Weekend Reading — Temporarily embarrassed geniuses

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This week we learn some functional programming; ES6 module loading in Node? beware of falling deer; we take a look at hiring; are you ready for laundry day?

Design Objective

@lukew Always be focusing:

If you have a culture of learning, you don't have more than 3 product priorities at any time.

Tools of the Trade

What Is Functional Programming? In a nutshell:

Or put another way: Let's not hide what a piece of code needs, nor what results it will yield. If a piece of code needs something to run correctly, let it say so. If it does something useful, let it declare it as an output. When we do this, our code will be clearer. Complexity will come to the surface, where we can break it down and deal with it.

And the follow up Which Programming Languages Are Functional?

Angular 2 versus React: There Will Be Blood To which I would add: React may make you learn functional programming, and Angular will make you forget.

Octo Linker Google Chrome extension for navigating across files and packages on with ease.

How good is Google's Big Query as compared to Amazon's Red Shift? TL;DR BigQuery is fully managed, while Redshift is DIY challenge to keep the entire engineering team occupied.

Image diffing using CSS This is pretty simple and effective: -webkit-filter: invert(100%) opacity(50%);


You are in a maze of package managers. All different.

@CamAppSolutions "Then and now!"

Lingua Scripta

ES6/WhatWG Loader & Node What it would take to use ES6 module loading natively in Node. Maybe next LTS in October? (YouTube)

loverajoel/jstips About a JavaScript trip a day.

Lines of Code

@ag_dubs This:

it occurs to me that a problem with the tech community is that most professional programmers act like "temporarily embarrassed geniuses"


Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a regular human being just trying to get through the week

@archiloque "Legacy codebase"


How to Hire Solid:

Hiring Principles:

  1. Hiring means we failed to execute and need help
  2. Startup employee effectiveness follows a power law
  3. False Positives are ok, False Negatives are not
  4. Culture is defined by who we hire

Three hundred programming interviews in thirty days

  1. Performance on our online programming quiz is a strong predictor of programming interview success
  2. Fizz buzz style coding problems are less predictive of ability to do well in a programming interview
  3. Interviews where candidates talk about a past programing project are also not very predictive

None of the Above


The last sentence is a 3 for 1: It explains the statistical drop, is very funny, and is kind of frightening.


if I was a reporter every so often I'd ask a candidate for comment on a plausible-sounding fake geopolitical event just to see what they say


CLOUD: wow im honored, no one ever flies up here to visit me up in the skya

HELICOPTER: well im a gigantic fan

A peek inside the super-secret Social Justice Warrior training camp So true.


If people are upset about $600 for VR just wait until they find out about the staggering cost of actual reality


I would like 2016 to be the year when people remembered that science is a method of investigation,and NOT a belief system

Laundry Day "You can scan your laundry tags and app will tell you how to wash your clothes. It works like magic, but no, it is a technology!"

New Yorker Jan 11 "Does your car have any idea why my car pulled it over?"

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