Weekend Reading — "Word count"

Design Objective

Leaving Pixels Behind SVG is the future, learn to design with vectors.

Your syntax highlighter is wrong Some good, thought provoking ideas there. (I disagree with the conclusion, though, green/red are semantic colors for add/remove, using them simplifies the UI)

It’s better for older workers to go a little fast: DocSend in Snow Crash How many startups are based on dystopian science fiction?

How Are Websites Made? Funny and sad at the same time.

Can Email Be Responsive? Kind of yes, but good luck with that.

Amazing Military Infographics

No matter how abstract they are, these pictures describe systems that the U.S. military uses to make optimal, efficient decisions about killing other humans.

Art Director Creates a Hilariously Dramatic Car Ad to Sell His Crappy Old Volvo This is how it's done.

Tools of the Trade

No more JS frameworks TL;DR

Stop writing Javascript frameworks.

Uchiwa A new dashboard for Sensu. Wonderful design.

Octotree A Chrome extension that displays the directory structure next to each Github repository.

You have ruined JavaScript The slides to go along with the blog post:

I had a problem and thought to use Angular so now i have a problem directive

js-sequence-diagrams This is utterly brilliant. As simple as Markdown, renders your text as a UML sequence diagram.

Import web pages into Sketch For when you need to design around existing Web page.

Progressive enhancement for JS apps Just a friendly reminder that JavaScript doesn't work equally well for everyone as it does for your machine.

Parallax Done Right How to get buttery parallax scrolling.

Experiments Interesting tool for running product experiments. In particular, it lets you dial the experiment all the way from low tech (interview, email) to high tech (split test and free form).

Why JSONP is still mandatory CORS is not quite there yet.

sindresorhus/trash trash is an alternative to rm that you can undo. Works on Mac, Linux and even Windows.

Emulating a BBC Micro in Javascript jsbeeb, of course.

Now Hiring: Enterprise Senior Support Engineer Technical support on the Enterprise:

Have you tried diverting auxiliary power to the affected system?

Lines of Code

Lessons learnt by building Single Page Applications It always comes back to one thing:

The secret to building large apps is never build large apps.

Named function expressions demystified Strongly suggest you read this one, even if you think you know everything about JavaScript functions.

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Programming A handy reference to these handy guides we so love to ignore.

The Birth & Death of JavaScript A presentation about the future of JavaScript as the Universal Virtual Machine. Rather interesting.

Optimization killers List of things to avoid when programming for V8.


Worrying signs that the girl will be a javascript programmer. "Sometimes, Daddy, 5 and 5 makes 55 and sometimes it makes 10."

Locked Doors

Encrypted Internet traffic surges in a year, research shows

The “Cobra Effect” that is disabling paste on password fields What is it that some product developers have against pasting passwords?

Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack RFC 7258 and the politics behind it.

None of the Above

James Mickens at Monitorama Amazing presentation. Watched it twice.

How to throttle the FCC to dial up modem speeds on your website using Nginx

BarkBuddy "Find fluffy singles in your area." It's like Tinder, but skewed towards life-long companionship.

Apple and Google agree to drop all ongoing lawsuits, will work toward patent reform So Apple will be cross-licensing patents with HTC (2012) and Motorola (Google, 2014). Could this be a Apple/Google attack on Samsung?

These companies spend the most money to kill net neutrality

How A Lawsuit Over Hot Coffee Helped Erode the 7th Amendment


You've heard of foodies? Well I'm a drinkie. It's basically an alcoholic but with artisanal cocktails and local IPAs and shit.

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