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Fluff Society "Baby starfish learning to starfish"

Design Objective

The State of UX for 2018 Voice, conversational interfaces, micro-interactions, useful animations, VR still a fad, and much more.


The User Experience of Design Systems Takes a long look at design systems in general, Material Design in particular, and where/why it falls short:

So this is my conclusion: All this critique of design systems is essentially an argument for UX designers to create design systems that grow from user-centric research. … Rather than starting with a fascination of design systems, you have to first of all focus on the user and let that inform your design system – and keep doing that over time.

Pens, Process, Product — Sketching for UX This:

What I cannot stress enough is that the single biggest benefit of sketching is showing your thinking, ugliness and all, spanning the entire arc of a project.


Designed Redundancies: UX Patterns To Unblock Frustration…And Save Lives. "There's more than one way to do it" can make UI better for users:

A few years ago I heard a joke from a pilot friend about single-engine airplanes in the aircraft industry. He said that some pilots like to call them “air conditioners.” When they stop working, just wait and watch: you will see how the pilot starts to sweat…

Why is Online Checkout So Difficult?! Four part series, showing you how to streamline forms, not just checkout forms.


Tools of the Trade

Smashing Magazine Twitter shares many cool tricks in the responses to this:

What’s one little obscure trick or techniques that you’ve learned one day and that has been saving you time every day ever since?

TJ Holowaychuk Sometimes the simplest solution is a couple of commands and a pipe:

jq and pup are definitely must-have commands . needed a list of Lambda's memory sizes for JSON schema:

$ curl  | pup 'tr td:first-child text{}' | awk '{ print $1"," }'

Why Why Why Why Your iOS App Might Act Weird around New Year's TL;DR "The reason is because YYYY is not what you think it is. The correct way to format the year part of a date is with yyyy."

Use a .dev domain? Not anymore. A brief history of DNS, TLDs, Google buying .dev, and good old .localhost.

Allen Holub It's all about the feedback loop:

Agile has only one practice: the retrospective. All other practices are outputs of the retrospective. The team identifies problems & comes up with processes that make it difficult for that problem to arise again. Do it continuously, (every minute, every day).

yarrick/pingfs From the annals of useless but cool:

pingfs is a filesystem where the data is stored only in the Internet itself, as ICMP Echo packets (pings) travelling from you to remote servers and back again.

Erica Windisch "I heard you like escape rooms."



Why CSS Grid is better than Bootstrap for creating layouts TL;DR

the result is that all visitors will be presented with the content, however, CSS Grid will enhance the experience for those who’ve got support for it …

HTML Email and Accessibility Because "semantics in email do matter. Not only do they provide accessible hooks for navigating an email, they can provide fallback styles that help maintain the hierarchy of emails in the unfortunate event CSS isn't loaded or supported."


The Front-End Checklist "An exhaustive list of all elements you need to have / to test before launching your site / HTML page to production."

CSS-only Todo List Checkbox Animation Cool stuff.


Lingua Scripta

Hsing-Hui Hsu JavaScript be like: "I found the missing parenthesis"


Lines of Code

Jamis Buck Yes:

Next time you have to write any significant amount of code, imagine that you are going to have to write a letter that teaches someone how to reproduce it. The only code you can show them are tests. It really changes how you approach the problem.

Francesc Also effective for removing bugs:

one way of increasing your code coverage is to add tests, the other is to delete untested code

(only half joking)

Abbreviated vs. Full-Word Identifier Names 🤔

One of the most interesting insights is that developers, when working on source code with abbreviated identifier names, adopt a more methodical approach to identify and fix faults by extending their focus point and only in a few cases do they expand abbreviated identifiers.

Greg Wilson True story:

The history of programming languages is basically a chronicle of our attempts to turn FORTRAN into a LISP that non-geniuses can use.

fiona There's always one more bug:

junior dev: "i found the bug"
senior dev: "i found a bug"

Miria Grunick "Debugging a memory leak. (Vincent van Gogh, 1890) #devart"



User experience design for APIs Because "a well-designed API, making complicated tasks feel easy, will probably prevent a lot more pain in this world than a brilliant new design for a bedside lamp ever would."

