Weekend Reading — Suburban Sensationalism

This week we have not one but two new search engines for developers, four keys for devops performance, and 40% drop in avocado prices.

Weekend Reading — Suburban Sensationalism

Lost in history “Safety standards in 1965.”

Tech Stuff

YouCode Just your everyday privacy-mode search engine. optimized for developers. With an AI code generator.

Hello Also a search engine for software developers, backed by "large, proprietary AI language models that generate answers based on information from multiple sources."

Radix UI React library with unstyled components — Bring Your Own Style to this one.

esbuild-kit/tax CLI alternative to node for running projects written in TypeScript. Use it like tsx scripts/my_script.ts. Includes watch mode, and REPL.

ts-node is the more popular TypeScript runner. In my experience, tsx is significantly faster, owing to using ESBuild instead of TSC. They both have different issues when it comes to supporting projects that mix CJS+ESM, but tsx seems overall better.

(Ask me how I feel about ESM some other time)

Replibyte "Seed your databases with production data".

This CLI tool will download your production database, clean up sensitive fields, save a copy (S3, filesystem = git), and use that to seed your development database.

ngrok ngrok lets any computer become a web server.

I only ever used ngrok for testing code that runs on my machine — eg testing webhook notifications — the classic HTTP tunneling.

There are other interesting use cases. You can turn anything into a web server: an IoT device running on the local network, a database server deep in the data center, etc.

The next generation of ngrok explores this possibility by adding edge connectivity, TLS support, single sign-on, webhook verification, etc.

Four Keys Project Four key metrics for measuring your DevOps performance. This is a good way to think about maturity and take your development team to the next level.

Remix A Chrome extension that makes it easy to swap out text, images, tables, and charts in your web app. Handy when you're doing a demo — you can make little tweaks to give it the personal touch.

Igalia: the Open Source Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard of

In 2019, Igalia was the second largest contributor to both Chromium (after Google) and WebKit (after Apple), as well as a major contributor to Mozilla’s Servo. “Igalia has contributed to many efforts in the web platform, including moving standards forward, implementing missing features, and fixing bugs that positively impact both web developers and browser users,” the Microsoft Edge team told us when we asked how a browser maker views their work.

Assaf “oddly satisfying“


Ethan Mollick … and yet people will keep doing this because …

With few exceptions, you should NEVER start generating new ideas in a group - always start with people writing ideas alone and only then move to a group setting. (We've known starting with groups is worse for 50 years, but people still keep doing it since it feels more creative)

Tools for better thinking Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions, and understand systems.

Business Side

Dare Obasanjo

Nobody ever got promoted for shutting down a project is the root cause of lots of tremendous waste at tech companies.

Aaron Levie Sometimes through humor we discover profound truths.

Everything Else

𝕋𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕙𝕪 “DO YOU WANT ME TO EAT THE FUCKING TOAST OR NOT?” (psst the price of avocado crashed 40%)

ely kreimendahl

change my password??? but that’s my emotional support same password I’ve used for everything since i was 15

Ethics in Bricks

I asked the librarian if the library had any books about paranoia.

She whispered, "They're right behind you..."

Kyle Kinane

shoutout to my yahoo email address who has been running cover for over 20 years. out here rawdogging all my fast food coupons, trial memberships, and whatever other freaky shit i sign up for, just so my gmail can stay crisp. thank you, yahoo.

The best way to reheat pizza (and some things you should never do) Those are all good ideas, but don't sleep on the good old toaster oven.

You’re Probably Using These Psychological Terms Wrong on Social Media Don't need to be so melodramatic

Trauma is, according to the American Psychological Association, “an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster” characterized by shock, denial, “unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea.” Trauma is not being made to eat vegetables when you were little, or getting water in your eyes while being bathed.

A list of 143 alternative game puzzles like Wordle A huge list featuring daily Wordle-like games, puzzles, and alternatives that you should add to your daily playlist.

theen the comment describes this as “Suburban Sensationalism” and suddenly so many TikToks make sense


the things i get up to at 4pm 🤣 #recipe #chaotic

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