Weekend Reading - Batkid saves the day


Design Objective

Don’t cut corners when coding UI shows by example(s) how paying attention to little details can make your UI more pleasant to use. If you read nothing else this week, make it this post.

To Design A Bottle. This 3 minute video illustrates what design is all about, and how you pay attention to usability and popular trends. Also, baby bottles.

Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Better. So this post takes some liberty with science, but the point still stands:

The reason less “visually complex” websites are considered more beautiful is partly because low complexity websites don’t require the eyes and brain to physically work as hard to decode, store and process the information.

Articles that changed the way I work links to some of the best articles about Web design, for example, Luke Wroblewski's Mobile First and Ian Storm Taylor's Never Use Black. I recommend checking out each of these links.

Lines of Code

ES6 Uncensored. Fantastic presentation about some of the better features coming up in ES6. Go and experiment!

Sarah Mei:

When your codebase isn't joyful anymore, the answer is rarely "add more architecture." #rubyconf

Douglas Crockford on coding standards. Noah Sussman collected some of the best links, like this gem:

The place to express yourself in programming is in the quality of your ideas, and the efficiency of execution. The role of style is the same as in literature. A great writer doesn't express himself by putting the spaces before his commas instead of after, or by putting extra spaces inside his parentheses.

Pure OOP and Pure FP is equally critical of both extremes, and for good reason:

Purely functional languages also complicates the programs and ensue a huge cognitive cost. Modeling side-effects using pure functions is in the same mentality of wrapping functions inside objects as in pure OOP. They are both over-engineering. They both cause cognitive cost and unnecessary manual labor.

Related, and this has happend to me more than once, Paul Ford:

Just replaced 600 lines of awesome, event-based, broken JavaScript with 12 lines of dull, if/then-based, working JavaScript. Like an adult.

An Introduction To DOM Events. Your periodic refresher on how the DOM works.

Startup Life

The Startup Pitch Deck Template. Spot on! Time to redo out pitch deck. Also, first presentation I've seen made with Bunkr.

Recruiting Advice No One Tells You. A great story about hustling to land a dream job.

None of the Above

Everything You Need To Know About Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Adorable, Crime-Fighting Batkid

What a Car Enthusiast Looks Like to Everyone Else

Zach Holman:

My greatest fear towards pair programming is that ultimately the session will end up like

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