Sarah Federman The wrong abstraction …

Do your team and future self a favor and think very critically every time you start to add an abstraction, whether it's in a UI design, a taxonomy, or a codebase. So many times it's not worth the extra cognitive overhead.

Sam Saccone Pretty much:

99.7% of software development in one requirement

A user should be able to view a list of items.


Gwen (Chen) Shapira Blindspots:

Realization: it is really hard to admit there's a problem when you don't know how to solve that problem. Was true as an engineer (bugs I can't fix don't exist) but also as PM.

plainy You can learn a lot from teaching children:

11/There is story-telling in everything, everything, everything - even coding. Working in groups is possible even in middle school.Alan Turing was amazing, everyone should know about him. Also, make friends with people who know tech things, they are aces.

Kristy Tillman 💯

Don’t waste your time on people who are committed to misunderstanding and have already made their minds up.

Electric Sheep

Ian Goodfellow A funnier example than the neural net tank urban legend:

One of my favorite samples from the Progressive GANs paper is this one from the "cat" category. Apparently some of the cat training photos were memes with text. The GAN doesn't know what text is so it has made up new text-like imagery in the right place for a meme caption.


Locked Doors

David Burns Leaky passwords:

Periodic reminder, start your passwords with /! To prevent slack/irc/bash password mishaps

Chris Sanders Simple but often overlooked design choice:

In the 1980’s the CIA caught a contractor stealing information because a secretary notice the last login time for her terminal was not what it should be.

Last Login Time may be one of the best bang for your buck security controls you can implement, but so few people do.

CasualSec Stock photography turned security vulnerability:

This ridiculous picture reminds me of an audit assessment question about how the client wipes hard drives, and we didn’t notice until reviewing answers w/ our boss they said something about chamois leather instead of NIST & DoD standards



Kashana "The most 2017 traffic warning ever."

The LAPD has advised drivers to be wary of following navigation apps that direct them through areas that are on fire

daddy 😭

Yeah sex is cool but have you ever closed 15 tabs after finishing a project

Funny Money

Parker Thompson So much for "currency of the future":

"Nobody eats there anymore, it's too crowded." - Yogi Berra

Bitcoin is a restaurant that invented a secondaries market for buying and selling reservations, and that was so fucking cool people stopped talking about the food.


The ethereum world is now obsessed with breeding cartoon cats But then also: crypto currency meets Neko Atsume.


None of the Above

Assaf "Life choices!"


mzbat 👍

hey i just met you
and this is crazy
but could this meeting
be an email maybe

Marcos Caceres 🍗

Was struck by the heartbreaking graphical narrative that is searching for a "chicken" emoji. So cruel. Why does it end up like that?

So tasty. So sad. 😢


BryceElder What do you call it, when people catch the approximate pronunciation but not the actual words? (happens to me all the time with song lyrics)

Heard a guy talking about Belgian whistles.

"A basic website costs 10k, or 25k upwards if you want all the Belgian whistles," he said.

Belgian whistles.

Julia Galef "Well, that's an unsettling thought"


Diane Turnshek 😭

Two scientists walk into a bar.
"I'll have H2O," says the 1st.
"I'll have H2O, too," says the 2nd.
Bartender gives them water because he is able to distinguish the boundary tones that dictate the grammatical function of homonyms in coda position, as well as pragmatic context.

Fermat's Library "The fifth hyperfactorial: 5⁵ × 4⁴ × 3³ × 2² × 1¹ = 86400000 milliseconds is exactly 1 day!"


How do you remove caffeine from coffee? Or, why decaf doesn't taste like realcaf.

Artist creates masterpieces using Microsoft Excel That is some Excel mastery right there!


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Cute Baby Animals "This is the best thing on the internet today."

Design Objective

H Λ N И Λ H Is your product useful or entertaining?

Designing for trust > delight

The rest of the world outside of the tech bubble could care less about 'delight'. They care that products deliver what they promise and that ppl on the other side of an interface understand their needs

Jared Spool I think it's an issue of design maturity, see above (useful vs entertaining):

Key phrases, missing from practically every portfolio case study I read:

• The challenge we ran into was…
• I realized we didn’t understand…
• Our first attempt to address this challenge was…
• We learned these critical things we never knew about our users…

The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks TL;DR "When it comes to completing tasks, less is more."

