Weekend Reading — Touching … ugh … base

New Glassdoor survey reveals that the UK’s most annoying office buzzwords

Design Objective

Bobby Ghoshal 😱

Me: "Don't forget how far digital design has come since the nineties" --- NJ EZ-Pass: "Hold my beer."

Tools of the Trade

Chromeless Playground Is like JSBin but for automating Chrome. And you can use it to run tasks/tests locally, or distributed on AWS Lambda.

Announcing Ghost 1.0 My blog runs on Ghost, and I'm using 1.0 right now to write this up. Amazing milestone.

Vi & VIM Keyboard Covers for MacBook and iMac

Lingua Scripta

What you should know to really understand the Node.js Event Loop Breaks down the myths behind the V8 event loop, explains how it really works, and how to measure event loop latency.

Node.js Emerging as the Universal Development Framework for a Diversity of Applications Results from the Node.js developer survey:

Lines of Code

C J Silverio “Dependency injection, or as I like to call it, passing arguments to functions.”

Ben Halpern

I'm seriously disagreeing with my linter right now, but what do I know, I'm just a sentient human capable of actual feelings and emotions.


Chris Eppstein 👍

^ How to level up: Treat every support request arising from "user error" as a bug in your error reporting and debugging infrastructure.

brianloveswords 🍷

Pouring one out for the hundreds of thousands of hours expended by devs building stuff that could have been done in 5min with a spreadsheet


Crack The WIP (Work In Progress) Why it's so hard for teams to limit WIP:

The reality is that low-drama “flow” doesn’t look like progress to most people. There aren’t the burnouts and the tantrums. Supporting casts have less to do, less to coordinate, and less to “unblock”. You run the terrible risk of having someone idle for a bit (god forbid the code editor is closed). Or of having to shuffle people around to tame the real blockers and bottlenecks (with all the politically intrigue that entails).

Sarah Withee 📣

Even just ONE person telling me I inspired them after my talk makes the HOURS of work worth it. So tell us when it does! #SpeakerConfessions

Emily Key 👩🏼‍💻 "Sounds about right."

Locked Doors

✨ 💖 Sparkle Ops 💖 ✨ "Oh dear."

lcamtuf "Your daily metaphor for the infosec industry."

None of the Above

Delightful Fibonacci sequence poem

I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People How are we even divided on that?

32 bit Tiago "by this point it seems clear to me unsubscribing to a mailing list is the most computationally expensive process in computer science"

Helen Rosner "My dog looks like she was drawn by a Medieval monk who had never seen a dog before"

Kevin Beaumont "Airlines and the TSA are setting security policy over Twitter. It appears @united are being badly trolled."

Lyndsey Gallant 😭

Adult friendship = 2 people saying "I haven't seen you in forever! We should really hang out more" over and over again until one of you dies

Fred Rivett "If you ever post on Hacker News and get the "I could build that in a day" or "your business model sucks" posts, know that you're not alone."

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