Weekend Reading – Every Trent Reznor Song

Design Objective

Thought Process of a Front End Problem:

This is just a story of what it's like being a front-end developer. It's not even about fonts so much as the struggle, the process, and the choices.

Ex-Ideo Designers Rethink The Calendar For Mobile Devices. Lots of delightful micro-interactions, but also a sobering lesson in failed design patterns (open in App Store and read the reviews. Ouch.)

Unified OS Advocates Are Out Of “Touch” With Reality on why Apple will keep OS X (mouse) and iOS (touch) separate. Microsoft Customers Always Win on the disasterous unifying of Windows (mouse) and Metro (touch).

Lines of Code

lukehoban/ecmascript-asyncawait: a proposal for async/await in ES7 using sweet.js macros, so you can try it right now.

ilkkao/co-mocha adds ES6 generators support to Mocha (based on my blog post).

namuol/cheet.js for adding easter eggs (Konami code and such) to your Web site. Check the demo.

You might not need jQuery is, ironically, a wonderful illustration of how jQuery cleans up your code by replacing the DOM with a simple, consistent, JS-friendly API.

AriaMinaei/pretty-error gives you Node.js app more readable errors. Uses RenderKit to style console.log using HTML and CSS. Wow.

Jessica Kerr:

Initializing immutable fields at construction is like putting serial numbers on parts. You can know where it came from.

Hipster Hacker:

I like my web frameworks how I like my brews: micro.

Tools of the Trade

d3.js bar chart generator is like jsFiddle for d3.js. Wonderful.

SVGMagic is a SVG fallback that does it all lets you use SVG with reckless abandon. It lets old browser fallback to PNGs, and will generate those for you.

Fast, isolated development environments using Docker lets you manage multiple development environments on one computer using Docker.

zertosh/beautify-with-words is like UglifyJS, except it beautifies JS by replacing variable names with unique "long-ish words."

Never understimate the insanity of user-generated content in your projects again: "Drop hhhhold URLs into your code for quick access to safe-for-work, attributed images from ffffound."

Now you can use Bootstrap, Nobody will Notice. I'm still not sure what it does, but the tagline is bomb.

Ben Howdle:

Schrödinger's cat applied to web development: If I don't look at it in Internet Explorer then there's a chance it looks fine.

None of the Above

This Is A Trent Reznor Song. Every Trent Reznor song, ever.

Delta's 80's In-Flight Safety Video. For that nostalgic feeling.

carmaa/inception: start your NSA career by pawning any machine with a FireWire connector.

Extra Virgin Suicide. Extra virgin oil fraud is a real thing. Also, awesome interactive.


Too many people now ask for (and produce) “long-form” when they really want substantial

uBiome will map your microbiome. You may know your DNA, but what about everything that lives inside of you?

The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of “writer's block” is probably the most concise scientific paper ever published.

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