Weekend Reading — Six to seven washing machines

“when the requirements change but you already finished the feature”

Weekend Reading — Six to seven washing machines


Erin “when the requirements change but you already finished the feature”

Design Objective

Nobi Hayashi Legacy software be like:

Why is the “Save” button on MS Excel represented by the picture of vending machine? (with purchased drink at the bottom)
— a question by young Japanese caught a buzz in Japan


Assaf “The UI is very intuitive”


Tools of the Trade

Lily Scott Cool!

I just released eslint-plugin-esquery, which lets you use CSS-like selector strings to write simple ESLint rules, right in your ESLint config.


José Miguel Arroyo Where is the lie?

We should update SemVer to have one more leading number:
Major, minor and patch keep their original meanings
Marketing: Meaningless number for libraries that don't want to change the first one because of "reasons"

Tracie W “This makes me feel less alone”


Amara Graham Related:

Me until I'm dead:

Developers are, at best, going to skim your documentation unless they have hit a problem, in which case they are going to switch to frustrated/frantic skimming.

This is why your documentation has to be extra clear and inviting.

How Things Work “This is how a mechanical binary counter works”


Jennifer Soloway Yeah, waffle lasagna doesn't sound that appealing.

I'm making a form, so I use the form elements. You wouldn't make lasagna out of waffles, don't make forms out of divs and spans.


Sasha Goldshtein Truth!

The hardest parts of SWE are consensus building, weighing multiple plausible alternatives, risk estimation, team coordination, expectation management, and so many other things that are not “coding”. One of the best SWEs I’ve known used to say “coding is easy and boring”.

Tim Ottinger IMO "the right way" is all about code that you can change:

There is this idea... I don't know who started it... that if you write code "the right way to begin with" that you'll never "have to" change it.

It's one of the most ridiculous ideas on software development, and the root of many dysfunctions.

annika We were promised 1,000 vacuum tubes!

"Where a calculator like the Eniac is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 tubes and perhaps only weigh one and a half tons."



Tina Roth Eisenberg 💯

@scottbelsky Agreed! My friend once pointed out how negatively I spoke about sales. She looked at me and said: “Tina, selling is a transfer of enthusiasm. Nothing else.” That was a game changer for me.

Jessica Rose 👇 The replies to this thread are just …

Tech Twitter: tell me about your most memorable bosses or managers?
Best, worst or just the most baffling?

Jennifer Kim 👇 TL;DR don't hire for the stereotype:

When I think back on the best hires I’ve ever made, there’s a clear pattern of people who defy the stereotypes of their jobs, e.g.

I can think of 2 reasons why… 👇


Get your work recognized: write a brag document If you want recognition, put it out there:

It’s frustrating to have done something really important and later realize that you didn’t get rewarded for it just because the people making the decision didn’t understand or remember what you did. So I want to talk about a tactic that I and lots of people I work with have used!

Sam Jarman 👇 I think it comes down to ownership and empowering others:

What are your top 3 things you think defines senior software engineer?

Curious because everyone has a different definition of senior. And I know 280 chars isn’t enough, sorry.

Serious thread be serious, but can't argue with Amy Potter:

All birds

Melissa Perri 👇 Thread:

I’ve been a part of many #agile or #prodmgmt transformations in large and small companies and there is one thing I keep coming back to.

Leadership owning the change is the biggest barrier to actually changing /1


Beth Dean “Guy who literally wrote the book on using behavioral psychology in tech to manipulate people now selling how not to be manipulated... life comes at you fast, etc.”


None of the Above

dulcedecommie “the newest twitter rabbit hole i’ve fallen down is the fact that amazon makes some of its employees write tweets that are not at all suspicious”


And good people followed up with their own parody posts, which is why my timeline is full of "Amazon FC Ambassador".

meera 🤔

Your salary is just your company’s monthly subscription of you

Madison Kanna How do you know me so well?

Me: Oh I’m going on a 90 minute flight

Me: Carries on laptop, 3 books, 2 journals and a movie downloaded onto my iPad

World of Engineering “It’s called a flip-flop winch and it’s a very handy piece of knowledge to keep in your memory banks”

Why speaking to yourself in the third person makes you wiser Maybe I should give this a try 🤔

If I was considering an argument that I’d had with a friend, for instance, I might start by silently thinking to myself: ‘David felt frustrated that…’ The idea is that this small change in perspective can clear your emotional fog, allowing you to see past your biases.

Mohubedu “Americans will measure with anything but the metric system”

41 Action News
A sinkhole roughly the size of six to seven washing machines has closed the northbound lanes of State Line Road near 100th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.


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