The logos that have become legends Guess which logo they're talking about?

“I like to think that eventually someone will be digging on planet earth in the distant future and they’ll find something with that symbol on it.

Assaf "My two favorite features: “submit unsubscribe” and “please allow 10 business days” to unsubscribe"


Tools of the Trade

Joe Chung Please, and can it come sooner? "Love this quote from @Werner #reinvent"


Introducing AWS Fargate – Run Containers without Managing Infrastructure Meanwhile, we get: "Like EC2 but instead of giving you a virtual machine you get a container."

Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances with Direct Access to Hardware
Or if you need every inch of control, EC2 instances that "gives you direct access to the processor and other hardware."

Debugging React performance with React 16 and Chrome Devtools "All major browsers support the User Timing API, but Chrome’s performance tab goes a long way further to make debugging a React application a whole lot easier."


Truly Seamless Reloads with HAProxy – No More Hacks! From which I learned a few things about the TCP/IP stack, routing betweem processes, and draining connections.

Paper Signals are build-it-yourself objects that you control with your voice Some assembly required.


Zoe Hong Every. Time.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the fastest way to find errors is to hit "send" or "print"

Lingua Scripta

Native Pattern Matching for Javascript A switch on steroids:

const { matches } = require('z')

const result = matches(1)(
  (x = 2)      => 'number 2 is the best!!!',
  (x = Number) => `number ${x} is not that good`,
  (x = Date)   => 'blaa.. dates are awful!'

An Introduction to Speculative Optimization in V8 Peek into the internals of V8's TurboFan.


Lines of Code

Joe Armstrong "Once you understand a problem …"

I keep telling people "programming is understanding" - the computer is a machine that tests if your ideas are correct.

Once you understand a problem the program can usually be written pretty quickly. Understanding a problem can take years.

Chris Fritz Like, maybe a rubber duck?

Coding tip: If you've been stuck for an hour, reach out for help immediately (even to someone who might know less about the problem than you do).

It's amazing how much another pair of eyes can help, as it forces you to break down and explain the problem.

Jim Wallace Explain MVP to me, like I'm over-engineering this piece of code:

You should write software as if no one is going to use it and you don't want to do it. 9 times out of 10 you'll be right so do the simplest possible thing that can work until you have evidence that it's useful.


JBD ⚖️

Good engineering is less about finding the "perfect" solution and more about understanding the tradeoffs and being able to explain them.

amy nguyen This is why we can't have nice things:

i wrote a talk about designing user-friendly infra tools

i found out that infra people were less likely to attend the talk because the title had "design" in it

i think i found the problem y'all

Bascht 🤣 "…so… …basically what developers have been doing the whole time?"



scottish foldl 🤔

me: meetings where no-one is paying attention, won’t matter with or without laptops

Electric Sheep

Belinda Barnet This kid is going places!

5yo: I am building a semi ominous vehicle out of cardboard
Me: You mean semi autonomous
5yo: You don't understand my technology

Manos Tsakiris "AI struggling this , seen on @samim twitter profile picture"


Locked Doors

IOS 11 Horror Story: The Rise And Fall Of IOS Security TL;DR iOS 11 trades security for convenience: lose your password, and you lose access to your phone, backups, cloud accounts, even your computer can be tracked and wiped remotely.

Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra as root with no password What's up Apple? Also this week in Apple bugs to watch out for: iPhone crashing on Dec. 2? Here's the fix!

Lukas Stefanko "TotallyNotAVirus.exe #MalwareUnpacking"

None of the Above

Keith Lee "This is an under appreciated bit of interaction that is only possible on Twitter."


Showerthoughts 🤣

Set your wifi password to itsonthefridge. Then enjoy watching visitors go and stare at your fridge for no reason.

