Weekend Reading — Fixed objects will move


Wes Miller "Excel, offering deep philosophy."

Design Objective

Things that might be missing from your job description All the things your design manager expects from you, even if they're not listed anywhere. For example:

Be flexible; briefs change
Find problems before they occur
Bring energy to the table
Don’t take design critique as an insult
Understand the impact of moving that button
Make people around you feel comfortable
Bring 3 solutions with every complaint

Stephanie Walter I guess the design meeting went something like "well, people want more control over their privacy, so let's add more privacy controls …"


Tools of the Trade

Microsoft open-sources its patent portfolio Well, that's a pleasent surprise:

By joining the Open Invention Network, Microsoft is offering its entire patent portfolio to all of the open-source patent consortium's members

Vicki Boykis 🔥

Hottest programming skills in 2018:
5. Fixing git merge conflicts
4. Correctly mapping ports in Docker containers to host machines
3. Getting info from AWS documentation
2. Pulling summary stats from a data stream
1. Turning any of the above into a conference talk about AI "My favorite IBM design though is their 1980s cloth-bound manuals, designed by Massimo Vignelli. These are a joy to use and to look at."



Via Dan Mall Spot on:

"The whole history of CSS feels like we're mostly just struggling with overflow problems." —@jensimmons at @aneventapart #AEAORL

Simon Howard 🎤

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly


Kevlin Henney It's hard to comprehend the temporal nature of software:

If you change data validation & collection at the front end, you need to test it against existing data stored. If it fails, you either have to change your validation or you have to write (& test) some migration scripts.

Data validation is a system issue, not a front-end issue.

Oliver Gierke Or to put it another way:

Business logic is not moved to the client, it’s replicated into it. Including all resulting downsides…


Liz Lam 😭

* * * * * - Five star cron job. Will run again.


Screamy Moraine Thread:

Okay, I actually want to talk about this for a second, regarding millennials and how really goddamn difficult it is for us to make sense of our own age sometimes.

I Just Knew I Was Going to Surpass These Guys I Was Working For Kara Swisher shares her career story:

When I was just starting out, I’d see some of the decisions my early bosses made and I’d think, I’m not experienced, but this is how I’d do it. I was beginning to get an inkling of my own tastes and judgment. I just didn’t have the certainty and maturity to act on it. I wasn’t a prodigy personality who is like, “Get out of my way, I’m doing this.” I was a little bit uncertain about my skills. But I just knew I was going to surpass these guys I was working for. I remember once I interviewed for an internship at the Washington Post, and a guy said I was too confident. I was like, “Why don’t you retire now, because you’ll be working for me?” Men are always trying to drag women down. I said, “I’m not too confident. I’m fantastic.” I was always, always like that. And I appreciate that about myself, I have to say.

Jeypee "believe me i'm trying"


None of the Above

Because I'm a Guy "THIS IS AMAZING 😂" Don't try this at home!

sits down across from you
The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right... and who is dead.


How the Smiths took over Europe Smiths, Millers, Priests, and how different European countries got to choose the most common surname.


viral viral "Invisible doors"

Southwest Airlines That settles it:

seth levine the age old @southwestair dilemma. look mean and hope the middle seat stays open or look friendly and risk sharing the armrest...

Always start with the bad cop look. Straight face, little curve in the eyebrows, and no sparkle in your eyes. If they still sit down, then acceptance is key and it's time to go for the friendly good cop look. You may make a new friend! -Ariel

girlziplocked Solid strategy:


Treatments that cause the immune system to attack cancer earn a Nobel A huge step towards curing cancer.

Fluff Society "Seals are just dogs of the sea"

jmhodges The Great Externality:

I'm a moderate on climate change. The moderate position is massive government intervention into the economy.

The extremists want a ban on single-passenger car rides, personal jets, and beef sales. Couldn't be done. Just the massive government intervention, thanks

Climate change is the Great Externality that no market can fix

stephen thecatamites Nature can be so weird:

Having penetrated the protective exoskeleton, a wily hunter harvests the succulent housemeat within.


dylan "I wasn’t ready to laugh this hard" (watch this with sound on!)

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