Weekend Reading — Design in the real world

Design Objective

Tone It Down — Write for grown-ups Personality and humor great nice, but your app’s UI should first and foremost help users get the job done. Front-load the valuable content, then if you must, tuck something funny or cute.

Guillermo Rauch:

“Paste and match style” should be the ⌘V default, and “Paste and preserve style” should be the one with the weird ^⌘⌥⇧⎋⇪V shortcut.

Sarah Drainer: "Design in the real world: this is iSmart's device upside down :)"

Tools of the Trade

Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source

Parsey McParseface is built on powerful machine learning algorithms that learn to analyze the linguistic structure of language, and that can explain the functional role of each word in a given sentence

My URL isn’t your URL

There’s no unified URL standard and there’s no work in progress towards that. I don’t count WHATWG’s spec as a real effort either, as it is written by a closed group with no real attempts to get the wider community involved.

Lingua Scripta

Simplified JavaScript Jargon A community-driven attempt at explaining the loads of buzzwords making the current JavaScript ecosystem in a few simple words. Much appreciated.

Idiosyncrasies of NaN with Lewis Ellis NaN stands for Not a Number, but did you know that NaN is also Not a Nan? Why’s that?

Intent to implement async/await functions Async/await functions coming to V8!

Lorenz Attractor in 112 Bytes of HTML + JS Extreme golfing that relies on the latest JS syntax features. Will work in some browsers (e.g Chrome 50) not others.

Lines of Code


Nesting syntax ranked by aerodynamic potential:

< >

( )

{ }

[ ]

| |

begin end

Epic conference goodie by Arolla


Succeeding by Eliminating the Smells of Waste Tackle the seven wastes of Lean Software Development: partially done work, extra features, relearning, handoffs, delay, task switching, and defects.

Surviving the Framework Hype Cycle Avoid framework fatigue by getting off the treadmill. If there’s one takeaway, it is: “No one upvotes the plateau of productivity”

Will Farrington:

OH: “There’s the old system that’s deprecated and then there’s the new system that doesn’t actually work.”

Karanbir Singh:

on irc : “security teams dont celebrate a new release, we celebrate EOL’s”

Jeff ♨ Darcy:

The group was divided on whether to use Paxos or Raft.


Run Meetings That Are Fair to Introverts, Women, and Remote Workers Few simple tricks to overcome bias, and give more people the chance to realize their full potential — not just the few who are able to easily make their voices heard.


How Bots Were Born From Spam The history of automated tools vying for your attention.

None of the Above

Gaming PC vs. Space Heater Efficiency

The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed Takes a hard look at the failing of modern day journalism: news as entertainment, repeating instead of interpreting, and the dangerous ‘neutral and unbiased’ myth.

Paul Kidd:

It is an offence under Australian law to drop a nuclear weapon on Australia from space (Space Activities Act 1998 (Cth) s 44(1)(b)).

The maximum penalty is ten years jail and/or a fine of $108,000.

Paul Fenwick "A Google recruiter sent me an email using the skills listed on my LinkedIn Profile."

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