One of my favorite thing I’ve learned about animals studies … 🤔

One of my favorite thing I’ve learned about animals studies is that you should avoid using colorful leg bands when you’re banding birds because you can accidentally completely skew the data because female birds prefer males with colorful bands

Apparently if you put a red band on a male red wing blackbird his harem size can double

So like you can completely frick up the natural reproduction of a group of birds by giving a guy a bracelet so stylish that females CANNOT resist him

Kyle Machulis 🔥

Naming things is one of the harder problems of computer science, but some people do it very, very well.


Autopsy of a Popular Quantum Computing Article TL;DR "It may never work at all or it may only be available to the wealthiest corporations. Nevertheless, promising a useful quantum computer in the next five to 10 years is a proud tradition of the last three decades."

Nebula Alarm Clock If you like astronomy and have a difficult time waking up in the morning.

Lindsey Bieda "congrats five-minute journal you played yourself"


Chimps Are No Chumps: Give Them An Oven, They'll Learn To Cook "But this is the first study showing that animals can acquire a cooking-like skill on their own."

Assaf The phone museum. Look at all these keyboards and sliders!


Sleep Walking into a War Three parts article about the Great Cyber War.

PJ Vogt "Wow. Let that sink in."


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Design Objective

@mcclure111 "Here, modern design's tendency toward cryptic, monochrome icons created a situation where VS Code seems to be communicating to me that setting barrels of oil on fire makes it happy"


Tools of the Trade

@estellevw If I had a penny for every time I did this:

git commit -m "hopefully final edits, but who am I kidding?"

@alicegoldfuss Book smart vs script smart?

CS COURSE: create a computer from thin air! remember, calculators haven't been invented yet
MY PROGRAMMING JOB: write a script that takes a value from this API and shoves into this other API

@ErrataRob 🦃

You think your Thanksgiving is bad, my sister and her husband are arguing about best way to structure an SQL table/queries. So in order to bring harmony, I interrupted and suggested NoSQL/MongoDB instead.


The Cost Of JavaScript TL;DR Less code means less to transfer, less to decompress, less to parse/compile.


Casey Muratori There can always be one more div:

A lot of people complain about CSS because they wrap a div in a div and it doesn't align the way they expect.

What they don't understand is that if you wrap that div-in-a-div inside a div that is itself inside a div, then you can put that whole thing inside another div.

Jay Phelps 🧔🏻 Right, that makes so much sense:

related: if you console.log something with the devtools open it does not get garbage collected. This might seem like an obvious statement, but many forget and spend hours trying to figure out why the app is leaking memory

Lines of Code

@AdamTuttle Most of software development is like that. And when it ends with a rush you over-engineer; when it ends with a crush, just sloppy code:

How it feels to debug a computer program, in chart form. The longer it takes, the more pain you feel until you solve it, then the endorphins kick in.

I'm so high right now that I just made this chart.


Jon Gold 👍

Move Fast and Leave Things Better Than You Found Them - my new mantra

Chris Oldwood (if you don't understand the joke, you've made better life choices than I did)

In C++ how does one request access to the private members and functions of a class?

(Asking for a friend.)


The Push Train Managing the human side of continuous delivery:

Since in order to deploy software we have to write it first, we tend to start with things that make software easiest to write. Or the specific load of development baggage that we’re most comfortable with.

Then we hope that we can bang on some tooling and get working software in the end. There’s no reason to expect that this approach should work, or result in anything good.


Cindy Sridharan 🤔

If code is "hard" to unit test maybe instead of jumping right into refactoring it so as to make it more conducive to unit testing, maybe we should rethink if the code is actually just a better fit for a different form of testing. Might seem like another radical idea to some.

Dmitri Sotnikov "adapting a legacy codebase to new business requirements"



John Arundel Interesting observation:

Monitoring will warn you your SSL certs expire tomorrow. Observability will only tell you they expired yesterday.

Locked Doors

Rochelle So slow, incorrect, and also other people have access to your personal information?

I wonder if Expensify SmartScan users know MTurk workers enter their receipts. I’m looking at someone’s Uber receipt with their full name, pick up, and drop off addresses.

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People Be careful with logins in source control:

Two attackers accessed a private GitHub coding site used by Uber software engineers and then used login credentials they obtained there to access data stored on an Amazon Web Services account that handled computing tasks for the company.

