👏 Hey there, I’m Assaf.

🏖 Right now I'm “in between startups“, just a fancy way of saying I'm working on the next big thing, and also available for freelance and consulting work

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Things I'm Working On

Show your Mastodon timeline on your blog, website, etc.

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Find interesting people to follow on Mastadon.

Masthash aggregates hashtags from multiple servers, helping you find new people to follow that are not in your local timeline.

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Using AI to generate ad campaign for your website.

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👋 2,500+ fashion jobs. Find your next job in the fashion industry.

This is a Next.js app using Aloglia for search and a whole lot of scraping. Scraping is apparently something I'm pretty good at and get to do in every other project I work on.

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The missing UI for OpenAI.

I built this because OpenAI doesn't have a UI for training and fine-tuning models. This project is all front-end against the OpenAI API.