Weekend Reading — 🟧 Above Us Only Orange

This week the skies turn orange, we play meeting Tetris, bust out the popcorn (x2), lose the Zoom to a bunch of 2nd graders, and oh my goat!

Weekend Reading — 🟧 Above Us Only Orange

David Gartner “Today, @pantone officially revised their 2020 Color of the Year. #ClimateCrisis”

🪑 Design Objective Search engine for design inspiration.

amy nguyen “this is the most anyone has praised me all day 🥺 thank you stripe you've done it again how are you so great”

🧰 Tools of the Trade

Poolside FM for iPhone now for macOS and iPhone.

Hand Mirror, for Mac Check yourself before you Zoom in.

Waldo Jaquith 👇 “This is a big deal, and now I will tell you why.”

18F: Today we unveil the Federal Field Guide to De-risk Government Technology, which provides guidance to agencies about how to structure software development teams, contracts, and oversight activities to reduce risks and improve outcomes for end-users.

Ask HN: As a developer what are your aha moments? What was yours?

Kenneth Auchenberg “Introducing Inspect – a new developer tool for macOS and Windows to inspect and debug your web apps and websites in Safari and WebViews on iOS devices”

Kristen Anderson This is 100% Enterprise sales:

Starting in consulting I "grew up" with the idea that people pay you for being smart.

Moving into tech, it seems like they'll really pay you when you lower the need for THEM to be smart. You don't have to be smart to do that.

It's taken 10 years of my career to realize this.

Brad Dwyer “☁️: A Play In Two Acts“. Act I:

We just spun up about 20,000 virtual computers to chug through regenerating 12 million image previews in our new style.

In 23 real world minutes, we consumed the equivalent compute of letting my laptop chug 24/7 for >3 months and it cost about $10.

Act II:

The cloud is horrible. Just discovered we accidentally left a GPU instance running that billed us $3000.

Simpsons Against DevOps “Well deserved”

🕸️ Web-end

How to Make a Media Query-less responsive Card Component The magic of flex-basis and clamp.

Arslan Khalid 👇 This thread should be called “The Lost Art Of Server-Side Rendering, Illustrated”:

How to build awesome forms with only HTML & CSS:

🧵A Thread🧵

AVIF has landed Landed in Chrome, which is good coverage for desktop users. No ETA for Safari. This image below show AVIF at 25% the size of JPEG, 40% the size of WebP, without noticeable loss of quality.

📓 Lines of Code

Kate Temkin I’ve had some odd and hard to unravel bugs — and once, it was the compiler’s fault! — nothing like that. Take your best guess before reading the answer:

a few years ago, at the virtualization company I worked at:

customer: ever since we installed your new GPU driver, excel has been coming up with... wrong answers
me: wait what
customer: here, watch
me: how the fuck

bonus points to the first person to guess how that happened

Suhail 👍

A big part of being a great engineer is the difference between "Ok, it works & I am done!" and "it works, I fixed the most common edge cases, I'm aware of more UX issues but lets put 'em in the backlog for now, lets ship—i know there's more work to make this great"

Kuki “Haha. I've just spent 5 minutes manually decoding this binary message from season 5 of Silicon Valley and it says, "FIND A HOBBY FOR GOD'S SAKE" 😂”

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Teamwork

Attention is your scarcest resource I like the subtitle of this post: “how to ration your shower thoughts • care viscerally • monotask • evade obligations • timebox bullshit”

Once I was full-time managing, I had no shiny distractions and was able to spend my showers focusing on how to be a better manager. And once I was 50%+ focused, well, I haven’t become a “superstar 10x manager” yet, but I quickly stopped being 0.1x.

Allen Chen

OH: the new “two pizza team” is a “one Zoom screen team”

Den Delimarsky 😢😆😢

"What's it like being a product manager?"

Me: "I play TETRIS all day."



📈 Business Side

Exclusive: China would rather see TikTok U.S. close than a forced sale 🍿 The deadline for selling TikTok is this coming week, which means that … nothing will happen. With the US government too busy making up new controversies to follow through, and China calling their bluff … then again, there's an Apple event this week …

Maia Bittner The longer the explanation, the further it is from facts:

anytime a founder says “well, I’m going to answer your question in a few different ways” I know it’s going to take a long time but in the end they won’t have really answered my question in any way

First Robinhood, Now Masa the Nasdaq Whale Lots of people trying to make sense of the swings in US stock market. Economists will like the simple logic of zero interest rate policy. Psychologists may appreciate Robinhood traders making bets to pass the time, though traders are upset that ordinary people sway the market. The latest theory: it's all Softbank's fault! Because apparently office space, pizza robots, and dog walking weren’t good enough investments.

Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America 🍿🍿 Nikola is the other famous EV company. They make … well, they don’t exactly make anything yet, which is kind of the point. On Tuesday they announced a major deal with GM, which sent Nikola's stock up 50%.

On Thursday, Hindenburg published this article, and the stock crashed. Ouch for Nikola (and GM). Good news for Hindenburg, they’re a short seller, so they make money when shares drop in price. Nikola Chairman vowed he’ll respond to the claims. And then he didn’t.

Remember back in July, short seller exposes Luckin Coffee? Looks like short sellers are the new investigative reporting.

🔒 Locked Doors

foone “It's Pregnancy Test Doom!”

I told the wife, ultimate hacking is picking some household technology — a smart toaster, a pee test — and making it play Doom. Wife now thinks we’re all few cards short of a deck.

🤖 Machine Inelligence

Spencer Greenberg “Intuition flooding” is basically training a machine learning model but the machine is a person:

Obscure yet very powerful methods of learning that many people have never tried:

  1. Intuition Flooding To understand something well on a gut level, spend hours looking closely at a huge number of examples, until your intuition forms a predictive model. I do this fairly often but don’t think I’ve heard it discussed! Ex: look carefully at 100 user interfaces

Your Phone Wasn’t Built for the Apocalypse Maybe it’s time we retire #NoFilter:

But as people tried to capture the scene, and the confusion and horror that accompanied it, many noticed a strange phenomenon: Certain photographs and videos of the surreal, orange sky seemed to wash it out, as if to erase the danger. “I didn’t filter these,” tweeted the journalist Sarah Frier, posting photos she took of San Francisco’s haunting morning sky.

Camera sensors are color-blind—they see only brightness, and engineers had to trick them into reproducing color using algorithms. … You can’t ever “turn off” color correction in a digital camera, because its sensor doesn’t see color in the first place. Color is always constructed in a picture, never simply reproduced.

😷 Mask Up!

Rachel Stark 💯

For every news article about how a family decided to have a cookout & now 74 people connected to attendees have coronavirus, there should be 100 about how a company reopened & forced workers to choose illness or loss of income, causing incalculable spread.

Not only during corona

⭐ None of the Above

Nerd Girl Says “Everybody stop doom scrolling and look at this picture of a baby goat wearing an extremely fashionable turtleneck sweater”

Stephanie Lucianovic 👇 Story time! #ZoomOftheFlies

The 2nd grade teacher's screen froze. The kids all told her that happened. No one could hear her. And then she disappeared and mass chaos has broken out.

Austen Allred

Here’s the thing, Apple.

I honestly couldn’t care less if an accessory is supported or not. Charge my damn phone.

A farmer planted over 2 million sunflowers to provide a respite during this rough year “Thompson said he and his wife wanted to spread a little happiness.” — thank you! 🌻

madhava “I’m enjoying 2020 fewer and fewer.” 🔥

Jonathan Gitlin: Apparently AP style now says you can use “less” even when “fewer” is correct and so 2020 continues to plumb new depths.

Now Is the Time to Bring Back Away Messages 🤔

“I wonder if there could be sort of a newfound appreciation for not only unplugging, but telling people you’re unplugging… I would be curious to see if there was a newfound appreciation for something like an away message.”

CAPYBARA MAN “Geese on the bus there’s geese on the bus people”

CAL FIRE BDU Parts of California are burning because …

CAL FIRE Law Enforcement has determined the El Dorado Fire, burning near Oak Glen in San Bernardino County, was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used during a gender reveal party. The fire began at…

Marshall Ferguson “I’d like to nominate cardboard humans watching baseball in a dystopian hell scape for photo of the year, thanks.”

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled TL;DR

An NPR and PBS Frontline investigation reveals how the oil and gas industry used the promise of recycling to sell more plastic, even when they knew it would never work on a large scale.

Ohio man built backyard squirrel bar with seven varieties of nuts on tap

Call police for a woman who is changing clothes in an alley? This is what it means to defund the police:

Since its launch June 1, the STAR van has responded to more than 350 calls, replacing police in matters that don’t threaten public safety and are often connected to unmet mental or physical needs. The goal is to connect people who pose no danger with services and resources while freeing up police to respond to other calls. The team, which is not armed, has not called police for backup, Sailon said.

Matt Morrow “Think of three friends. If none of them are beetles you are a beetle.”

Prevalence of Depression Symptoms in US Adults Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic You’re not alone! (h/t Thaddeus Michaels, who points out this is not the most reliable study design)

These findings suggest that prevalence of depression symptoms in the US was more than 3-fold higher during COVID-19 compared with before the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals with lower social resources, lower economic resources, and greater exposure to stressors (eg, job loss) reported a greater burden of depression symptoms.

Rex Chapman 🐐 “These ppl found a baby goat trapped in a pit. … While looking - they found a group of goats with the same white fur. Then this happened.”

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