@FioraAeterna Summarizing My analysis of the $1 million+ USD scam:

tl;dr version:

  1. the change was added after initial audit, so more likely to be missed
  2. hidden in the bitcoin code itself, not the site
  3. snuck the data out via google analytics (!)

None of the Above

Amanda Berlin "Spreading awareness of this horrifying issue happening in this lovely country. People stuck in the wifi with no hope for rescue!"


@HanSolex "Techsplaining"

"I've never driven a truck but I write a lot of software"

This is like the techsplaining battlecry.


The Copernican Revolution from the Inside If you are scientifically minded, and lived in the time Copernicus, would you have accepted his model of the earth revolving around the sun? The answer may surprise you.

Steve Kinney 🛌

Y Combinator applicants: please consider disrupting the process of putting a duvet cover on.

You have my permissions to use the blockchain if you must.

More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked "It’s scary to think that organic, authentic voices in the public debate — more than 99% of which are in favor of keeping net neutrality — are being drowned out by a chorus of spambots." Also, semantic clustering.

Dave Lewis 📪

So, this is next level insanity. I just received a letter from my bank saying that they do not have a current address on file for my account.

A letter…

that they mailed...

…to my house.

Ferdinand Kingsley 🔥

"*on which you’re willing to die"


Ice Apocalypse "Next to a meteor strike, rapid sea-level rise from collapsing ice cliffs is one of the quickest ways our world can remake itself. This is about as fast as climate change gets."

McDonald's Followed by a remarkable save

Black Friday **** Need copy and link****

Parker Thompson 💯

There’s a cognitive bias you’re suffering from, which is to think a group you’ve identified as an antagonist thinks singularly in a way you don’t like because a given opinion has been expressed by a few within.

juan "can someone explain why japanese game show 'slippery stairs' hasn't made its way to our part of the world yet"

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Heidi Howard "It seems it’s never to early to start learning computer science, even at age three #codeapillar #STEMtoys"

Tools of the Trade

The new Firefox It is fast. It is pretty. It eats up less memory. It includes some ad blocking tech. It's a big milestone, and maybe time to switch default browser?


React Bits A compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.

Sam Walsh 🚨

I love how React uses dangerouslySetInnerHTML as the attribute name for raw InnerHTML, just to make sure you're aware that you're probably doing something stupid. #reactjs

Introducing security alerts on GitHub "With your dependency graph enabled, we’ll now notify you when we detect a vulnerability in one of your dependencies and suggest known fixes from the GitHub community."


Corey Quinn 😭

Apparently “mocking tests” doesn’t mean what I thought it did, and I owe QA a massive apology.


Service Workers Break the Browser’s Refresh Button by Default; Here’s Why Biggest problem with Service Workers (like appcache beforehand), is how quickly you go from "cool demo, app works offline!" to "broke in production, users are stuck, can't use site!":

By default, users have to close all tabs to a site in order to update a Service Worker. The Refresh button is not enough.

Service Workers break the Refresh button because they behave like “apps,” refusing to update while the app is still running, in order to maintain code consistency and client-side data consistency.


Advanced CSS-Only Form Styling Pseudo selectors to the rescue!

input:invalid {
  border-color: var(--color-error);
  background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,…");

My web app died from performance bankruptcy When you're the dominant browser vendor, you can decide to break the web:

Breaking changes might happen pretty fast. Current version of Chrome is 62. Your code might being broken by the time Chrome 67 arrives. It almost certainly wouldn’t work in Chrome 100.

Lines of Code

hemanth/functional-programming-jargon Glossary of functional programming terms, with examples in ES2015, and translations in several languages.


The GraphQL stack: How everything fits together A look at caching, tracing, schema stitching, and GraphQL’s future from GraphQL Summit 2017.


Donald Knuth - The Patron Saint of Yak Shaves And once again, Weekend Reading on the subject of TeX:

Yak shave 1: Somewhere along the road, implement your own programming language…
Yak shave 4: Design a font
Yak shave 8: Implement a custom language for printable documents


Punishment Driven Development? Lessons from troubleshooting industrial monitoring systems:

Having a motivation to make your software better really helps, hence Punishment Driven Development

Juozas Kaziukėnas 🔥

If having a coffee in the morning doesn’t wake you up, try deleting a table in a production database instead.


