👏 Hey there, I’m Assaf.

🏖 Right now I'm “in between startups“, just a fancy way of saying I'm working on the next big thing, and also available for freelance and consulting work

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Things I'm Working On

Roam with Mastodon

Chrome extension for roaming with Mastodon: follow, boost, and favorite on other instances.

Easily share the current page and highlighted text. You can also schedule posts for later.

Roam w/Mastodon

Share, follow, and embed for Mastodon

  • People can quickly and easily share your content on Mastodon with the Share Button.
  • Make it easy for people to follow you from anywhere with the Follow Button
  • Show your Mastodon profile and recent statuses on your website or blog
Share, follow, and embed for Mastodon

See what's trending right now Mastodon from the federated timelines of the larger instances.

  • Find interesting people to follow
  • Boost and favorite
  • Drill down into specific tags
See what's trending on Mastodon

Using AI to generate ad campaign for your website.

Try it out

👋 2,500+ fashion jobs. Find your next job in the fashion industry.

This is a Next.js app using Aloglia for search and a whole lot of scraping. Scraping is apparently something I'm pretty good at and get to do in every other project I work on.

Find a job

The missing UI for OpenAI.

I built this because OpenAI doesn't have a UI for training and fine-tuning models. This project is all front-end against the OpenAI API.