Weekend Reading – Binary trees

Binary trees!

Design Objective

Top Hacks from a PM Behind Two of Tech's Hottest Products. First Round Capital articles are always a great read, this one is no exception:

Get decisions made: You may not be the decider at the table, but it’s your responsibility to make sure a decision gets made. Half of this is getting the right information in front of them. The other half is getting the right people behind them.

Content Snippets is a collection of copy examples from various website and applications, "to serve as inspiration". Lots of great stuff, and an interesting UI that puts the emphasis on copy.

Type porn:
"We look under the hood of websites to show what fonts they're using and how they're using them." Safe for most work environments.

UX and the Civilizing Process. In essence "UX is etiquette for computers" and UX develops along similar lines to human civility:

Thus we find the common pattern of slick consumer apps vs. rustic-but-functional enterprise apps. It’s the difference between those raised in a diverse court or big city, vs. those isolated and brought up in small towns.

Lines of Code

Ink: Quickly create responsive HTML emails that work on any device & client. Even Outlook." I've yet to get it working correctly, but so far much better than the patchwork of older, undocumented frameworks I put together. Also worth a second mention: MailChimp's pattern library.

npm-onupdate: register your dependencies, and it will email you whenever there's an update. A better alternative to npm update.

dsjslib is a collection of datastructures implemented in JavaScript, including an AVL tree, priority queue, skip list, LRU cache, and more.

Issuepost is a menubar app for submitting Github issues. Does one thing, and does it remarkably well. Free download for a limited time.

Creditcard.js another attempt at a friendly credit card form.

Immediately invoked constructors and object literals. JavaScript has not shortage of cool party tricks.

The 'Insecurity' of curl | shell. I couldn't agree more:

The only difference is that it's an incantation that people have been used to doing for years, so they naturally assume that it's safe, but the curl | sh version is new and therefore suspicious.

Neat git cheat sheet visualization

None of the Above

44 Coolest Tech Gadgets of 2013: from wood slab keyboards to beer brewing machines.

Runners Who Love Beer. This will surely make a lot of people happy:

We found that [600 ml] of beer is as effective as water to recovery from exercise.

Tom Cook:

GOOG: Here is a white paper describing our state of the art six years ago

FB: Here is the source code to current core parts of our infra

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