Weekend Reading — What programmers say

What programmers say, and what they really mean

Design Objective

Can the digital IKEA effect increase user engagement and brand loyalty? Designing for user involvement.

Design Club - Super Mario Bros: Level 1-1 - Game Analysis Epic video analysis of how Super Mario Bros teaches you to play the game through level design.

iOS 8: New Features The gamut of user experience, from the party trick Siri-Shazam integration, through credit card scanning, to the invisible MAC address randomizer that keeps your privacy.

Using ARIA 1.0 and the WebKit Accessibility Node Inspector Apple always taken accessibility seriously (see also new iOS 8 features above); this will make our design job even easier.

Bootsketch A bootstrap theme that looks like a sketch:

Bootsketch provide a sketch render to remove all "design feeling" when we present it to client or during user test.

Share: The Icon No One Agrees On

Tools of the Trade

github-card A web component that shows your GitHub profile as a card.

webshim A polyfill for various HTML5 features: canvas, ES5, forms, geolocation, XHR2, etc.

docopt gets CLI argument parsing right If you start every project from a README, you'd love how docopt uses the help message to parse command line arguments.

Springy.js A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript.

vtop A graphical activity monitor for the command line, that you can npm install.

International Telephone Input jQuery plugin for entering international telephone numbers.

annotated-jshintrc.txt An annotated .jshintrc file.

Handoff in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite: Explained

Analyzing Docker’s New OSS: libchan and libswarm

Lines of Code

PHP Streetfighter

The Problem With ES6 Promises and ES6 Promise Debugging Techniques Or how to avoid the error handling gotaches of ES6 Promise.

Clever way to "Demethodize" native JS methods Could also double as a hiring puzzle.


Automation: 3000 lines of pseudo code and configuration, and it only takes 1 character to fuck it all up...

Locked Doors

Code Injection Attacks on HTML5-based Mobile Apps (PDF) Discusses the less obvious, but very real, injection attack vectors: barcodes, WiFi SSIDs, MP3 and EXIF tags. And don't forget tweets.

Monitor the Activity of Your Installed Chrome Apps and Extensions Use the Chrome apps/extensions developer tool to watch over installed extensions.

Tricking The User To Access Browser History Using A Pseudo-selector And Captchas Neat trick.

None of the Above

If I could have any superpower in th world it would be to log off the Internet

BehindTheOverlay A Chrome extension to block those deceptive overlay ads that steal focus and trick you into a click.

How Amazon got a patent on white-background photography TL;DR some things are so obvious, no one bothers to prior art them, and they get patented:

However obvious such an element may sound, it remains nonobvious according to the letter of the law, and that is all that is needed for the patent application to leave the examiner’s desk and move to allowance.

Use Sparingly A tumblr about business jargon with a side of sarcasm:

circle back — a dance move whose mastery is rewarded by a position in middle management

'The Daily Show' Nails Exactly What's Wrong With Google Glass

The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants Simple rules, complex behaviors.

The Search A smartwatch that keeps track of your surfing (ocean waves, not webs).

Marbel - The Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World 9lbs, 20mph with 10+ mile range.

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