Weekend Reading — Tab Closed; Didn't Read

Git Commit

Design Objective

Iconic framework is "a beautiful front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5." Based on SASS and AngularJS. Looks interesting.

Helvetica the Perfume

Lines of Code

How Authy Built A Fault-Tolerant Two-Factor Authentication Service. Sinatra, MongoDB, EC2, stuff like that.

But more interesting is what Auth is doing to make two-factor authentication usable. Give it a try, it's the most awesome 2FA iPhone app.

Only those who are willing to take the risk of writing code that’s not perfect ever write code:

Accept that you made the choice and you can always make it again when you look at the code tomorrow with more information.

Gary Bernhardt:

It's easier to value useless complexity and intentional omission of context when your self-worth arises from understanding obscurity.

How Software Companies Die. A short entertaining read:

Here's the secret that every successful software company is based on: You can domesticate programmers the way beekeepers tame bees. You can't exactly communicate with them, but you can get them to swarm in one place and when they're not looking, you can carry off the honey.

None of the Above

Tab Closed; Didn't Read

Wipebook, an interesting project in the age of digital tablets: a whiteboard notebook!

GoldieBlox, fair use, and the cult of disruption. Messy, messy. Great take on the Sillicon Valley M.O.:

It’s the way of the Valley — you can’t be winning unless some household-name dinosaur is losing.

Product Shaming: "I heated the bowl, but not the pasta"

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