Neuroscience Explains Why We Get Hacked So Easily TL;DR our attention is limited, and we easily get habituated, but look: colorful MRI scans you haven't seen before!

Testing showed that people using the interruption-sensitive version of Chrome ignored the message only about a third of the time, compared to about 80 percent of the time without it.

By breaking the usual rules of software design and having the security-related messages change in appearance slightly each time—for example, with different colors—it was possible to reduce the habituation effect.

Lazy Susan "The last things I'll scream from my death bed"


Locked Doors

Hackers Say They've Broken Face ID a Week After iPhone X Release The threat model here is somewhat different than a 10 year old unlocking their parent's phone:

"Potential targets shall not be regular users, but billionaires, leaders of major corporations, nation leaders, and agents like FBI need to understand the Face ID's issue," the Bkav researchers write.


Tech Topia

She Warned of ‘Peer-to-Peer Misinformation.’ Congress Listened. What if you were placed in an echo chamber and couldn't escape?

Through one account she created to monitor anti-vaccine groups on Facebook, she quickly realized she was being pushed toward other anti-vaccine accounts, creating an echo chamber in which it appeared that viewpoints like “vaccines cause autism” were the majority.

Ashamed to work in Silicon Valley: how techies became the new bankers I'm old enough to remember when people in SV complained "family/friends don't understand what I do for a living!" Now we'd rather they never find out:

“I would never say I worked at Facebook,” said one 30-year-old software engineer who left the company last year to pursue an alternative career. Instead, at dinner parties he would give purposefully vague responses and change the subject. “There’s this song and dance you learn to play because people are quick to judge.”

jennschiffer Turns out, it is about ethics in software development, after all!

i gotta say - if you're teaching coding workshops at conferences and not working ethics and the like into your curriculum, you're not using your platform correctly in this the year 2017. and if it "has nothing to do" with the code you're not designing curriculum correctly!

None of the Above

Mikko Hypponen "Forbes cover 10 years ago."


Matt Brian When we need to adjust to machines that can learn:

If you own an iPhone X and get your fair share of passcode prompts after a negative Face ID, make sure you enter your code instead of reframing. It’ll help your iPhone learn what you look like at different periods during the day.

Michael Newman "Could not have predicted 20 years ago that browsing in a bookstore in 2017, I’d see a vinyl LP soundtrack to a TV show about cassette tapes you can only watch using the internet."


Two Stars Slammed Into Each Other And Solved Half Of Astronomy’s Problems. What Comes Next? "The neutron-star merger event was like seeing and hearing at the same time, and with a dictionary to make sense of it all."




Colin J Carlson Thread:

in the face of insomnia i will attempt to assign letter grades to the weird foxes. please stand by and watch this space for weird fox letter grades,, thank you

Existential Comics "we must imagine Sisyphus happy and also as an otter"

Published on

Mia Harrison "And then we proceeded to waste half our day. #animojikaraoke #iphonex #queen #bohemianrapsody #carriedaway"

Design Objective

UI backwards compatibility Entirely agree, we need do better with breaking UI changes:

The case for the case for UI backwards compatibility is arguable weaker than the case for API backwards compatibility because API backwards compatibility has a lower cost – if some API is problematic, you can make a new API and then document the old API as something that shouldn’t be used (you’ll see lots of these if you look at Linux syscalls). This doesn’t really work with GUIs since UI elements compete with each other for a small amount of screen real-estate.

And also often overlooked:

An argument that I think is underrated is that changing UIs isn’t as great as most companies seem to think – very dated looking UIs that haven’t been refreshed to keep up with trends can be successful …

Tools of the Trade

Five Things I Wish I Knew Starting Out Many developers, well into their career, have yet to learn this lesson:

  1. today's trendy library often turns into tomorrow's technical debt: try to build projects as lightly as possible

What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages? As seen on Stack Overflow, high correlation of "least disliked tags tend to be fast-growing ones."


addyosmani/critical Extract & Inline Critical-path CSS in HTML pages.

