Collected Links Feb 14, 2021

Collected Links Feb 14, 2021

Identifying Chocolates With Computer Vision


GitHub - ObuchiYuki/DevToysMac: DevToys For mac
DevToys For mac. Contribute to ObuchiYuki/DevToysMac development by creating an account on GitHub.
SecretAgent - The Web Browser Built for Scraping

David Zipper That's the one beta test I don't want to participate in:

Everyone who walks or bikes should understand that Tesla is risking your life with its "Full-Self Driving" feature.

Like it or not, we're all part of beta tests being conducted on our public streets -- while @NHTSAgov sits on its hands.

A quick 🧵:

“Extreme suffering”: 15 of 23 monkeys with Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chips reportedly died
A public records request by an animal rights group revealed a shocking death rate among primate test subjects.
Please, we are already in too many Slack channels.

Not Tech

lillem dafoe Feels like summer here in the Bay Area, but if you’re dealing with a frowny February, this video might cheer you up. I hope.

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As is always the case, when leaders say “don’t bring politics to work” they actually mean “don’t bring YOUR politics to work”. They want to be able to spout their beliefs and pretend everyone agrees.

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