Weekend Reading — Tiny hugs

If you look at luxury service, it's the same thing. It's all the tiny hugs, "oh. that's nice."

Weekend Reading — Tiny hugs


Sketchplanations Delightful blog: “A weekly explanation in a sketch” (via peterritchie)

Design Objective

Why you’ve got UX and UI all mixed up My opinion as well:

You can’t divorce UI design from UX design. If you are a UI designer you are effectively impacting the user experience. The interaction design is common to both. So let’s get past the dichotomy in this arena and let’s call UI design what it is: a subset of UX design. They are not disparate and opposing professional fields. In this regard UI is UX.


Helen Tran So true:

And all her little things kind of piled up. They weren't grand gestures... they were the opposite of "tiny cuts." Tiny hugs.

If you look at luxury service, it's the same thing. It's all the tiny hugs, "oh. that's nice."

Luke Wroblewski 👇 Thread:

how can we maintain great user experiences on the Web in the face of business pressure? let's look at app install promos as an example... 1/6


Designing address forms for everyone, everywhere The nuances of designing forms for a global audience.


Adam Sedwick Design is what ships:

The person writing the CSS is finishing the design.” - @jensimmons

Like it or not, until a web design is in code it’s not finished. Getting both devs and designers to understand new css layouts and share a lexicon is imperative to successful design.

Luke Wroblewski Shade: “your design system is a distraction.”


Tools of the Trade

Addy Osmani “Super cool. Dynamic colour picking for objects by overlaying an SVG with CSS blend-modes by @KyleWetton”

dade 😭

I wanted to know what version of react I was using. I googled "check version of react" and click a stack overflow link. Guy gives an answer that explains how to check. Someone else responds "not working for me" and the guy replies "works for me, what version of react are you on?"

chart.xkcd Every project needs some XKCD styled charts.


Goes to eleven Touch sensitive, HTML input control, goes all the way to 11!


Brooke Watson 😮

just learned with horror that deleting any of the "family" emojis in google slides does not remove the emoji, but rather kills off each individual family member one by one, starting with the children

Lines of Code

Mx. Aria Stewart 👍

In fact, the primary contribution every developer makes to software is decisions.

Code is the implementation of decisions. It's the details.

what to build and how, with and for whom are the actual contributions. They also outlive any specific piece of code.

Ben Williams “A developer copying code from @StackOverflow”


Martin Fowler Solid fundamentals age well:

No need to be a grumpy old man to say this. The fundamentals of good software development have stayed more similar than not in my 30+ years in the industry. Details change, sure, but energy spent honing core skills will continue to pay.

Rob Graham 👇 Thread:

Yea, I've got 3 hours to kill here in this airport lounge waiting for the next leg of my flight, so let's discuss the "OSI Model". There's no such thing. What they taught you is a lie, and they knew it was a lie, and they didn't care, because they are jerks.


Gabriel Gonzalez Where is the lie?

How to choose a logging level:

Connor Roberts When testing in production goes wrong:

This week's round of fake parking tickets. Testers, you can harm actual people with your careless production testing. These are all "in collections" at this point. SMH.



The 15-minute weekly habit that eased my work anxiety and made my boss trust me more Simple trick that will boost your career:

The approach was simple. Every Friday afternoon, I’d send my boss a short email with three categories:

Andrew Chen Always pick the processes that are right at your size:

Every blog post / book on business processes — OKRs, hiring, PRDs, launching, etc., etc., almost need a label to describe the stage of co the ideas are for. The workflows that are effective in the big co stages are simply not appropriate for early stage startups with <10 ppl

When to Take Initiative at Work, and When Not To Being proactive can set you for success, or failure. Learn to find the right balance:

Crucially, it is the balanced combination of the above three elements that makes proactivity truly wise. We can all think of someone who takes proactive steps to benefit themselves but rarely considers the organizational context or the needs of others. This is not wise, and is unlikely to lead to effective outcomes. Likewise, someone who carefully considers others, yet overdoes their proactivity to the point of exhaustion, is not going to be successful either.

Parker Henderson Yes.

I firmly believe that you can have the strongest top-level leadership (C-suite, VP, etc.) and A player individual contributors, but if you don't have middle management that is capable, things will fail and break no matter how hard you try.

Locked Doors

Firefox has lots of room to improve if it wants to beat Chrome When your marketing is user focused, but the product is not:

I do think that privacy can be a selling point for a web browser. Google has certainly made some user-hostile choices recently, but they aren’t visible to the average user. Firefox, on the other hand, appears to have made a number of user-hostile choices right out of the gate, by including sponsored articles on the default new tab page.

Houston astronaut accused of hacking ex-spouse's bank account from space 😮

According to Worden, in 2019, McClain broke into her bank accounts while she was on board the International Space Station. Worden gave KPRC the letter that her attorney sent to the NASA inspector general documenting the alleged breach.


Bloom County “Vintage Wednesday, Bloomers. In 2005, I had no idea how bad it was gonna get. -bb”


how to unsubscribe from a marketing newsletter I'm laughing and crying at the same time:

None of the Above

Marcus “I’ve never seen someone give less of a fuck.”

banana belt betty 💯

Tattoos should actually make you more employable because it shows you can sit in place for hours while tiny needles are jammed into your skin and that’s what every corporate meeting I’ve ever been in has felt like

Paul Krueger The real Game of Life:

I place "Per My Last Email" in attack position. "Per My Last Email" allows me to summon my previous email from the discard pile. I place my previous email in defensive position, then place "No Worries If Not" face down and end my turn

Dennis “Me vs All the competing items on my to-do list”

Michelle Rial When is it too late to start?

I initially didn't tweet this out myself because it was part of 70 new charts exclusive to my (recently released) book — but the internet had other ideas so here it is from me, the person who made it 😊


Danny Deraney “You guys, the otter is telling the human how to pet it and I am now deceased.”

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