Weekend Reading — When the deadline comes too close


Franck D. Nijimbere "When the deadline comes too close"

Design Objective

A Guide to Information Architecture This:

Having a single document that delivers a simple and understandable representation of how the application or website works is vital for developing new features, updating existing ones, and for seeing what is possible considering the existing product.


Really Bad Design Exercises Cool idea: interview that asks you to make the worst possible design of something.


Tools of the Trade

Rough.js Lightweight library that uses Canvas to create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance.


Driver Lightweight JavaScript library to drive user's focus between elements on the page.


SVGR An SVG to JSX transformer.

The HSB Color System: A Practitioner's Primer Go play with some colors.


christian crumlish 🤔

is there a name for the fallacy wherein you believe something got big around the time you discovered it and was over around the time you lost interest?


Compressive Images Revisited After reading this article I better understand compressive images, how and why they work, and still think they're a good idea.

Pure CSS Biker h/t Johan Karlsson

Kyle 'esSOBi' Stone "This is so horribly accurate. I lolled."


Lines of Code

Fluent Interfaces Are Bad for Maintainability TL;DR:

Fluent interfaces are good for users, but bad for library developers. Small objects are good for developers, but difficult to understand and use.

noahsussman "Bugs Have Feelings Too"



andrewmduane Unfortunately, this is 100% accurate:

I think the average time people spend in a tech job is not long enough to learn from the outcomes of the choices they made.

SwiftOnSecurity Shade:

Of course, Linux is moving more and more away from “everything is a file” which just emphasizes Windows had it right all along. Look at systemd, the ultimate capitulation.

Electric Dreams

Jenny Kristine A thread on moral hazard, and people's ability to compensate for other people's stupidity:

Something a friend from a locked account said made me realize:
Every single goddam engineer of driverless cars
(every engineer period, but especially of driverless cars)
needs to read up on why the People Movers was the deadliest ride in Disneyland.

Tony Armstrong "Mr Statham from Cheltenham writing in today’s @Telegraph seems to have pinpointed the crucial safety issues over #DriverlessCars quite succinctly"



Tim Berners-Lee 💯

My message to all web users today is this: I may have invented the web, but you make it what it is. And it’s up to all of us to build a web that reflects our hopes & fulfils our dreams more than it magnifies our fears & deepens our divisions. 6/9

The Missing Building Blocks of the Web "It’s worth revisiting the idea that the web was supposed to be made out of countless little sites." But is the decentralized web such a good idea? Evidence #1: this post was published on Medium. AFAIK not a "little site".

Computer Facts 🔥

1968: if only computers existed
1978: if only more people had computers
1988: if only the computers were all connected
1998: if only the computers could fit in a pocket
2008: if only everyone talked to each other using their pocket computer all the time
2018: oh

Locked Doors

General Account Settings To see all the data Facebook collected about you, go here and click "Download a copy". If you have an Android phone, it may include your phone calls and text message history.

None of the Above

玲珑奥兰多 Fantastic.


An employee whose job was to be sacked Customer experience theater (h/t Lars Trieloff):

Apparently the employee was paid to sit among the boxes on Harrods top-floor smoking his pipe and reading the Sporting Life. From time to time a bell would ring and he would be summoned to a department where an irate customer was being mollified by the Head of the Department.

Brendan Greeley "Having studied my habits and preferences, my daughter hacked my attention this morning for her political agenda"


Mik Awake 😭

Business idea: a cleaning service staffed entirely by writers on deadline.

The Ikea Manual Of The Future Looks Amazing Yes please.

The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck They're not all equally bad.

Karen-chan "Okay, so we invented viable and fully functional jetpacks, what do we do now?" Japan: "SAMOURAI FIGHTS!!!"

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