Weekend Reading — Find and Regret


Fobski "my new stock photo for depicting hacking"

Design Objective

Greg Greiner The difference between materials (left) and tools (right):

Left: Long term investment.
Right: Don’t get too attached.


A Beginner’s Guide to Rapid Prototyping Overview of the current crop of wireframing / rapid prototyping tools. Amazing how 2018 and still most of these tools do not work on an iPad.

Scott Belsky True:

Strong product leaders are persuasive. So much of getting a bold idea through the valley of doubt comes down to vision and persuasion.

amy nguyen 📦

a dialog box is when you add a small window to a screen and prompt a user for input.
a dialogue box is when you force your designer and PM into a conference room and refuse to let them out until they make a decision.

Tools of the Trade

bit Bit is all about sharing and reusing components across projects. It works with Git and npm, but without the complexity of setting up a Git/npm project just to share 30 lines of code. Like nothing I've seen before.


mkcert Command line tool for making HTTPS certificates for local environment (localhost,, etc).

Design from Code Currently in early access, new UXPin feature that allows you to design new screens from the same React components you use to build your app. Make code the source of truth behind new designs.


pure-bash-bible Known and lesser-known Bash tricks, using only Bash language and built-in commands. Things like arrays, string manipulation, processing text files. Quite useful when you don't want to lookup awk syntax (I can never remember) or use a proper scripting language.

Debugging data flows in reactive programs RxFiddle, a data flow graph visualiser, and a dynamic Marble diagram generator. Try it yourself.


Ron Bowes 👑

I've always loved that The Queen of England is specifically allowed to buy a .ca domain - and so hard not to choose that option right now!


Lingua Scripta

Pranay Prakash I used to complain that Java is verbose, so yeah:

When I first began learning to code, I saw public static void main in Java and was super confused. I was also reading a book that spent a page explaining each keyword. JavaScript was a relief coming from that verbosity.

Well, today I wrote this line of code 🤷‍♀️

export default async function* (f, it) { }

Adam Rackis 🔥

The latest Node.js supports BigInts (flag --harmony-bigint)

Looks like Node can finally calculate the size of your node_modules.

Lines of Code

A coffee-break introduction to time complexity of algorithms I love tutorials like this — well written and illustrated, easy to learn from:

Becoming familiar with time complexity gives us the opportunity to write code, or refactor code, to be more efficient.


Lars Doucet Apropos time complexity:

Due to my elite programming skills, I figured out how to shave off THIRTY SECONDS from my app's startup time. Here's some optimization tips:

  1. Remove the sleep(30) call you added a month ago and forgot about

Patrick McKenzie 🤔

you mean a one layer neural network with identity activation and no hidden layers

I am stealing this branding for "if/else statement" until the end of time.

Adam Rawnsley "Coding tutorial vs your first script"


Tobi Lütke DO listen to your body. DO NOT take startup myths seriously:

I need 8 hours of sleep a night. I experimented with less at many times in the past because I always saw these stories that made me think I was broken somehow. Eventually decided the stories were broken instead.

Martin (马丁) Hynie Please don't be this PM:

Me: You tried to book me at lunch... my calendar shows that I am busy then.
PM: Oh, I looked and saw that it said "lunch" and thought that meant you were free.
Me: It is my lunch.
PM: So you are free.
Me: No. I am at lunch.
PM: Are you meeting someone?
Me: You're bad at this.

Seeing is Believing

Live Streaming Paper Airplane Drone Paper airplanes have come a long way since I was a child.


Ajit Johnson "Wish we had tech like this when we were at school. 👌"

Andrew Chen "🏓 Pong 2.0 in AR. No running around to pick up the ball afterwards. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼"

Locked Doors

Catalin Cimpanu Because of course: "Live chat widgets are an attack surface now"


Shodan How secure is your database? Public MongoDB instances are exposing 24TB of data, Elastic Search clusters are exposing 904TB, and HDFS a whopping 5.1PB!


Nmap Project Since nmap is the one tool all Hollywood hackers use, the nmap project has a page to document these exploits. The latest addition:

Nmap is a movie star (again)! Rihanna uses it for a diamond heist in the new Ocean's 8 film.


None of the Above

Fluff Society "Exhausted after a long day of being a cat."


Corey Quinn Genius:

The secret to getting off of calls you don't want to be on is to hang up in the middle of your own sentence. Only a maniac would hang up on themselves, so you must have gotten disconnected.

How To Make a Mini BBQ It's BBQ season around here, so here's how to make a bitty-Q from a can of soup.


Chocolat Pine "chair.exe has stopped working"


Per Thorsheim (🔎 clue)

5683 is one of the most popular PIN codes in the world, especially with ppl with English as their native language. I'll bet you don't know why.

"Extended: Two arrested in Spruce Grove store This CCTV footage is bonkers, keep watching because it has more plot twists than a Marvel movie:

Sarah Day I call this feature "find and regret":

I changed a character name from ken to keith with find & replace and I have many regrets. Manuscript now filled with 'brokeith', 'spokeith', 'wokeith.' Errors have been made, lessons have been learned.

Carl Forrest "Students designs a “mobile airbag” for your phone when it’s dropped."

Ryan Caldbeck Disruptions befall industries that refuse to innovate:

2/ In almost every category large brands losing market share to small brands b/c 1) consumers are demanding products that meet their unique needs, 2) mktg costs switching from fixed to variable, 3) direct distribution becoming more imp. Net = higher demand & lower barriers.


Why nobody ever wins the car at the mall The shady industry that will spam you to death:

As an ex-telemarketer tells us, parties who express interest are hounded with up to 5-7 “follow-up” calls per week. The “repackaged” into a new data set and sold to another telemarketing company.


Wiley Cash The difference between the romantic fantasy and the real world of hustle:

When people learn that I'm a writer, I'll often hear things like, "I would love to write, but I don't have the time" or "It must be amazing to sit at your desk all day & write your book." Years ago, when my wife and I first moved in to our neighborhood, a woman down the street...

Diy Ideas "Folding like a boss" This will stretch your pants on one side, but such a great trick for travel packing.

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