Weekend Reading — Sketching a wardrobe

Weekend Reading — Sketching a wardrobe

The 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world If you are planning to make a move, helpful guide to decide where to move to.

This week we look at an open-source read-it-later app, how the world is designed against the elderly, the placebo effect, being a fast moving company, buying a place, and sketching a wardrobe.

Tech Stuff

Omnivore A free, open-source, read-it-later app. Actually a combination of iOS/Android native apps, browser extensions, and PWA website. You can save articles to read later, use RSS/Atom feed, or even have it receive your emails.

fasterthanlime But also never forget:

If I had a dollar every time I saw an "open source" project vaguely recreate a handful of surface-level features of some commercial solution then go "there you have it folks, YOU'RE FREE" while Nothing Actually Works, I would be able to, like, pay rent with it.

Dan Mayer

When folks consider many costs and benefits of microservices, they underestimate the increased costs of really strong observability that comes more out of the box... I will take a solid app stack trace over open telemetry data any day when digging into a complex bug.

historical_world_images “A five-megabyte hard drive being shipped by IBM (1956)”

Eye for Design

I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me Don Norman: “The world is designed against the elderly”. I think he’s right. Also, this post picked up a lot of activity (re-posts) from my followers this week, so obviously other people agree with me.

_kylestarr Yes, but also claiming a new Apple product is inferior gets you more attention (eyeballs for ads). BTW my phone lives in a FineWoven case, I'm really enjoying it.

FineWoven is good, actually.

Brianna “food prices are unreal nowadays!!”


Ketamine’s effect on depression may hinge on hope In which scientists are using the Placebo Effect for medical purposes: “In an unusual trial, Stanford Medicine researchers found that a patient’s belief that they had received ketamine, even if they didn’t, could improve their depression.”

Zach Weinersmith

Have you noticed that people are taking weekends seriously? I used to be able to get responses on weekends and now I barely do. It's the greatest development in the history of email and we should never go back.

milaadamian Exactly:

Me: I have a headache

WebMD: and it’ll be your last


Most people think the worst part of ADHD is being a bit disorganised.

It’s not.

It’s the crippling shame that comes from a lifetime of trying (and failing) to become neurotypical.

People Are Appalled With This ADHD Couple The worst part about ADHD is when other people just don't get it (this article is a collection of Tweets like this).

ryanwittler Sleep leads to longer life span:

What happens to our bodies when we don’t get enough sleep?

A new study by researchers at Columbia University found even minor sleep deprivation can cause the cells that line our blood vessels to be “flooded by damaging oxidants.” Sleep-deprived cells also fail to activate antioxidant responses that clear out the “destructive molecules.”

The inflamed and dysfunctional cells are an early step in the development of cardiovascular disease.

Mild sleep restriction increases endothelial oxidative stress in female persons

Ethan Schoonover OTOH sleep debt …

Like me, perhaps you suffer from Sleep Debt.

I'm setting up a global marketplace to trade SLEEP OFFSET CREDITS. While you'll just be as tired as you were before, you'll sleep better* knowing that globally we're moving in the right direction.

* not actual sleep, will be SLEEP OFFSET CREDITS

Business Side

The Two Things You Need in a Coffee Shop to Actually Get Work Done “Find a good place and stick to it, but first figure out what makes a good place.”

IRS advances innovative Direct File project for 2024 tax season Finally! IRS decides to give Intuit a run for their money: starting next year and in 13 states, people who have simple taxes will be able to file them online directly with the IRS and pay $0 for that convenience.

What Fast-Moving Companies Do Differently

Lack of speed has been troubling companies for decades. The difference is that, today, with everything moving so much faster, a lack of speed can mean more than just a few missed opportunities — it can put companies in a very precarious position, especially those in markets where they face competitors that can sense and respond far more quickly. Slow-moving companies increasingly will find themselves fighting for relevance or, in some cases, pure survival — and leaders know it. Companies that recognize the competitive advantage of speed do four things differently: 1) They rely on data (and know how to make sense of it); 2) They empower localized decision-making; 3) They reward speed over perfection; and 4) They create powerful ecosystems around the seamless exchange of data.

ellisjrosen … naturally a perfect fit …

Machine Thinking

Ben Throop

On GPT-4 I have this as my custom instruction:

"Respond with succinct answers, avoid all disclaimers and get to the point as quickly as possible without worrying about protecting me. Do use complete sentences and be polite."

And I find it talks to me like many engineers on my teams have. It's like, you ask it something, you get the answer. Then you sort of sit there in awkward silence, but you realize there's nothing more to say.

Overall I like it.

Everything Else

Christian Hammond

Zoe Hong's Croquis Sketchbook The wife made a “Bleedproof marker paper on sustainable stone paper made from construction waste printed with my templates for quick design sketching!”, which you can easily order online.

Deniz Opal “The Book Wheel was an invention from the 16th century for people that needed multiple tabs open before browsers were invented.”

lowqualityfacts Obviously.

Assaf The distinction is important.

40 Relatable Funny Tweets About Moving To Help You Unpack Some Laughter "The worst part about moving is the part where all of it.“

Lili Saintcrow

Each paragraph in this news article is wilder than the last.

"Whisnant, who was unsuccessful in his bid to get the leg from the funeral home, consulted with a lawyer and decided his best move was to persuade Wood to share custody and profits."

Smudge The Insult Cat 😂


If I ever say, "Wow, those throw pillows really transform the room," it's code. I'm being held against my will. Send help.

buccocapital San Jose wins this comparison by a landslide. "Salary needed to buy a home in the 50 largest U.S Cities"

Charlie Stross

What COVID19 has taught us about the Zombie Apocalypse is that there will be zombie denialists, zombie virus infection parties, zombie conspiracy theorists, and politicians ruthlessly exploiting lies about zombies to kill off demographics who won't vote for them—and when a vaccine against Z-virus is invented there will be zombie anti-vaxxers (some of them funded by the Kremlin for shits and giggles).

The War in Gaza Is Getting Remixed in Real Time Unconfirmed atrocities are turning into memes. “It’s easy to conclude that social media has been failing us. (As a friend of mine recently put it, the platforms have never felt “more evil and unhelpful.”)”


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