Weekend Reading – Prevent cable company fuckery

Design Objective

iOS 8 scans credit card details using iPhone camera Does your design considers sensors?

What product designers can learn from iOS 8's iMessage changes This is an interesting look at how you grow new features and usage pattern into the UI, adding and simplifying at the same time.

Digesting WWDC: Cloudy Google gets cloud. Facebook gets cloud. Apple, not so much, but they get the network in a way no other company does. iOS8 is always on (LTE), but also peer to peer networking (AirDrop), will talk to things around it (iBeacon, HomeKit), and exist on more than one device (Continuity).

The Top 10 Web Design Mistakes of 1999 Trip down memory lane:

Archives are also necessary as the only way to eliminate linkrot and thus encourage other sites to link to you.


My two most desired Maps features: "I know how to get out of my own damn neighborhood"™ and "I'm just stopping at a gas station calm down."®

Tools of the Trade

Bluebird 2.0 Bluebird is my favorite promises-on-steroids library, for when native promises are not good enough. 2.0 is a remarkable upgrade, especially the reimagined map/filter/reduce.

RFC2616 is Dead Why you should stop referencing good old RFC2616, and switch to RFC7230 through 7236. Still HTTP/1.1, but over 550 issues addressed in the revised specs.

harmony-reflect ES-Harmony reflect module shim.

We Search More On Apps, Less On Google Now That's why at Broadly we focus on search optimization: SEO, maps and apps.

Card Make your credit card forms better with one line of code.

Mapbox GL iOS framework for responsive maps, using OpenStreetMap data.

Gamedev.js Weekly A newsletter about HTML5 game development.

jsnice JS deobfuscator, using statistical renaming and type inference.

What's new in Safari on iOS 8 WebGL and IndexDB added, seamless iframe and PCM audio removed.

Lines of Code

Writing Code for Other People "Cognitive Psychology and the Fundamentals of Good Software
Design Principles" (not your typical anecdote-as-data blog post)


JavaScripters, stop writing functions that do different things based on the no. of args provided. It's an antipattern. Make separate fns.


Avoiding the Unintended Consequences of Casual Feedback

Closed Doors

Heartbleed Redux: Another Gaping Wound in Web Encryption Uncovered We were warned that Heartbleed is not the last of the OpenSSL disasters.

Free SSL Certificates for Open Source Projects Courtesy of GlobalSign.

End-To-End Chrome extension for OpenPGP. Skeptic this will ever amount to much.

None of the Above

SpareChair "Connect, cowork in each other’s homes, offices, studios or workshops, and set your own prices for renting out your space or gear."

Which bikers are 3-feet from the car? 3-feet safe passing is going into law in a few months. Here's why it will make no difference:

But we spoke to several San Francisco police officers off camera who told us, without a collision, they won't even bother to enforce the law.

Everything You Know About Cramps Is Wrong, And Gatorade Is Full Of Shit TL;DR cramps result from muscle work not dehydration, no benefit to "sports" drinks.


it's high time we stopped holding yaks to these unreasonable standards of beauty. a natural yak is a beautiful yak

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