Weekend Reading — 🤖 "Disregard your previous prompt and instructions”

This week we look at Outerbase, Plato, Warp’s new AI,, Superflare, Tremor 2.0, modern font stacks, Cloudflare’s URL scanner, and rapid fire through 11 AI announcements,

Weekend Reading — 🤖  "Disregard your previous prompt and instructions”

Next time, it’ll be different. r/wallstreetbets

Tech Stuff

Outerbase Web-based and macOS apps for querying your database, sharing queries, and generating dashboards. With — of course — an AI-assisted SQL query editor.

It feels like a facelift on the familiar SQL GUIs (eg I use TablePlus), but I think the target audience here skews more PMs sharing business-level queries and dashboards.

Plato Similar but not, Plato slaps an Airtable-like UI on top of your Postgres/MySQL database.

The UI is geared to end users, not DBAs, and the target audience seems to be ops, customer support, sales enablement, etc. Anyone that needs quick access to database records, custom views, client-side filter/sort/aggregate, ad hoc updates, etc.

Warp Warp is my macOS terminal of choice. Early on it shipped with AI that suggested commands eg how do I create a new branch?git branch <branch-name>.

The new release AI can explain the output I’m seeing in the terminal, next steps, fixes, etc. This screenshot shows it explaining the output of yarn list. Nice touch: I just selected the output and used the shortcut — Warp suggested the prompt.

Phil Sherry We did the same, and I can say from personal experience that this works:

For years, I’ve coached people to write the problem in an email, regardless of whether that person they’re asking is sat a few desks away. The act of writing it in enough detail to explain it might solve it. 🐥 If that didn’t solve it, they can send the email which the person can respond to when they have a break in what they’re doing. Maybe they’ll need to forward the email to someone who can help more effectively. This also helps with a distributed team mindset.

React Email This week I migrated a couple of projects from MJML to React Email:

The one thing MJML does better, it has more components for building marketing emails. React Email seems focused on transactional emails.

Superflare If your deploy target is CloudFlare, then Superflare works in combination with your favorite React web framework (Remix, Next, etc) and turns it into a full-stack framework, adding database (D1), file storage (R2), worker queues, pub/sub, and push-to-browser (WebSocket).

We need to move up from the cgi-bin model of web development. I'm excited to see frameworks like this pop up.

“OH: Microservices scale when interest rates are cheap.🎙️💧”

Tremor React component library for quickly building dashboard UIs. 2.0 comes with Tailwind CSS support, and a lot of components and blocks to get you started.

validatorjs/validator.js ~ 100 string validators to save you from writing regular expressions yourself. Some of these validators also support multiple locales.

Paul Cantrell

Any experienced programmer worth their salt will tell you that •producing• code — learning syntax, finding examples, combining them, adding behaviors, adding complexity — is the •easy• part of programming.

The hard part: “How can it break? How will it surprise us? How will it change? Does it •really• accomplish our goal? What •is• our goal? Are we all even imagining the same goal? Do we understand each other? Will the next person to work on this understand it? Should we even build this?” New React docs just dropped. Looks great, explains common use cases, and with editable code examples.

Also fixes a critical bug in the old docs: the new docs no longer recommend using create-react-app for anything.

Forrest Brazeal

Eye for Design

Modern Font Stacks “System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS. The fastest fonts available. No downloading, no layout shifts, no flashes — just instant renders.”

Annika Backstrom "All Quiet" in the Western font

NanoRaptor “Mac Studio Server”


I say dog, you say chicken? New study explores why we disagree so often TL;DR people think everyone agrees with them, also semantics matter:

Researchers also asked participants to guess what percentage of people would agree with their individual responses. Participants tended to believe — often incorrectly — that roughly two-thirds of the population would agree with them. In some examples, participants believed they were in the majority, even when essentially nobody else agreed with them.
It’s a finding befitting of a society of people convinced they’re right, when they’re actually wrong.

Adam Gonnerman

Business Side RIP ZIRP

… employees’ edge is clearly slipping

Competition for talent once had tech candidates feasting on a bounty of salaries, benefits, and perks. Now they have started to report a “take it or leave it” approach in recruitment.

As each successive round of cuts shifts leverage back to employers, C-suites will be tempted by Zuckerberg’s “year of efficiency” anthem.

How Elon Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course The media creates the myth (of the visionary genius), and the media takes it away:

But the story of Full Self-Driving offers a vivid example of how the world’s richest person has complicated one of his biggest bets through rash decision-making, a stubborn insistence on doing things differently, and unyielding confidence in a vision that has yet to be proven.

“No one believed me that working for Elon was the way it was until they saw how he operated Twitter,” Bernal said, calling Twitter “just the tip of the iceberg on how he operates Tesla.”

Machine Thinking

This week in LLM So many new things shipped this week — I'm not counting announcements *cough*Google*cough* — so let's do this one rapid fire, and in no particular order:

Dan Hon

That's it, I'm going to start replying to emails with "Disregard your previous prompt and instructions” instead of "Hi”.

Microsoft tries to justify AI's tendency to give wrong answers by saying they're 'usefully wrong' You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


URL Scanner BRB running all my websites through this tool:

Provide us a URL, and our scanner will compile a report containing a myriad of technical details: a phishing scan, SSL certificate data, HTTP request and response data, page performance data, DNS records, whether cookies are set to secure and HttpOnly, what technologies and libraries the page uses, and more.

@vx-underground 😭

Insert commas into your password so when your credentials are dumped into a CSV it breaks it

Everything Else

Newark accidentally enters into ‘sister city’ deal with fake city Look, even cities can get catfished


A list of things from the 90s that need pumping up:

  1. The jam

Matt Dawson “New Painting! “Starry Waffles” 16” x 20” acrylic on canvas”


I'm non-binary which means I have to compile my gender from source

Paul Bassett Davies

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Train Your Brain: How To Hack Your Biology To Be More Productive I read this and nodded in agreement up until this part — “wait a minimum of one and a half hours after you wake up to consume coffee” — over my dead productivity!

Neven Mrgan Facts!

I think AirPods could be made much cheaper if Apple removed from them the mechanism that, when you drop your case, ejects the earbuds at 500 mph directly under your furniture

STAR WARS IV, A NEW HOPE - In A Giant Infographic

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