Weekend Reading — “iterate but not invest heavily”

This week is 17th anniversary of my blog! We also play with Word, investigate regional dialects, jump on a quick seance, and eat the devil’s eggs

Weekend Reading — “iterate but not invest heavily”

Midjourney Midjourney has a public feed of the best AI-generated art and it's just … amazing …

Tech Stuff

Stefan Judis Ooohh … I just turned this feature on, too early to tell how I like it, but it seems mighty useful:

The new VS Code version comes with an experimental "sticky" mode and I quite like it! 👏

"editor.experimental.stickyScroll.enabled": true

Video alt: Scrolling in VS Code showing that function signatures are sticky.”

Embla Carousel For when you need a simple, smooth, carousel UI. I started using Embla a week ago — via Mantine — and am pretty happy with the results. It comes in both vanilla and React variants, and relies on CSS for layout and animations, so smooth and responsive.

Madison Kanna

everything OK babe? you’ve barely touched the newest JS framework

The disproportionate influence of early tech decisions “On how software that survives first encounter with production tends to live longer than we think it should.”

Young companies push development aggressively because they’re optimizing for their survival – spending too much time agonizing over writing the perfect code might lead to the product not shipping, which might lead to the company’s total failure.

As with most things, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Spend time thinking and planning, but not to a degenerate extent – it’s also important to do. Refactoring is a key part of the equation – code is never right the first time, it converges on right through many iterations.

charmbracelet/gum Make your shell scripts 100x better with these colorful and easy-to-use input prompts.

Gum is written in Go, so it's lightweight and snappy, but you don't need to write any Go code to use it:

TYPE=$(gum choose "fix" "feat" "docs" "style" "refactor" "test" "chore" "revert")

SCOPE=$(gum input --placeholder "scope")

gum confirm "Commit changes?" && git commit -m "$SUMMARY" -m "$DESCRIPTION"


Daniel Vaughn

My completely unbiased professional opinion is that LastPass is hot garbage and 1Password is the way.

I will not be taking any questions.

Chris Heilmann “Remembering scoping hacks of the olden days…”

FauxPilot Run an open-source clone of GitHub Copilot on your server. Compatible with the VSCode Copilot plugin.

Emojis For Engineers

Eye for Design

Tim Condon

The problem with PMs and POs insisting that everything should look the same on both platforms is that no one apart from POs and PMs uses both platforms. To everyone else, going against platform idioms is jarring


How finishing what you start makes teams more productive and predictable Some basic math and hamburger analogies to brush up your project management skills:

The problem with large batch transferrals in the software industry is that the cost of holding these tasks increases exponentially because their specifications perish, and change deltas increase, making it more difficult to find bugs. This increase in deltas also complicates change management, harming the system’s reliability.

My Other 5 Bitter Lessons as a Design Manager

There is a lot of stuff people will never ask about but will benefit from. As a manager, you try to combine people’s self-evaluation and their perceived needs with your bird’s-eye view of the team, the company’s strategy, and industry benchmarks.

Bruno Faviero People who live outside the US don't realize how vast and culturally diverse the US is. We have so many regional dialects:

PM in SF: Product Manager
PM in LA: Production Manager
PM in NYC: Portfolio Manager
PM in DC: Program Manager
PM in Miami: Property Manager

Business Side

💡 half baked ideas — when you want to build a product and run out of good ideas … this website won't help but at least it will entertain

Tinder steps back from metaverse dating plans as business falters “Maintenance mode” but make it five words:

“Given uncertainty about the ultimate contours of the metaverse and what will or won’t work, as well as the more challenging operating environment, I’ve instructed the Hyperconnect team to iterate but not invest heavily in metaverse at this time,”

The entire article is a joy for corporate linguists:

“contributing to … operating loss”
“uncertainty about the ultimate contours”
“we are not seeing a similar surge of activity”

Tinder made it super easy to pass judgment on people. Swipe left or right. Or as corporate would say:

“we’ve decided to take a step back and re-examine that initiative so that it can more effectively contribute to …”

Everything Else


erin chack

america is wrong about everything except fahrenheit. farenheit is the correct way to measure temperature. fahrenheit is like "man, it's so hot out. it's gotta be like.......100 hots."

Zoom meetings are just modern seances.

Shweta I'd watch every episode …

a dating competition show but it’s startups trying to hire an engineer for less than $120k

Celeste Ng

By age 30, you should be one year older than you were at age 29

How Things Are Manufactured “How pasta is made”

Peli Grietzer 😈

The greatest trick the devil ever played was taking the yolks out of six hard boiled eggs, mixing them with mustard and paprika, and spooning the mixture back in

Ashley Willis “The neighborhood Facebook page is out of control today. 😂”

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