Weekend Reading - Infinite Scrolling

If books worked like infinite scrolling

Design Objective

Can Experience be Designed?

When it comes to use, all opinions are equal, but when it comes to engineering, they are not. The engineer collects the feedback and finds ways to deal with it. His opinions are not just based on personal experience. Like a scientist, he tests and validate his assumptions, he develops both theory and practice β€” not merely relying on his own perception, but by actually testing his products with his audience.

Easy 6

ECMAScript 6 modules in future browsers covers some of the recent changes to this ever changing spec.

andyearnshaw/Intl.js is an implementaiton of the ECMAScript Internationalization API (ECMA-402).

Tools of the Trade

How Docker turned intricate Linux code into developer pixie dust. Docker is one of the more exciting technologies to come out this year. Pre-packaged is easier than DIY (Chef, Puppet, et al), but VMs are too bulky to be as useful. Lightweight containers are more prone for reuse.

Synference is part A/B testing, part segmentation service. Think Optimizely, except with an HTTP API, so you can use it on the back-end, for emails/SMS, etc. Curious to try it out.

Git Reports is a free service for anonymously submitting issues to Github repositories. People who don't have a Github account can submit issues to your - public or private – repository. Check out their dog-food page.

None of the Above

Can you tell if a bit is random? A bit over my head, but the idea that you can somewhat test randomness is intriguing:

Black-box randomness testing seems like a hopeless task. But it turns out that, with a tiny extra assumption, it becomes possible! The added ingredient is non-locality.

2013: The Year in Apple and Technology at Large: "There’s a nihilistic streak in tech journalism that I just don’t see in other fields." This can't be just crancky old journalists, it's got to be supported by readers like you and me, with our ad impressions. So for 2014, let's turn our attention at more positive media outlets.

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