Weekend Reading — Rick and Morty

Nature is Amazing "Can watch it whole day long 😍"

Design Objective

Jorge Arango 🤔


Progressive Image Loading using Intersection Observer and SQIP SQIP = Low Quality Image Placeholders, but with SVG:

The idea behind this technique is that on a slow connection, you are able to present the user with a fully usable web page as quickly as possible, giving them a much better experience. Even on a better network connection, this still gives users a usable page faster and is an improved experience.


Christine Anameier "You know your UI needs a little work when you post a sign like this."


Tools of the Trade

MUURI Responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable grid layouts.


basho Lazy shell pipelines in plain JavaScript.

# echo 110 - which is (10^2) + 10
basho 10 -j x**2 -e echo \${x} -j 'parseInt(x)+10' -e echo \${x}

Using Data Science to Explore Software Development Towards evidence-based software practices:

All too often, widely-held truths about software development are based on strong opinions and loud voices rather than evidence. As described at the outset, that is changing as hundreds of high-quality studies appear every year to support some beliefs, such as "code review really is the best way to find bugs", and challenge others, like "test-driven development isn't as effective as some people believe, and goto statements aren't really harmful".

The Case for Learned Index Structures Interesting to see if this crosses over from research to production:

In this paper, we explore the extent to which learned models, including neural networks, can be used to replace traditional index structures from B-Trees to Bloom-Filters.


Stoyan Stefanov These stats are totally judging my CSS: looks great. No lint rules, just The Truth and you get to interpret what it means. I mostly interpret the results as silent judgement along the lines of "Duh! WTF! CSS is hard!" Example: … 🤓

Smashing Magazine CSS Grid is just wow:

Vertical rhythm without collapsing margins — with CSS Grid, custom properties, vmin and calc. Boom!


Ryan Giglio 🤣

Time for another episode of everyone's favorite CSS game: Which Element Is Invisibly Overflowing Its Container Causing A Horizontal Scroll!

@estellevw "Chrome Canary creates modern art."


Lines of Code

Never edit a method, always rewrite it Interesting thought experiment:

I agree with Fowler that the idea of immutable source code is likely unworkable. But even if you never actually followed this rule in practice, what would be the impact on the quality, reliability, and usability of your programs if you always wrote your functions with the mindset of it being immutable?

Ben Lesh 🤔

I'm moving from storing my CSS, JS and HTML in different files, to physically putting them on different drives. Keep those concerns separate

Adam of Earth 🔨

Me: "Well, at least my computer doesn't judge me."



Technical Decision Making Choose your battles wisely, and if you fail, fail quickly:

It’s important for projects — especially large projects — to be composed in the form of partial subproblems that can individually succeed, so that failing fast from any ill-conceived subproblem becomes both feasible and doesn’t end up derailing the project as a whole. Or in other words, to plan projects in such a way that no subproblem can become the single point of failure. Which again is easier said than done.

Jaume Sola Apropos:

I have a trick: ask myself 3 times "do I really need to implement this feature now?"

most of the time answer is no, and when it's yes often I figure out a simpler way than my first intention

yet the problem is most of the time I forget to ask the question

Yonatan Zunger Thread. Study both, and choose your engineering style wisely:

There are two categories of Russian engineering: "we have nothing, but we need to make this work" and "we need something to impress Krushchev/Stalin/the Czar."

Henrik Ebbeskog "Why new initiatives should be multiplied with 𝛑. I like this :)"



Monitoring in the time of Cloud Native Takes a long hard look at the difference between logging, metrics, and tracing, and how to tackle all three.

Mark Minkjan 💾 -> 🏢:

This is what the cloud looks like: a big ass hard disk connected to everything. 70 metres above ground, 64 metres below. 11500 sqm of server space.
Equinix’ interconnection data tower AM4 in Amsterdam (Benthem Crouwel Architects, 2017).



The Senior Engineer’s Guide to Helping Others Make Decisions The impact of language:

Instead of “no”, “but” or “yes, but…” (a subtle negative), learn to say “yes”, or “yes, and…”.
Encourage other engineers to go forth and come up with solutions to problems, and then help them implement those solutions.

Jared Erondu 👍

5 EASY meeting tricks:


Random House The perfect response to NetFlix's creepy tweet:

To the people who re-read their favorite book 18 times this year: great job! We would never judge you ❤️

Nicola Nye ☎️

Child: Mum, can computers do emails?
Me: Er. Um. What?
Child: Can they send emails?
Me (penny dropping): Like a phone can?
Child: Yes! Can you get an app for email on a computer?

Locked Doors

Bijay Limbu Senihang 🎶

Hackers: Knock Knock !!
IoT: Who's there?
Hackers: admin admin

None of the Above

Fluff Society "I'm never doing catnip again. Oh god my head."


common sad girl 🔥🔥🔥 The best Twitter thread:

isnt rick and morty that thing you get when you die and your body gets all stiff

You're thinking of rigor mortis. Rick and morty is when you get trolled into watching "never gonna give you up"

That’s rickrolling. Rick and morty is a type of pasta

That’s rigatoni. Rick and Morty is the study of rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, and ligaments.


David Whitley Not far behind, the most British thread:

I hope his boiler breaks down.


Ian Bogost 👻

A lot of people are confused about this so let me explain:

Jam: the flesh of the fruit
Jelly: the entrails of the fruit
Preserves: the eternal soul of the fruit
Marmalade: the vexed ghost of the fruit

John Moe "The problem is you never know which Gary is going to show up."


Generation Screwed Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.


Glytch 💨

that time i ran aerodynamic simulations on a cow
because cow
cows arent very aerodynamic. lots of drag. 2/10 would not recommend


Noah Smith TL;DR Blocking extremists doesn't create an intellectual bubble, it prevents intellectual bubbles:

1/One of the most wrongheaded and persistent ideas floating around on social media is the idea of an "intellectual bubble".

Paul Bronks "A story in four acts."


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