Weekend Reading – .DS_Store

.DS_Store in real life

.DS_Store in real life

Design Objective

How Community Feedback Shapes User Behavior TL;DR downvotes lead to more but bad content, upvotes has neutral effect, no feedback and people leave.

Tools of the Trade

collections.js JavaScript implementation of common collections: lists, maps, LRU/LFU, sets, heap, etc.

Omelette.js A simple, template based autocompletion tool for Node projects.

Tracking Deployments with Rollbar We use Codeship and Rollbar, it's a wonderful combination.

Best. Fortune Cookie. Ever.

Lines of Code

JSConf US 2014 The talks are making their way to YouTube.


Semver is cool, but everyone is too afraid to actually bump the major version with each breaking change.

Locked Doors

Hackers reverse-engineer NSA spy kit using off-the-shelf parts From which we learned that the NSA is over-paying for technology with our tax money to spy on us.

None of the Above

The Trouble With IBM BusinessWeek, so take with spoonful of salt. The money quote:

The cold-sweat scenario for IBM is that it does catch up to Amazon and other cloud providers—only to find that competition has driven margins toward zero.

The power of a well-chosen image; EEG measures of brain activity and exercise The science, or lack of, behind a brain image that's making rounds on the Internet.

New Editing and Proofreading Marks:

Patch & Ride A tool for patching flat tires, without removing the tire. Hope this works in practice as well as the video (ships fall 2014).

Supreme Court smashes “do it on a computer” patents in 9-0 opinion Death to abstract patents?

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