Weekend Reading – On-demand Snow Plows

Modern web design explained in a simple Venn Diagram

Easy 6

JavaScript Promises: There and Back Again. ES6 is getting promises, this article covers everything you need to know about them. Also, prerequisite polyfill.

addyosmani/es6-tools keeps track of ES6 transpilers, module loaders, polyfills and other tools that help you use ES6 today. Also, ECMAScript 6 Resources For The Curious JavaScripter.

Koa. Finally, a practical way to use generators:

app.use(function *(){
   let something = yield db.find('something');
   if (something)
     this.body = yield render(something);
     this.throw(404, "No such something");

Lines of Code

The Right Stuff: Breaking the PageSpeed Barrier with Bootstrap has a few tips on boosting your PageSpeed.

The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data's unifying abstraction

wearefractal/gulp is a streaming build system, so you can src(files).pipe(uglify()).pipe(dest).

The 4 Keys to 100% Uptime with Node.js

amscanne/huptime a "utility for zero downtime restarts of unmodified programs". Extracts the zero-downtime feature of supervirors like Up and Unicorn, but language agnostic.

None of the Above

Product Hunt is "a daily leaderboard of the best new products". No ads or blabber. And since we're celebrating winter: on-demand snow plows, cocktails delivered to your door, and the world's best blanket.

Writer Pro is the new iA Writer.

Browser Extension Password Managers: be careful, those can expose your passwords unwittingly. is a new take on keyboard layout. Current status: pre-kickstarter.

#noreallythisisbullshit will put you in holiday spirit, ready to tackle any horrible-mouthed uncle/aunt/grandparent/brother/etc.

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