Weekend Reading — Monopoly Man

Kyle Griffin "There is someone dressed like the Monopoly Man at the Senate Equifax hearing."

Design Objective

Papyrus "He just got away with it. graphic designer..."

DHH The performance differences are quite stark, and often you can tell a web app was designed by/for iPhone:

JetStream too artificial for you? Checkout Speedometer 2 scores. Android is so far behind it's not even funny 😮

Tools of the Trade

Zach Holman 💡

I feel like all coding bootcamps should have at least one lesson on “spend 2hrs on a problem, go to sleep, and fix it in 2 minutes tomorrow”

Hammock Driven Development Related, Rich Hickey's fantastic talk covers software design, focus, and thinking AFK: "On the hammock, no one knows you're not sleeping."

Building a sentiment aware Polymer input control Using Polymer and CoreNLP to build a UI control that tells the user what kind of sentiment they are conveying.

Protect your npm account with two-factor authentication and read-only tokens Only took a couple of minutes to setup.

Keybase launches encrypted git "Every now and then you want to make a repository that's private. Not for an open source project, but for other stuff: research, writing a novel, family history, or a community's private files. Or your team's API keys, devops secrets, and business docs. What do you do?"

foone "Remember the good ol' days when a drive would come with the list of bad sectors written on it from the factory?"


Addy Osmani: The Browser Hackers Guide To Instantly Loading Everything Addy Osmani's talk from JSConf EU 2017 got you covered:

Will we use preload, prefetch and preconnect? What about HTTP/2 Server Push? or Service Worker? and how the heck do we ship JavaScript bundles that don’t break the bank on mobile?

JavaScript Service Worker Design Patterns for Better User Experience Building for snappier UI responses, fire & forget editing, and new content pushed to the user.

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android: What developers need to know With Edge usage now at 4%, maybe enough people will decide to run Edge on their non-Windows phone. Edge will use two rendering engines: Webkit on iOS, and Blink on Android. So I guess us web developers have no reason to care. Moving on.

Daryl Ginn 😭

A step by step guide on how to use z-index:

  1. Try a value like 25.
  2. Notice it doesn't work.
  3. Increase to 3000 because life is short.

The Practical Dev ☑️

Making an checkbox not look like crap only takes about 6,000 lines of CSS, some JavaScript, and a piece of your soul you'll never get back.

Allen Wirfs-Brock Uphill, both ways:

Got Netscape 2 (JavaScript 1.0) and IE3 (JScript 1.0) running in a Win95 VM. Now for some serious JavaScript archeology. Want to find out if JScript really was as confused about prototype inheritance as implied by its spec. cc/@BrendanEich

Lingua Scripta

Asynchronous stack traces: why await beats .then() Not yet in V8, or all browsers, and doesn't apply when using Babel (which transpiles async/await to regular promises), but the point still stands:

Like most ECMAScript features that are seemingly “just syntax sugar”, async/await is more than that.

Rich Trott Fantastic news: "Keynote by @fhinkel tells everyone that V8 policy now is that no V8 commit can land if it breaks Node.js. 🎉"

Lines of Code

ashley williams Perspective one (a thread):

today i finally recognized that unit tests are a critical part of my programming flow

Chris Dickinson Perspective two (a thread):

I continue to struggle with how I value integration tests, in particular how much more I value them than unit tests in certain scenarios.

Source Code in TV and Films The year is 2256, people still code in C:

Star Trek Discovery S01E03 has Michael Burnham looking through code on a secret project that she believes is related to “biochemistry, possibly a genome expression.”

The code is actually decompiled Stuxnet.


Amie DD @UnityUnite "New escape room, 50 degrees. One server down, nothing is labeled you have 2 hours...GO!"

Locked Doors

New macOS High Sierra vulnerability exposes the password of an encrypted APFS container If you use Disk Utility to create an encrypted volume, and set the password hint, APFS will store the password as the hint, and show it to you when you're trying to decrypt the volume. Looks like a copy/paste error (h/t Daniel Martín).


April Wensel Once an idea become entrenched, it's hard to root out:

Over 50 years later, & we're still dealing with the consequences of favoring programmers who "don't like people."


Your Data is Being Manipulated danah boyd's keynote from Strata Data Conference, carries this important message with it:

The tech industry is no longer the passion play of a bunch of geeks trying to do cool shit in the world. It’s now the foundation of our democracy, economy, and information landscape.

Erika Hall 🌎 Remember when social networks where harmless fun?

If there is a future, we're going to look back at the social networks of today like we do the children's chewable heroin tabs of 1901.

None of the Above

Olivia Bursee "It was a lot cuter when he sat like this before he was shaved"

Natalie Sun 💻

yes i'm still here netflix stop asking me and making me feel bad about my life

Nature is Amazing 🌴 "Kitty accidentally pressed the turbo button 😂"

IRS awards multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract to Equifax We live in The Upside Down:

The notice describes the contract as a "sole source order," meaning Equifax is the only company deemed capable of providing the service.

The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms This article about big agriculture paying elected officials to silence animal advocates, is also an article about the cruel mistreatment of pigs. CW: disturbing read with graphic images.

Fluff Society "Small Corgis.... <- They're corgeous!"

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