Weekend Reading — Ohnosecond

@sdw "I label increasingly nonsensical images with ‘UI’ and ‘UX’ and hope they get used in serious presentations"

This week we stay awake until 2AM because Photoshop; we Google "python curses"; we review the new O RLY? book; we learn about the ohnosecond; remember when computers had flashing lights?

Design Objective

In Defense of Homogeneous Design I'm firmly in the camp of boring/familiar design:

Digital product design isn’t abstract visual expression. It’s a conversation framework between a human and a computer. The components and interactions we create as designers are like parts of a global language.

@iamdevloper Ever wondered why developers don't take designers too seriously?

“I was up until 2am last night because one of our Photoshop mockups stopped working” - said no visual designer ever.


respect for users as a business model
contempt for users as a business model

Tools of the Trade

janeway A curses/blessed-based console, inspired by the developer tools in Webkit/Blink.

@moss Apropos:

Just googled "python curses", which is totally a normal programming thing and definitely not a sign that I am summoning a magic serpent. 🐍☠️

About rel=noopener target=_blank makes window.opener available to the target window, so use with care, and counteract with rel=noopener.

Gulp 4: The new task execution system - gulp.parallel and gulp.series Finally. Can we have a dependency graph next, like Make/Rake?

Lookback Use a USB cable to screen record your iOS device.

0x Profile and generate an interactive flamegraph for a Node process in a single command, on both Linux and OS X.

nplaym A wrapper for npm so you can play a Space-Invaders-a-like game while installing.

Lingua Scripta

eslint-plugin-immutable An ESLint plugin to disable mutations in JavaScript: don't use let, don't use this, and don't mutate objects.

Caching and Promises If you're still wondering what promises are good for.

Lines of Code

Demeter: It’s not just a good idea. It’s the law. Great overview of what Demeter's law is and isn't, and how to apply it to reduce structural coupling:

Look again at the definition of the Law: it never says anything about the number of methods called, or the number of objects a method uses. It is strictly concerned with the number of types a method deals with.


Common coding mistake: Trying to do too much in one commit.

Commits should honor the single responsibility principle too.

@ThePracticalDev "Bonus points if you can't even read it yourself"



Software development is essentially the application of Zeno's Paradox to the Pareto Principle: "80% done, only 80% left to go"


Here's a diagram of two microservices and their shared database.



An "Ohnosecond" is defined as period of time between when you hit enter & you realize what you just did #sysadmin

Locked Doors

What ISPs Can See You'll be surprised how much your ISP can learn from watching you surf the web:

Hacking Blind Interesting read about buffer overflows, counter measures, and counter counter measures:

We show that, under the right conditions, it is possible to write exploits without any knowledge of the target binary or source code. This works for stack vulnerabilities where the server process restarts after a crash. Our attack is able to defeat ASLR, NX and stack canaries on modern 64-bit Linux servers.

I stayed in a hotel with Android lightswitches and it was just as bad as you'd imagine


My modified multitool made it through two airports today! It may help that I laser etched "TSA Compliant" on it.



I’m so used to printers failing in every creative way imaginable that when one is “just” out of paper, it takes time to realize it.


They should just make a key on phone keyboards that types the whole phrase "Damn you autocorrect!"

None of the Above

PDP11/70 A PDP11/70 emulator in JavaScript. Remember when computers had flashing lights?

Climate Change and Conservative Brain Death In spite of their best attempts, the US (and the world) are decarbonizing:

The four largest American coal-mining firms, which were worth a combined $34 billion five years ago, are now worth $150 million — a loss of more than 99 percent of their value.

Brewchase Craft beer name and tasting notes generator.


if you worked from home, you too could be folding laundry during a conference call.

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