Weekend Reading — Avoid Polio with this one weird trick

One weird trick or one weird treat!

Design Objective

A Plea For iPhones To Have A Safer "Car Mode". Interesting concept. I'd use care mode far more often than airplane mode.

Responsive HTML Emails: a Different Strategy. Using a single layout, so you don't have to handle reflows, just resizing; complete with workarounds for Outlook.

iPhone touchscreen accuracy – A lesson in understanding test requirements and goals. So there's that, a lesson in understanding what you're measuring, so the results would actually make sense. Also, how Apple baked inaccuracy into their touchscreens to make them respond more accurately to touch. It's the little details.

Medium-Style Page Transition. Pretty slick; I'd love to see something like this working with Turbolinks.

Lines of Code

"We are outsource Big Data to Oracle": Q&A with Devops Borat. Regarding the Cloud, Availability and tolerable Pricing theorem:

In startup we are not believe in downtime. We are call it planned maintenance. As many expert on Twitter are say, cloud is offer infinite scalable and zero cost but can not able offer 100% uptime yet so we prefer use own datacenter. In actual we are use N+1 datacenter where N is current zero but we have big plan of change N to positive number in near future.

Devil’s Dictionary of Programming. This is so spot on:

simple — It solves my use case.

opinionated — I don’t believe that your use case exists.

elegant — The only use case is making me feel smart.

node-jvm - Java virtual machine in pure Node.js. Just leaving this here for you to contemplate.

Home page shows the project title as "dorkq" on some Android devices. A font-rendering bug story.

Interrupting programmers; the maker's schedule illustrated.

Tech Talk

The Latest Style covers some of the recent changes the New York Times made to their manual of style and usage. I like their choice to simplify email and website, and applaude the de-douching of e-terms:

By popular demand, we’re removing the hyphen from email. But we’ll discourage other newfangled e-terms: keep the hyphens in e-book and e-commerce, for example. Better yet, just call them books and commerce, unless it is worth noting the digital format.

We’re also going to follow many other publications in lowercasing the web. … For consistency, we’ll lowercase website and make it one word. Often, the simpler site or a more specific term is better. But the Internet remains uppercase, in line with the most common current practice in the United States.

Is Mavericks always watching you? Not exactly, but it does use the light sensor to tell when you're in front of your computer, and delay sleeping it. One more little detail.

SSL Added and removed here! :) t-shirt now available. No idea why, but I find this particular careless attack on our privacy hilarious. Maybe because it is so above law and brazen, there's nothing left to say.

None of the Above

Alex Gaynor:

Be the animated gif you wish to see in the world.

Honest slogans

"You have to be kidding me" Tow Truck Fail. I too have days like this.

20th century headlines; rewritten to get more clicks:

Avoid Polio with this one weird trick

How to Read a Paper:

This article outlines a practical and efficient three-pass method for reading research papers. I also describe how to use this method to do a literature survey.

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