Weekend Reading — Burger wars

Downtown Josh Brown "I found it. The coolest dog of all time."

Design Objective

Factory vs. Studio Pick the right start conditions, the rest will follow:

The first time I did this activity, I had no idea what to expect, but the results blew me away. Start conditions matter. Choose wisely and mix and blend to suit your taste.

How United Onboards New Users As bad as you imagined?

Tools of the Trade

AutoDraw Amazing. Draw your best (or worst) stick figure, and AutoDraw's AI will find a high quality sketch for you.

Introducing Increment A software engineering magazine dedicated to practical and useful insight into the ostensibly small things that are actually big things: testing, deployment, development tools, code review. Subscribed.

The invisible parts of CSS This article will help you understand how different parts of CSS come together (cascade, box model, display types, etc).

Using the Chrome devtools new code coverage feature Code coverage lets you run your web app, and for each JS/CSS file, see which lines of code ran and which didn’t.

Headless Chromium Using headless Chrome from the command line and from Node. And with that, PhantomJS project is shutting down.

Source Still searching for the perfect client, but here's one more to review.

The History of the Web Stories of how the Web came to be.

Nat Pryce I need this!

Product idea: a calendar app that automatically adds "Get audio working: 10 minutes" as the first agenda item of any remote meeting.

Lingua Scripta

Why you should use in equality comparison Explains the difference between ==, === and

Lines of Code

Software Complexity: The Art of Naming If you can break things into specific responsibilities, naming becomes much easier.


How to recognize a programmer: Do they use the word "orthogonal" in a conversation?


Sinjo ✌🏼 💖

A thing SRE has taught me more than previous roles: non-uniformity (of code, infra, process) is expensive.

Not to say you should never do it, but every time you have to say "oh that one's a bit different" costs you.


Stephanie Hurlburt

After thinking on it & talking to lots of teams, I'm convinced that the best developer job interview is a simple discussion about past work.

Ian Chan

My eng management book will have a chapter:
'How to eat your lunch in 5 minutes then drink 5 coffees/day during 1:1s without dying'

Locked Doors

Shields Up: Developing Security Skepticism Critical reading is necessary. Also, cut click-bait journalism of out your diet, replace with sources that help you parse the news, and put things in context.

A quick look at the Ikea Trådfri lighting platform At least Ikea is getting IoT right.

Investigation finds inmates built computers and hid them in prison ceiling Dedicated hackers.

None of the Above

Max Weiss "Get into a Twitter war with @Wendys at your own peril."

Google Disabled Burger King’s Ad Hijacking Google Home, but BK Got Around That Too Now that TV ads can command any device in your home, what's left for us people to do? Sleep more?

How “News Literacy” Gets Web Misinformation Wrong I wholeheartedly agree. Forget the rest, and follow these three steps:

Australian rapper skips dinner bill by swimming off, court told Every paragraph of this story gets better and better:

An Australian rapper called 2pec racked up a large bill in a seafood restaurant, before running into the sea to avoid paying, a Queensland court has heard.

Dave "I altered my light switches to dispense potatoes. Why? Because I can"

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