Weekend Reading — Y truncated

Is truncating the y-axis dishonest?

Design Objective

Presented without comment:

Tools of the Trade

Regulex Visualizing JavaScript Regular Expressions.

Flakes An open source design & front-end framework or internal business applications. By Kumail Hunaid of Grid Forms fame.

VMUX Secure text, audio and video chats from your browser. Uses WebRTC, so you'll need Chrome or Firefox. Try it out Secure file transfer from one browser to another. Uses WebRTC, so you'll need Chrome or Firefox. Try it out

Streams The WHATWG is working on a JavaScript API for creating, composing and consuming streams. And that includes an ES6 reference implementation.

uBar Wants to be the definite replacement for the OS X Dock.

io.js There's a new Node.js fork in town.

MongoDB CTO: How our new WiredTiger storage engine will earn its stripes If you play the MongoDB story backwards, it's about a company building a new database server out of solid technologies.

Lines of Code

NodeConf One-Shot: Aria Stewart - Design for Retry Microservices, REST, message busses and why idempotency is the only way to scale.

NodeConf One-Shot: C J Silverio - Dev/ops at npm: scaling the registry Lessons from the npm team, turning the npm repository from a side project to serious business.

duck typing

Developing and running a Java EE Hello World application I can't tell if this is satire, or something developers actually get paid to do.


2 things programmers tend to underestimate:

  1. How long things take
  2. How long our code will be around
  3. How many things we underestimate

None of the Above

Lego Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

Amazon Smile Shop at and 0.5% of every purchase goes to a charity of your choice.

The 19 best drone photos of 2014 Drones imitating art.

Smile, You’re Speaking EMOJI The story of Emoji from it's humble beginnings as a marketing gimmick, to its rise to become a new human language.

Five Economic Trends to Be Thankful For Can we call it a recovery now?

'Smart Pipe' is every bad startup in one delightful parody Adult Swim, so of course poo humor, yet also a fitting satire.

Sweet Peach Founder Speaks: Those Startup Dudes Were Wrong About My Company That is one bizzare story.

A man walks into Starbucks…

A man walks into Starbucks and he has to wait and watch a video but after five seconds he can go in if he starts skipping.

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