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Persian Rose "Animals who look like they’re about to release a chart topping single"

Design Objective

How to add product features without making it more complex Interesting idea. Is your design "default valid" or "default invalid"?

The conversion rate for this version ended up being 13.3%. That’s nearly an 8x better result, just by changing one thing. By making as much of the booking default valid as possible, we were able to get a much much better result.

Default valid vs Default invalid

Wahyu Ichwandardi Wow. Donald Glover’s dance recreated with MacPaint on the Macintosh 128K. You can follow the thread to see how it evolved day by day.

Childish Gambino on the Macintosh 128K

Tools of the Trade

DevTube All the developer videos in one place.

Hadron I like this direction. Please more design tools that can use native (HTML/CSS) components.

Intro video

U-M researchers create world’s smallest ‘computer’ That tiny little thing is a temperature sensor, with an ARM Cortex M0 CPU, uses light to communicate. For scale, a grain of rice.

Computer vs Grain of rice

Kate Compton Without a doubt, printers are the hardest problem in Computer Science:

P=NP stands for "printer = no printer"

Ben Markowitz "BRB, making Harry Potter spells into Siri Shortcuts."


Lines of Code

Andrey Okonetchnikov This applies to many programming languages:

When in doubt, always bet on idiomatic JS i.e. write clean and maintainable code and let vendors figure out performance for you.

Paul Stovell 🎸🌟

To really confuse recruiters, someone should make a programming language called Rockstar.

15 jokes only programmers will get "I feel like one of these books is misleading me"

In a nutshell


Anton Troynikov This thread. I laughed. I cried. So true.

Things that happen in Silicon Valley and also the Soviet Union:

Eric Lawrence When time is money:

5yo doing a matching game.

"Circle the one that is not related". Picture is:

Circles alarm clock.

Mom says "No. Pay attention."
I say: "Wait, explain."

5yo says "That clock isn't money. You can buy ice cream with your Apple watch."

None of the Above

A Crow "Wondered why the car blowers didn't seem very effective then realised half of them were set to 'email' instead of 'bacon'."

Email vs Bacon

Bryan Cantrill Genius:

How about a conference called "In Retrospect" in which presenters revisit talks they've given years prior -- and describe how their thinking has evolved since?

If You Say Something Is “Likely,” How Likely Do People Think It Is? A survey to document how people interpret probable words like "always", "probably", "more often than not".

Probabilities illustrated

foone How the brain flips images, time shifts events, and makes up the rest of what we "see":

You want to know something about how bullshit insane our brains are?
OK, so there's a physical problem with our eyes: We move them in short fast bursts called "saccades", right? very quick, synchronized movements.
The only problem is: they go all blurry and useless during this

Jon Jones "Amazing. Fully functional LEGO Technic bridge girder."

Dr. Holly Witteman Good to know:

That $35 that scientific journals charge you to read a paper goes 100% to the publisher, 0% to the authors. If you just email us to ask for our papers, we are allowed to send them to you for free, and we will be genuinely delighted to do so.

Paul Bronks "Troll Level: over 9000"

Wait & scram

Dr Veronika Cheplygina We really do need better emoji etiquette:

Tweeps, if you have lots of special characters in your name, consider an update for people who are using screen reading software

Matt Biddulph US healthcare is so broken:

invoices for my hospital stay are starting to come in. each Halls Cough Drop, individually packaged by SAFECOR of Columbus OH, is billed at $10.

Over-priced cough pills

Disposable America “A history of modern capitalism from the perspective of the straw. Seriously.”

A Brief History of Shimano Compatibility Because I'm rebuilding my road bike with upgraded parts, and the similarities between bicycles and computers — the fads, the designs that get worse with time, the incompatible components, cables and more cables:

People think under-the-tape shift cables are so hot right now. Plus, the all powerful bar tape lobby is pushing for a way to trick people into replacing their bar tape whenever they replace their shift cables.

Highlight the Remarkable - Katherine Brilliant ad campaign:

Everyone knows the phrase "Behind every great man is a great woman." But what does it mean? That the man is always the hero and the woman his sidekick? The truth is, all too often women were upstaged, and their actions and successes not mentioned. 2018 is the year to rewrite history: with Stabilo BHighlighting the remarkable](

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