Weekend Reading — Charged up

Charged Up by Ryan Selvy

Design Objective

Designing for Disappearing Interfaces The Internet of Everything:

Once the traditional, physical screen boundaries have dissolved, interfaces will become more and more like fluid, organic, living things in order to integrate with us and our surroundings in the most natural way possible

How To Send a Hidden Version of Your Email That Only Apple Watch Will See The text/watch-html MIME type and other things you need to know.

dehora "Explaining the web to a kid from 1985"

Tools of the Trade

justice.js "Embeddable script for displaying web page performance metrics."

Speak Push-to-talk for remote teams. Bills itself as "10x Faster than Hangouts", which is not at all surprising. And also 10x better UI than Skype.

Kyle Kingsbury (Stripe) - Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal A fantastic talk about databases, consistency models, and putting vendor claims to the test using Jespen. Watch and you will learn a lot.

stat-distributions-js "Javascript library for the visualization of statistical distributions"

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 (HTTP/2) Open the bubbly, HTTP/2 is now RFC7540.

jedws My favorite architecture as well:

I like ACID 2.0:

ScottWlaschin "The sad truth about process improvement."

Lingua Scripta

Notice to Working Groups: renaming "iojs" org to "nodejs", joining the Node Foundation Hopefully the future is the best of io.js features and Node.js adoption …

Most popular versions of node, 2015-05-14 According to npm, Node 0.10 still rules at 63%, followed by Node 0.12 at 32%, while io.js lags behind at 3%. (These are not deployment numbers, but they are representative of difference in scale)

Performance Showdown: Node.js vs. io.js v2.0.0 Less popular, but in many ways better: "A 14.8% speedup from Node to the latest version of io.js".

node-vim-debugger "Node.js debugger client and vim driver. Step-by-step debugging from vim."

Intro to Node on AWS Lambda for S3 and Kinesis Interesting and quite elegant use case.

The most convoluted API Cool to know it can be done, but don't try this at home.


You can have it fast, good, or cheap — pick any NaN

wesbos "Super excited for this new O’Reilly book"

Lines of Code

Jeff Lindsay (Glider Labs) - Simple and Extensible I particularly like the slide at the 9:25 mark which shows the difference between Dokku (single server, 2K LoC) and Flynn (distributed, 50K LoC). That's a x25 complexity penalty.

MicroservicePremium Speaking of the complexity penalty in distributed systems:

As size and other complexity boosters kick into a project I've seen many teams find that microservices are a better place to be. But unless you're faced with that complexity, remember that the microservices approach brings a high premium, one that can slow down your development considerably. So if you can keep your system simple enough to avoid the need for microservices: do.

markboulton These exist for a reason:

There’s only 10% genetic difference between cats and humans. Think about that next time you deviate from a corporate style guide.

peterbourgon Speaking of consistency:

doing the same thing in different ways across a codebase is technical debt — find time to fix it, just like any other technical debt.

Caitie McCaffrey (Twitter) - Implementing the Saga Pattern A video talk about Sagas: distributed transactions using compensating transactions for rollback.

9 Anti-Patterns Every Programmer Should Be Aware Of Your premature optimization, god class, magic numbers, etc.


Remember folks, sending someone a patch or pull request is like offering them a free puppy: they have to look after it once you're gone.

Dev Oops


Do you take this code to be your pushed & committed app, to deploy and to monitor, in downtime and when up?


You may now merge the PR.


Is there a support group for neglected, poorly automated, overworked and unhappy servers?

Asking for a friend.


AshuMittal "Photography, now and then"

ckolderup The perfect response to Instant Articles:

We don’t have poor web performance, we’re participating in the Slow Articles movement

sjvn "Welcome to the real world"

Locked Doors

Verizon Security Flaw Left Millions Of Home Internet Users Vulnerable To Attack TL;DR Verizon used X-Forwarded-For headers for user authentication (IP address), and the servers were configured to accept these headers from any browser. 100% stupid, but let's be honest, when was the last time you checked if your front-end servers accept X-Forwarded-?

Why Lawsuits Are On the Rise at Startups and What To Do About It

None of the Above

caligulablushed "Old timey medicine did not fuck around."

Little Lifehacks Guaranteed to Improve your Life

rule #45: never let them see you sweat

Driver: Cool! What do you teach?

Me: Fashion illustration. And punctuality. And how to meet deadlines. Time management. Professionalism. Shit like that. So, you know, if I’m late, no bigs.

shutterdial Search for images based on camera settings (e.g. "landscape photos
shot at around 35mm f/5.6")

romanflare 아잌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ네코아츠메 with 키아누ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ쓸고퀄ㅋㅋ

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