Powerful Start in Sketch If you're starting with Sketch, these are the tools to get started with.

x0rz 🤔

Obfuscating IPv4 addresses is fun, try:
$ ping 0177.1
$ ping 134744072
$ ping 0x8080808
$ ping 010.0x0000008.00000010.8
$ ping 8.0x0000000000000080808

That works both on Linux and Windows 👌


I Watched All of the Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Videos So You Don’t Have To TL;DR Google wants you to build PWAs, reduce JavaScript file size, use Web Components, and configure autofill.

Sara Soueidan 🐦 TIL:

Combine viewport units with other units to unbreak zooming

e.g. font-size: calc(16px +2vw); will scale text while preserving zooming UX. 👍🏻

Wes Bos 🔥

Since :before and :after are first class CSS Grid items, this “lines on either side” design can easily be accomplished in ~10 lines of CSS


Jen Simmons | Writing Modes | CSS Day 2017 How CSS renders text left-to-right, right-to-left, and top-to-bottom … in both directions.

Corprew Reed 😭

technically, the committee is named unicode. the spec and character set is named "unicode's monster"

Lingua Scripta

The Most Clever Line of JavaScript How to, String.prototype.trim); like a pro.

ES Modules: Default imports are not namespace imports! The subtle, confusing difference between the single export (CommonJS), and "my name is default" (ES modules).

Kent C. Dodds code demo:

Today in things you'd never do with JavaScript but totally can...

Define a class that extends another which is defined inline... n times.

Lines of Code

Chris Fritz 👍

Code review tip: include at least one reviewer that wasn't involved in feature discussions. If they can't make sense of the code, it won't make sense to anyone a month from now.

Manisha Agarwal 💯

OH: I no longer tolerate complicated programming languages. My mental space is like Silicon Valley; rent is high and space is at a premium


Ryan Singer All other being equal, you do get there faster if you avoid building the wrong thing, keep your focus, etc:

Agile became synonymous with "speed" because of sprints, velocity, etc. But speed isn't the real problem. The real problems are doing the wrong thing, building to a spec, unfocused resource allocation, etc.

Locked Doors

He Perfected a Password-Hacking Tool — Then The Russians Came Calling How Mimikatz, a tool coded by a French government IT manager in his spare time, became the favorite password stealer of hackers worldwide.

@turtlekiosk 🕵️‍♀️

therapist: you're afraid of making connections because you don't want to get hurt
infosec person: it's called threat modeling

Brendan Seerup "Probably the best leaving present you can get somone in your security team on thier last day"


Electric Sheep

The Neural Net Tank Urban Legend TL;DR 50 year old urban legend, that gives a misleading indication of risks associated with deep learning:

A cautionary tale in artificial intelligence tells about researchers training an neural network (NN) to detect tanks in photographs, succeeding, only to realize the photographs had been collected under specific conditions for tanks/non-tanks and the NN had learned something useless like time of day.


Bitcoin Is a Bad Way to Do Something Necessary TL;DR Bitcoin is a "first mover advantage" currency, which favors very specific subset of the population. And also:

Deflationary money is reactionary. It rewards people for being first, not for being productive. It encourages people not to spend and not to invest in something other than money, which is bad for economies. Moderate inflation, contra-gold bugs and Austrians, is a good thing, as it devalues effort from the past. It’s great that you did something wonderful 40 years ago, but what you do today should matter more.

None of the Above

dead inside "I call this the “might make another sandwich might not”"


nicole boyce 💡

I NEVER restore all old tabs. If I lose them in a restart, they're gone. It is a blessing to be set free from a prison of my own creation

Phil Jones "Every time I passed this bike rack I thought it looked like a vending machine. So, I hand painted a giant chip bag to go inside it."


Emma 👓

Everyone raging about 280 characters, except the visually impaired among us who hope this will mean fewer text-filled images we can’t access

Stringdrive Cool tech. Bike chains are messy, so why not replace them with swing arms and elastic strings?


Patrick McKenzie Thread, applies to gig marketplaces in general:

Freelancer marketplaces are markets for lemons. You should not sell your labor through them.

I promise you: you CAN do better.

Tom "This looks like a mad sesh till you find out it’s a combine harvester in a cotton field"