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Design Objective is "free events, done better". And right they are: that UI has some delightful design ideas.

Facebook Paper's gestural hell talk about a problem many mobile apps face: ignoring the "thumb zone". Also offers a quick fix (hint: gestures don't have to be strict left-to-right).

Flappy Bird is proof that no one knows what the audience wants:

The game doesn’t seem like something that would capture the hearts and fingers of millions of gamers, as it has no marketing, no story, no established IP, no viral hooks, no levels, no candy, no visual sophistication, no cross promotion and no achievements.

Accessibility and the Shadow DOM:

Shadow DOM may have had issues at one time, but implementers have made sure it could be accessed by everyone. The coolest part is that we as developers can participate in the creation of new technologies.

Color is a simple game to test your ability to pick color. Give it a try.

Colin Gourlay tweets:

There needs to be a site like , but called . For the good of the web.

Tools of the Trade

Octocard offers Github info card widget for your site.

Search Engine Optimization in 55 slides, a good refresher.

tregoning/photoTilt because, ever since FB Paper came out, you wanted that tilt effect for your HTML5 apps.

Propeller.js to rotate elements with mouse or touch gestures. Supports inertia and stepwise rotation.

aakpat6/spectra is a Javascript library to quickly manipulate and convert colors. For days when you're feeling all Spectra('teal').lighten(20).mix(green).

boo1ean/casual is a fake data generator for JavaScript with a sweet API, you just read,, etc.

Bootstrap accessibility plugin fortifies Bootstrap 3 with more accessibilty.

Hacker News Onion tweets:

A gorgeous, opinionated JavaScript microframework hand-delivered to your door every month

Lines of Code

Pete Cordell tweets:

Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love

About inline-blocks talks about the blocks, and the spaces between them, and what can and can't be done about that.

Why "use strict" in JavaScript can save you hours. Basically, "use strict" to spare yourself some JavaScript WTFs.

Writing Your First Sweet.js Macro is a good place to start. Gentle and with a helpful interactive tutorial.

clippy.js because of course.

Michael Rooney tweets:

Did you know you can tell if someone is a programmer simply by saying the word "timezones" and seeing if they cringe?


In Praise of Better Praise. TL;DR praise for effort not innate talents, and don't do the feedback sandwich.

Startup Life

Raising Seed Capital has everything you need to know in 82 slides.

The First 10 Questions I Ask Entrepreneurs When Investing.

Minimum Viable Feature analysis on the best ways to validate your features.

Every startup needs a story starts a three-part series about building products for critical mass, followed by Creating Successful Product Flows and A 6-step Process for New Feature Development.

None of the Above

Spot a phishing e-mail in 2014 basically same as 2013, but a refresher is always appropriate.

Jeopardy's Controversial New Champion Is Using Game Theory To Win Big. I think it's brilliant, but yeah, it can ruin the fun of watching the show.

/r/actualmoney a subreddit for legacy currencies. Quite funny.

iotlist all the Internet of Things products in one place. (NSFCC = Not Safe for Credit Cards)

25 of the Best Things Ever Spotted on the Daily Commute

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