Weekend Reading — Everyday cosplay


Guide to Computing Amazing photos, from when computers doubled as furniture.

Design Objective

Luke Wroblewski "people will scroll unless you tell them not to."


Early Drafts Every great piece of work starts somewhere.


Tools of the Trade

Now 2.0 Zeit has built an incredibly easy to use tool for deploying microservices, including support for monorepos:

React lazy, Suspense and Concurrent React Breakdown with Examples Explores the new lazy() loading function, <Suspense /> component and fallback, what works now in 16.6, and what to expect when React Concurrent (16.7) comes out.

enquirer "Stylish CLI prompts that are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to create."


李赛博 "If relational databases were invented today"



e: Why the React community is missing the point about Web Components On point:

React users would love to not have to npm install a date picker and bloat their bundles! If they need to "use the platform" then why doesn't that platform ship the features they actually ask for? Instead of a <carousel> they get an <aside>. Features like service workers are touted as a solution to many problems in the web, but their ergonomics are so under-designed that people actually have to change domains to bust the cache from a broken build (I’m not making this up).

Lines of Code

Sarah Drasner That will be fun to watch:

I wanna do a “Project Runway” but for creative code projects. Sort of like a hack but many time-boxed specific challenges.

“You can only use these two array methods, you can use canvas, and you have to create a planet. You have 24 hours. Go”

Vicki Boykis "Your code versus the code she tells you not to worry about."



nixcraft "People working in IT will know everyday is a coffee struggle."


Tabletop Scenarios 🔥

A growing number of your engineers are streaming themselves on Twitch while coding.

One of them just revealed a production secret while alt-tabbing.

The chat is now being spammed with a production IaaS secret from your repository.

Team Work

Alan Cooper Thread:

When I started programming, it was a solo skill, performed by individuals, with little or no sharing and virtually no collaboration. A culture was built around those facts. 1
Going from one person coding something, to two persons coding something is not just a 100% increase in staffing, but it changes programming from a solo practice to a team sport. 7
If, on the other hand, our goal is to be a good ancestor, then we have to understand that everyone is poor while anyone is poor. Thus we see that collaboration is necessary for a sustainable culture and not just a tool for more efficient programming. 21

Delay Chokes Innovation What the game of poker can teach us about innovation and small iterations:

If exploratory projects take twice as long, you get half as many of them, which is half as good, right? It’s actually much worse than that and here’s why. This is a story of innovation and incentives and unintended consequences, but first it’s a story about poker.

Coding as an Engineering Manager Pretty much:

If you’d like to and still have the time to work on the codebase sometimes, I’d highly recommend picking bug fixes or small features. Bug fixes let you dive into the breadth and the depth of the codebase and understand how it works, while also contributing back something useful to the team.

With features, I’d be more cautious. Your schedule is sometimes unpredictable, as you might be getting pulled into meetings unexpectedly, so you can easily end up blocking your team.


Damon Edwards 💯

OH: “Culture is how people make decisions when the boss isn’t in the room”


Kane Baccigalupi 🔥

My wife asked me what machine learning is and I said: remember when we ordered the hot plate for the boat and amazon suggested buying all the equipment needed to make a full meth lab?

UnHookathon: Why & how A hackathon where the end goal is to unhook ourselves from technology.


Facebook Portal Non-Review: Why I Didn’t Put Facebook’s Camera in My Home Product review you can believe in:

I just couldn’t bring myself to set up Facebook’s camera-embedded screen in the privacy of my family’s home. Can you blame me when you look at the last 16 months?

The hardest job in Silicon Valley is a living nightmare A new documentary “The Cleaners,” about the people who do the exhausting, traumatizing work of content moderation.

Óliver Login screen poetry:

"I'm a human.
I'm not a robot.
Remember me."


None of the Above I have one of these at home:

Playing a game of Apple Boxes Tetris ¯_(ツ)_/¯


panamapauper 😴

high difficulty escape room: youre laying in bed and you have one hour to get out of bed

Mulboyne "Everyday cosplay":

Just catching up on the 地味なハロウィン ("sober Halloween") event, where flashy fancy dress is banned, in favour of everyday cosplay. This girl has come as the kind of model you see on cheap Korean fashion mail order sites.


Sweatpants Cher 😭

god I wish I was the person I believed I could be when I bought all this produce

Bill de hÓra I'll take "irony" for $500:


Fluff Society "The evolution of the spin cycle"

Quinn Cummings The best intentions …

Gather round, Gentle Readers. It is time I tell the story of the worst decision I ever made in an office. Some of you have heard this. Some have not. Whatever you do in your office today, this week, the rest of this year, you can console yourself by recalling this tale.

chaeronaea "please enjoy this video i found on reddit of a dog trying to steal another smaller dog"

Ian Making a statement:

For election night, I present to you the best thing I learned in my time as a (third-party) sysadmin in the House of Representatives:

From a congressional IP, you can only read one XKCD comic: the climate change/average Earth temperature timeline.

gaelitegymn 🦄

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