone call on ancient apparatus"

Daniel Silvermint 👇 No spoilers in this thread, other than you might care less about the last season, after reading this (I do). Also applies to many other TV shows (and some movies) that struggle to switch between plotter and pantser modes:

It has to do with the behind-the-scenes process of plotters vs. pantsers. If you’re not familiar with the distinction, plotters create a fairly detailed outline before they commit a single word to the page. /2

KRON4 News When your city has a chronic infrastructure problem, but also strong DIY ethos:

'Pothole Vigilantes' are hitting the streets of Oakland at night to fill potholes


Genetically Tweaked Viruses Just Saved a Very Sick Teen The search for new antibiotics is taking a wild turn, as we learn how to use viruses to fight bacterial infections:

It hijacks a bacteria’s machinery to make millions of copies of itself, eventually bursting the cell apart and killing it.

Alejandro Ramirez Of course!

I was curious to see if a nonsense LinkedIn account would also receive job offers. It does! :D


Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same I love driving through the US and watching the different architectural styles, sometimes distinct to a single county or city. So that's going away. OTOH we get more housing, and more livable urban centers.

Beluga whale returns iPhone to thankful owner in wild video Just a few weeks ago, this helpful whale was a suspected Russian spy.

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Max. "David Bowie as Yerba Mate: a thread"

This Weekend Reading is short and not on a weekend. Just returned from vacation, road trip through beautiful Montana and Idaho.

Design Objective

How Netflix’s Customer Obsession Created a Customer Obsession This article is full of nuggets, here's one:

Based on consumer insights and learnings, do you have a product strategy that defines your hypotheses about what you hope will fulfill the trifecta of delighting customers in hard-to-copy, margin-enhancing ways?


Personalisation is not the end-game of marketing Bingo:

You may find the customer’s idea of personalisation is more akin to excellent customer service, rather than a post-purchase email offering a similar-looking jumper on sale.

RaminNasibov "30 years"


Tools of the Trade

Develop, edit & deploy websites entirely in the cloud with the CodeSandbox, Contentful and Netlify trio These three are remarkable at lowering the barriers for software development.


halvarflake And maybe also the most popular database system:

Excel is the most popular functional programming language.

Disk Usage Exactly.

amy nguyen "you ever wish jira was your therapist" 😭



Lynn Fisher z-index: -1;

Lines of Code

Sarah Frier Software development is exactly the same:

writing process, basically:

  • Can't fall asleep because I have an idea for how to write an important scene or section
  • Spend daytime trying to recreate midnight genius brain, only to find that on paper it sounds less genius
  • repeat

taylorconor/quinesnake "A quine that plays snake over its own source!"


Josh Johnston "when I review my own code"



Katrina Kibben 💯

Repeat after me: Retention, then recruiting. Make sure you have built a place people want to work before you try to hire the masses to join the misery. It will make things a lot easier.

Jason Lemkin That sounds about right:

About 20% of the advice from a great mentor should make you uncomfortable and even a bit annoyed

They will know where you aren't pushing hard enough, but should be


John Cutler 👇 A thread:

“As a product do you earn the respect and trust of your team?”

A couple things
1/10 - Don’t hide things from your team in an effort to protect/shield them. That’s weird. It’ll come back to bite you.


Lorin Hochstein 👇 Every single reply …

Let’s play a game: using five words or less, utter a phrase that will elicit a great story from a software engineer with years of operational experience.

I’ll start: “health checks”

Dan Veditz Noted!

Note to self: only use certificates that expire on a work day morning, early in the week. You will thank yourself later.

Locked Doors

Sindre Sorhus I had a similar issue with nodejs/security-wg. Overzealous attempts to flag expected behavior as security vulnerabilities is not helping open source security:

Many of @snyksec's vulnerability reports are bullshit. They classified all execa versions as vulnerable because it exposes childProcess.exec(). Duuh. That's kinda the point of the package. They also don't contact maintainers before publishing their reports either.


Rajiv Shah "I think the backdoor issue's been solved 🤔"


None of the Above

Les Bians Terribles "I was looking up how to clean a cat's eye boogers and I'm losing my shit"


Showerthoughts 👀

You never realize how much you use the internet until you go through your search history for 20 minutes looking for something from yesterday

Space Explorer Mike Mind blowing:

This is time lapse footage of neurons making new connections to other neurons.
This is what your thoughts look like!

Credit: to reddit user /u/AmazingScallion

Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr after squandering its potential Bury the lede:

On Thursday evening, Pornhub VP Corey Price claimed in a statement to BuzzFeed News that his company is “extremely interested” in buying Tumblr and “very much looking forward to one day restoring it to its former glory with NSFW content.”

FoxDefeated "Saw this reddit post title and got really mad but it’s actually good"


Emma Taylor 👇 Alternative title, "[How] the Allies won the war because a coder wanted his lunch sooner"

How do I know so many made-up stories about how the Enigma code was cracked and didn't know until yesterday how interesting the real story is? A volunteer at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park just casually blew my mind with a bit of the story. /1

They Want It to Be Secret: How a Common Blood Test Can Cost $11 or Almost $1,000 Broken by design:

“Some of these really simple diagnostic tests — what the heck?” Mr. Gaynor said. “It does mean, in a sense, the market is broken in terms of problems with market power.”


Silicon Valley is awash in Chinese and Saudi cash — and no one is paying attention TL;DR "You thought you’re in business. You’re actually in politics.”

with POCKETS! (h/t monkchips)