Weekend Reading — r > g

Dogecoin goes to NASCAR

Design Objective

Adaptive Placeholders I love this concept: placeholders that double as labels.

Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses Whether made by programmers or others, these are all design mistakes.

The Great Works of Software If there was a software canon, clearly Office, Photoshop, Pac-Man, Unix and Emacs will be there.

The back button is your number one enemy Another timeless piece from the Intercom blog.

3 stunning CSS animation effects that will captivate your users

Brendan Loudermilk:

Does anyone else think UX is just a conspiracy by 3M to sell more Post-it notes?

Tools of the Trade

Velocity.js A jQuery plugin for fast JavaScript animations:

Although Velocity is a jQuery plugin, it uses its own animation stack that delivers its performance through two underlying design principles: 1) synchronize the DOM → tween stack to minimize layout thrashing, and 2) cache values to minimize the occurrence of DOM querying.

Readable, Fluid Type With Basic CSS Smarts Responsive typography with a bit of CSS smarts.

CSS Shapes 101 This looks awesome, only in Canary for now.

Incomplete List of Mistakes in the Design of CSS Make no mistake, CSS is trolling us all.

oboe.js is a streaming JSON parser.

Cakebrew "The Mac App for Homebrew." generate image previews and metadata from almost any kind of file.

Get started quicker with our docker image Having a Docker image is the new having an SDK is the new having an API.

Lies of Code

Programming Sucks Love me a good rant:

You discover that one day, some idiot decided that since another idiot decided that 1/0 should equal infinity, they could just use that as a shorthand for "Infinity" when simplifying their code.


hot singletons in ur area r lookin 2 mutate global state & have side effects

Locked Doors

Tech Analysis of “Serious security flaw in OAuth, OpenID Discovered” TL;DR Don’t expose an open redirect on your web server. Period.

Bank robbers use KVM switch and 3G router to steal money Getaway car driver files for unemployment.

None of the Above

MayOne The SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs and separate money from politics. Pledge and spread the news!

On Piketty on Capital If you don't read the book, at least read an informed piece about it. Could r > g be the equation of our generation?

Communicating the science of climate change Term that have different meaning for scientists and the public:

Term thot hova dir&nt mboning for ci&ntit ond tha publ

The People Who Saw Evolution Remarkable people, remarkable research.

Vanhawks Valour This bicycle got blind-spot detection with haptic feedback!

10 Things that Make You Look Like a Massive Idiot while Driving

And now for some Trike drifting

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