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Karl Sharro "The first instance of humans sharing pictures of their food with friends on their wall."

Design Objective

Consistency in Design is the Wrong Approach Consistency can be a design trap:

When you think about consistency, you’re thinking about the product. When you’re thinking about current knowledge, you’re thinking about the user.

David Denham Outcome vs output:

Product Roadmaps should be outcome-focused (OKRs, problems to solve, etc.). Release Plans should be more output-focused (features, timelines, etc.). This is where I'm seeing the rubber hitting the road with teams becoming Feature Factories. They're given output-focused roadmaps

Eric Jorgenson I use Linkedin, but I don't ever enjoy it, so this strikes a chord:

Linkedin is the kind of product you get if you always take the winner of the A/B test, even if users will obviously hate you for it.

Tools of the Trade

How Firecracker Is Going to Set Modern Infrastructure on Fire AWS open sources core technology behind Lambda: a VM designed for running transient and short-lived processes, with the isolation of VM and performance of containers.


Isopropanol #4 🤔

SQLite is a mineral that consists of SQL molecules.

BlesstheInfoSec This thread:

New Switch for Christmas!!! Gonna see how long the kids will go hooking it up while I explain networking!!!

Thankfully they have never seen either type of Switch. Also thankfully they don't know what EOL is


Lingua Scripta

Stefan Baumgartner "0 vs null vs undefined"


Lines of Code

Sarah Drasner "Claiming 100% test coverage"



jasongorman The "Evil FizzBuzz", interesting exercise for developer teams:

Once you have a working (green) build on a skeleton solution (i.e., one that compiles and runs at least one dummy test), the build must not go red. This is an exercise on delivering as a team WITHOUT BREAKING THE BUILD. OK? If the build goes red again, the exercise is over. (11/)

The team has 1 hour to deliver a working solution they can demonstrate to the "customer" (12/12)

Cory House Thread:

I've wasted countless hours through the years on slow feedback loops. Over time, I learned: If the feedback loop is slow, job #1 is to ask: Is there a way to make the feedback loop fast?

Fast feedback loops lower stress, aid focus, foster creativity, and reduce risk.

Joe Armstrong Now I'm hungry:

Blessed are they that stop programming and go and eat lunch for their tummies shall be full and their programs better when they return from lunch.


Johnny 🤔

Thinking is by far the most underrated activity.
People consider it "unproductive" to sit on a bench and think.
So they spend their lives doing things they never thought through.
An hour of clear thinking,
can yield a conclusion that changes your life.

Morgan Housel 💯

The career lessons from 2018 are:

Work hard.
Focus on the customer.
Don't sexually harass anyone.
Avoid espionage.


Erik Bernhardsson Yes!

It’s always worth spending 15 min extra on a chart. Otherwise you bring some really cool insight to a meeting and people are like “uh, the y axis has a confusing label” or “why are the lines colors so similar”.

How to Exhibit Leadership as an Individual Contributor How to be a leader without getting into management:

This mindset separates good employees from excellent ones. Leadership-minded people proactively improve and develop their environment — their product, their codebase, their colleagues, their teams. Over time, these little improvements multiply and make a huge difference.

Dev to manager Interviews with experienced software developers on moving to management.

Danielle Leong TL;DR what eng managers do all day:

Engineering management is 50% figuring out times to meet, 10% restarting zoom, 30% this should’ve been an email, 40% therapy, and 30% making lists of things you’re supposed to do


Locked Doors

Cory Foy Air travel attack vector:

Please, please - if you’re a security professional with the ear of executives who travel, highly encourage them to buy privacy screens. Watching an exec with a big financial firm working on all his numbers in a spreadsheet just in front of me.

None of the Above

Siqi Chen Kid paradise!

I'm at an absurdly over the top 80,000 sqft indoor kids playground called Neobio right now and you guys I'm LOSING it.

Let me show you around. Thread👇


Christopher Ingraham Not sure if funny or horror story:

So, a shipment of crickets for the lizard arrived via FedEx today. It was my first time ordering bulk crickets off the internet, and I naively assumed that they would be in like, a bag or some other contraption to facilitate easy transfer to another container. They were not.

Judy Brown A prank in three parts:

Some of you out there may recall that in 2016 I played an excellent Christmas prank on my long-suffering Dad. It worked a treat.


Jenn Ellis Not to be out-done:

Every year our aunt in Maine sends us little handmade chocolate lobsters. This year they are soap. Guess how I found out? 🦞 🧼 👄


Laura SilverBells-tian 💯

Forcing kids and teens to read centuries-old “classic literature” about a very slim subset of the population, living experiences they can’t relate to, is the most surefire way to kill the future of books.

HxOvAx 🔥

the ancient greeks divided content into four elements - hot take, controversial opinion, hill i will die on, and subtweet - as well as a fifth, which surrounds and suffuses the others - discourse

Andrew Armstrong Bottom/left:

One of the weirder things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop burner, yet nobody talks about it.


Researchers Show Parachutes Don't Work, But There's A Catch This may help people understand why some research doesn't hold in the real world:

Research published in a major medical journal concludes that a parachute is no more effective than an empty backpack at protecting you from harm if you have to jump from an aircraft.



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