Weekend Reading — Can't Unsee


1969 & 70 - Bell Labs check this photo album

Design Objective

Can't Unsee Fantastic game. If you're a developer working to bring designs to life, and struggling with the finer graphics, this is a good way to train your design eye.


Freddie Iboy Thread:

I've felt absurdly lucky the past two years working at Tinder and now it's my last week here. I'm heading over to Amsterdam soon to go work at @Framer ❤️

A couple of lessons that I learned from the Tinder interface as parting advice. None of this is gospel.

Tools of the Trade

Rodrigo Pombo Brilliant!

I was playing around with some text animations and thought I could use them to show a file's history on @github

Dan Abramov React components are … components. They're not functions, even though they can be written as such. They're not objects, even though they can be written as classes. They're something we're not as good at describing. This is thread makes the point and helps put React hooks in context:

If you look at it this way, there’s nothing magic about useState or useEffect. Of course they “know” which component they belong to! React knows it just like your language knows which variables belong to which function, and when to destroy them.

WebSockets the UNIX way "It's like CGI, twenty years later, for WebSockets"

$ cat my-program

# Count from 1 to 10 with a sleep
for ((COUNT = 1; COUNT <= 10; COUNT++)); do
  echo $COUNT
  sleep 0.5
Start websocketd and tell it about your program:

$ websocketd --port=8080 my-program

Aron Griffis 🔥

Working on a new Bash book. So far:
Intro: You chose the wrong tool.
Ch 1: Have you considered Python?
Ch 2: Try calling Python from your Bash script.
Ch 3: If you're still here, try adding quotes.

Jochem I'm going to name my channel no-agenda-meeting:

TIL some @SlackHQ channel names that'll result in a nice message once someone leaves the channel... like a funny goodbye:

After /leave the remaining channel members will see:
> John Doe left #running"


Gary "Wrong. The ONLY way you should organise CSS properties is like a Christmas Tree."


Lingua Scripta

qntm "Try this, kids at home! (V8 only AFAIK so Chrome or Node.js)"


Lynn Hehe:


to increment some counter on the page,

node.innerText += 1

doesn't work (0 → 01 → 011 → ⋯), but

node.innerText -= -1

works fine (0 → 1 → 2 → ⋯)

Lines of Code

Eric Lawrence I feel seen:

I find myself running code I wrote with the irrational hope that it has developed some improvements since I wrote it.

The “Bug-O” Notation “The Bug-O describes how much an API slows you down as your codebase grows.”

Locked Doors

Lesley Carhart 100%. Splitting hairs doesn't make people any safer.

Nest makes great points, but I dislike the trend of saying devices being maliciously accessed or abused weren’t ‘hacked’. It’s a weird kind of gatekeeping that kind of discounts the security hygiene and education issues most consumers are still struggling with. Outcome = same.

Kashmir Hill Unintended consequences:

Oh wow, Apple is getting rid of the mostly useless "Do Not Track" signal in Safari because it was a way to track people:


Phishing email training The perfect excuse:

So every now and then my company sends out phishing emails to us to “test” us. The emails are obvious phishing emails but if you click one you have to sit through a boring hour long training that’s the equivalent of detention. The malicious compliance is I now open no emails from management with headlines that maybe a mundane task or generally something I don’t want to do. Whenever I’m asked why I didn’t respond I simply say I was being careful about phishing and I get praised for it rather than yelled at for dodging work.

Malware Unicorn The USB fairy is real!

In infosec folklore, if you leave a USB under your pillow at night, there will be malware on it the next morning.


Five Things That Scare Me About AI Not AI per se, but the blind use of algorithms we don't understand (could be anything with if/else branches):

Returning to the account of the popular 5th grade teacher who was fired by an algorithm, she suspects that the underlying reason she was fired was that her incoming students had unusually high test scores the previous year (making it seem like their scores had dropped to a more average level after her teaching), and that their former teachers may have cheated.

Daniel Holland "The perils of modern living."


Startup Life

David Frankel 🔥🔥🔥

"We learned a lot"

This phrase is almost always a euphemism for “We've spent nearly all of our capital, don’t have traditional traction, but need more money.”

Those four words that will chill a VC’s soul - here's what you should say if you're running out of cash/time. 1/9

None of the Above

Alex Rampell "This is the most brilliant iPhone app grouping I’ve ever seen..."


White gold: the unstoppable rise of alternative milks How wellness upstarts spoiled milk’s healthy reputation – and built a billion-dollar industry from juicing oats and nuts.

Michael Hainsworth "I was Today years old when I discovered this #lifehack"

Oregon Zoo "The best part of snow days in Portland ❄️"

Jeff Bezos Brings the Receipts In which Jeff Bezos stands up to blackmail, comes across as everyone's favorite underdog, there are nude pictures, and even the Saudi government is involved:

That strategic positioning hasn’t gone without notice. As Kristin Kanthak, a professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh, put it on Twitter: “You know we are at a disgusting moment in our nation’s history when the billionaire sending out dick pics is the HERO of the story.”

ginaa wilsonn "So a month ago I dropped a ring & a clip down my bathroom sink and I’ve been scared to try to save it because I was scared it would just drop farther down but look at my cat being the fucking GOAT"

pico-8 Virtual console app for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. Looks like tons of fun!


Mike Rosenberg Journalism has a future, if you care about your subscribers:

The Seattle Times changed course to focus on stories that drive subscriptions - not clicks. Now we're at 41,000 digital subscriptions, up 21% in a year. And no layoffs.
Love working in a community that values independent journalism enough to pay for it

julius tarng Of course this blows up on Twitter:

So everyone was joking about Konmari-ing their Twitter, but I went ahead and made a tool for that:

Say hello to ✨ Tokimeki Unfollow ✨!

Hang out with virtual me and go thru your follows one by one. Do their tweets spark joy? If not, hit [Unfollow]!

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