Weekend Reading – Should I deploy on a Friday at 5pm?

Should I deploy on a Friday afternoon, a handy flowchart

Design Objective

Should “Yes, delete it” be red, or green? When in doubt, remove the text and ask again.

Use autocapitalize to make input faster & format appropriate:

Four things I wish every chart did: annotate the data, annotate the slopes, exclude incomplete periods, and enable projections. Now can we get that in a library with a nice API, pretty please?

No one wants to use your website A honest approach: design your site as though users have no desire to be there.

The Email of Things How an email call to action can affect the real world, and how the real world gets your attention via email.

Glossing Over the UX: Why Do so Many UX Bugs Get Past the QA?

Dedesign The Web invites you to guess the web site from its wireframe.

Tools of the Trade

Redis new data structure: the HyperLogLog Besides being useful, and super cool (read: I still don't understand why HLL works), just the idea of a database server innovating with application-level data structures (compare and contrast).

PlanOut is a Python-based framework for online field experiments: "PlanOut is all about providing randomized values of parameters that control your service."

Introducing CNAME Flattening: RFC-Compliant CNAMEs at a Domain's Root You create a CNAME, the DNS serves a A/AAAA record. Which is how things should have been. So who's the next DNS provider to offer that? Got any deprecated projects you're no longer maintaining? Move them to the deprecate org.

JavaScript OCR lets your browser capture images and OCR them. For some background.

John Resig:

I frequently get accused of “hacking” web sites because someone views source and sees my name on jQuery.

Michael Garvin:

If you think about it, a core dump is just a process taking a selfie.

Lines of Code

Web Reflection: What Books Didn't Tell You About ES5 Descriptors Oh, JavaScript, how I love your numerous idiosyncrasies.

Reginald Braithwaite:

Critical: “DRY” is about a single source of knowledge, not about removing duplicate implementations.

Enabling Transactions in Node.js using Domains in which domains are used as ThreadLocal. (Nothing about error handling or using event emitters to coordinate resource managers)

Christian Gloddy:

@izs First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they realize you're the only language that runs in the browser.

More Efficienter JavaScript: "Basically all of JavaScript is approximately 8 jQueries. Do the math."

None of the Above

NPR Pulled a Brilliant April Fools' Prank On People Who Don't Read The rare time you do want to read the comments.

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Disease in Two Big Studies But, taking supplements only linked to improvement in older adults.

This Is What the GOP's War On Science Looks Like Our government at work!

How Rare Are Anti-Gay-Marriage Donations in Silicon Valley?

GitBook for building programming books and exercises using Git(hub) and Markdown.

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