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allad8 Office classics.

Design Objective

Brianne Kimmel Keep on innovating!

6/ As a founder, you may never know the impact you have on the lives of individual users. There is so much more to life than curing cancer. Anything that makes someone smile & feel better about their current situation is worth building.

noahsussman "What you shipped vs. what the client actually needed."


Tools of the Trade

Daniel Rosenwasser 🤔

Debuggers don't actually remove bugs, they just run your code as slow as you can think.

Louis D'hauwe Hooo!

I created a proof of concept Xcode for iPad! Code is compiled on a Mac, which acts as a remote server. Generates an .ipa that is uploaded by the Mac, the iPad then installs it. 🚀

Drew Conway "Who made this? 👏🏻...👏🏻...👏🏻" (original)


Lingua Scripta

Axel Rauschmayer TIL Node 10 has a “strict mode”, where assert.equal() and friends use ===.

Hector Martin ARMv8.3 processors include an instruction designed specifically for JavaScript performance:

FJCVTZS Floating-point Javascript Convert to Signed fixed-point, rounding toward Zero.

Once upon a time:

Before the RISC philosophy became prominent, many computer architects tried to bridge the so-called semantic gap, i.e., to design instruction sets that directly support high-level programming constructs such as procedure calls, loop control, and complex addressing modes, allowing data structure and array accesses to be combined into single instructions. Instructions are also typically highly encoded in order to further enhance the code density.

Lines of Code

Dmitry Alexandrov "The way we programmers explain what we've written"



KenScambler Components, objects, microservices, distributed systems …

1,000,000 components but you only need to think about 5 at once = a simple system.

20 components but you need to fit them all in your head all the time = a complicated system.

Stopping things from knowing about each other is the big game in growing a system


Esteñ Classic Someone is exceeding their OKRs:

on one hand, yes, I did take the site down, but on the other hand, I improved latency by 10x through exclusively serving the 404 page



Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals Translated to plain English, this tech can see through walls, using WiFi signals. Sci-fi. Also, everyone looks skinny.


Michael Feathers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Taxi driver was sour on the trip from the airport this morning, but so was I I.. no sleep. There was something beautiful and reassuring about the fact that we were not going to rate each other at the end of the trip.

Locked Doors

LockPickingLawyer Seriously, do not buy this "smart" lock:

The company that sent me the pictured fingerprint lock has provided the security quote of the year: “...the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver.”


Iowa man receives 20 years for armed "domain hijacking" When 2 factor authentication is not enough:

According to The Telegraph, Sherman Hopkins Jr of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, broke into the apartment of “internet entrepreneur” Ethan Deyo, wearing pantyhose over his head and dark sunglasses. He threatened Deyo at gunpoint demanding he get on his computer and transfer the registration of his domain name "" over to another account.

Sean Gallagher "You have the wrong threat model."

None of the Above

Philip Oldfield Street in Macau. Photograph by Paul Tsui, National Geographic travel photographer of the year contest.


Phil Burgess Punny:

Dragons had been around for a while, but it was cartographers who really put them on the map. 🐲🗺️🐉

What really happened in real life that if you saw it in a movie you would say "that's totally unrealistic"? Roadside motel, a shower curtain, you won't guess how this story ends.

Jon Levine "Someone decided to use a drone with a flamethrower to clear debris from power lines and now my life is complete"

KashannKilson Story time:

Ok, I’ll try and keep this brief, but lets talk PT Cruiser and the 2007 recession. FYI, I’m not blaming the crash on the PT Cruiser, just generally laying out how the story of the PT Cruiser and the people who bought them provides an early window into the lending meltdown...

Pulsar Fascinating:

How did the “most successful people” meme go viral?

Our analysis shows that the tipping point for this meme (now at 32 million impressions & counting) was @sarah_edo’s clever spin on @APompliano's tweet.

Here’s a play-by-play of how it spread

Lee McIntyre This goes for all of us, double for journalists:

Cognitive scientists recommend using a "truth sandwich" to report lies: say the truth, then show the liar telling the lie, then fact check it. Otherwise the well known "repetition effect" allows the news media to be used to amplify lies.

LAD "This is a full scale diplomatic incident."


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