Weekend Reading – Demented Reality

Design Objective

Client feedback on the creation of the Earth McSweeney at it's best:

Re: the “sky”… not really feeling the color here. Would like something that pops more. Please send additional options.

What Can Sending 2 Billion Emails Tell Us About Mobile Email Habits? Interesting findings from Campaign Monitor, especially the high rate of second opens on larger screens.

Tools of the Trade

W3C HTML JSON form submission Also, a good reference for transforming HTML fields like wow[such][deep][3] into nested structures, derived from common practice.

Ideas Behind Responsive Emails Building responsive emails with responsive tables. Also, <table align="left">.

Introducing Socket.IO 1.0 Fabulous and well thought out update to

Quip 2.0 Quip is a fantastic tool for writing, editing, collaborating and sharing documents, and this 2.0 release makes it even better. If you're stuck in the dark ages of Google Docs, give it a spin.

Git v2.0.0 I'm just posting these release notes here in case you find them useful. I understood maybe 10% of what's written there.

maxogden/torrent Yes, Node supports the Torrent protocol.


You know you’re in San Francisco when the PagerDuty app is trending in nearby apps.

Lines of Code

Coding Principles Every Engineer Should Know Be paranoid, don't lie to the computer, keep it simple, question assumptions, slow down to go fast, and why the hell are you not reading this post?

The Fallacy of Tiny Modules I agree with this assesment of what a framework provides, not necessarily that framework has to come in the form of code:

This is what frameworks provide. In practice, a framework is a curated collection of functionality provided as a distribution. … You buy into an ecosystem and in return you get a usable environment out of the box.


Process Is Being Told What to Do by Someone Who Has Less Information than You Some good ideas about management:

When you solve a problem or create a process, there is always an expiration date.

Locked Doors

The Internet With A Human Face Amazing presentation, touching on the future of the internet, security and our privacy. Also, this is how you share a presentations on the web!

None of the Above

The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to product it

The 1970s Spacecraft is Ours Again! ISEE 3 returns to Earth, NASA no longer has the equipment to communicate with it. Enter crowdfunding campaign, citizen scientists, and homebrew hardware. Contact established.

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Commerical GPS Turns 25: How the Unwanted Military Tech Found Its True Calling

Mind the gap: Incomes, college majors, gender, and higher ed reform Simpson's Paradox and pay inequality and how they reflect on the "practicality" of different majors.

The Plots to Destroy America Conspiracy theories.

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