Weekend Reading β€” Panic carefully

Weekend Reading β€” Panic carefully

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Tech Stuff

Socket - Secure your JavaScript supply chain I hope this works as advertised:

Socket also uses static analysis to detect usage of privileged APIs such as shell, filesystem, eval(), and environment variables.

Beyond capability detection, we also detect telltale signs of malicious code: introduction of install scripts, hidden code, obfuscated code, Unicode homoglyph attacks, high entropy strings, and more.

Sue So true:

It's a universal rule in tech that if something has "-less" on the end of it then it definitely involves that thing

Beautiful insights for your GitHub repositories Give your some insightful eye-candy.


systemician Yes.

Good engineering is often about finding ways to make it cheap to be wrong.

typescript-notebook VS Code extension for running JavaScript/TypeScript notebooks.

Einstein’s Twink Paradox

C is a bad language. It’s memory-unsafe and there is no concept of ownership. Luckily with blockchain technology we can mint NFTs for each pointer and

Eye for Design

Joel Califa β€œI'm in my 30s and yet this app is successfully using reverse psychology on me”

What makes writing more readable? As you read this, try the β€œplain language” toggle.

Dan Hon Crying, laughing, remembering when my online bank was acquired by a bigger bank, and back to crying:

bank: hey, you can get digital statements now, want to go paperless?
you: hey awesome great
{years pass}
you: hm, I need that statement from 2016
bank: we deleted it
you: are you fucking kidding me
bank: yeah

Adam Koford β€œchildren, this is what the ios podcast app used to look like:”

How Does Perspective Work in Pictures? This is a great explainer: why it’s so difficult to capture a photograph of that amazing moon/scene/building. (also why does nobody want to watch your slideshow)


Marco Rogers I can see that:

It turns out they weren't talking about abusive behavior. They were just talking about "too many meetings and stuff". Or they were talking about "pressure to deliver results". I started to understand that to some people, being a shit umbrella meant individuals aren't accountable.

Jason Warner

When I look back on my exec mistakes they fall into a few buckets

Giving someone one last chance before firing

Not going fast enough

Not being explicit with expectations

Assuming a boss/higher up understood something non-obvious instead of walking them through it if needed

Laura Klein 🀣

If your boss tells you your team at work is "like family" that means you can scream "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM" and storm out every time they ask you to do anything.

Everything Else

mrdoob β€œI can't stop thinking about this headline”


"can you explain the gap on your resume" can you explain the gap on your staff?

Lessmilk Game: Almost Pong What if Flappy Bird but a game of Pong?

morgan Me. Every day.

like to think I lead complex emotional life but then the sun comes out and i am happy. i am functionally no different from a big leaf

EDOS The Setup vs The Shot

Heather Cox Richardson

Please take note of how dramatically Twitter has changed since the freezing of Russian assets. Suddenly all those anti-Biden β€œAmerican patriots” have disappeared.

The Interesting Button The ultimate timesink: The Interesting Button sends you to a random interesting page on Wikipedia.

Paul Szoldra ”Sure, I have a few questions. Just wondering, what happened to the last person in this role?”

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