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Design Objective

We make the web – let’s make it accessible It's our responsibility:

It leaves a lost opportunity by not being inclusive. And heck, it’s even the law now in several countries. So I think we ought to spend a little time learning the basics of building an accessible application.

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 is now a W3C Recommendation (or, as some people like to say, "web standard").

Designing for Gullible explores design decisions by looking at the curiosity that is the iOS Notification Center.

If You Can’t See The UXer In The Room, You Are The UXer The title says it all.

How Mature is Your Organization when it Comes to UX? is a simple maturity model, going from unintentional UX through expert UX and all the way to distributed UX. Reflects my experience of how organizations evolve (or don't) their UX practices.

Tools of the Trade

Highland.js is Lodash for Node streams: map, filter, group, zip, etc. Node streams are pretty much awesome, Highland makes them even more powerful and easier to use.

Github Pull Request Triage is a slick tool for working your way to pull request 0.

GitHub Selfies lets you add selfies to your pull requests. May or may not help with pull request 0.

CamanJS does canvas manipulation in JavaScript. Lets you tweak brightness, contrast, gamma, blending, etc.

Variance Charts are web components for building charts. Not as powerful as JavaScript, but something to be said for the simplicity of using HTML elements.

x-gif "The GIF tag the internet deserves."

Meet Scribe, an extensible rich text editor Built by the Guardian for clean markup and easy extensibility.

jsDeliver is a free CDN for hosting your scripts, CSS, fonts, sprites, WordPress plugins, whatever. Has some interesting query capabilities.

Brick is a curated collection of free web fonts, tweaked to look better in web apps, served from CDN.

Pesticide if you need faster CSS layout debugging. Adds an outline to every element, so you can see what the heck your CSS rules do.

Introducing the Canvas Debugger in Firefox Developer Tools

t32k/stylestats analyzes your stylesheets for various metrics, like number of selectors, complexity, colors used, etc.

3rd-Eden/licensing analyzes your project dependencies and determines its licensing footprint. PSA: projects with no license are not free to use.

Building a WebGL logo on programatically rendering graphics with WebGL, canvas and JavaScript.

CSS Regions polyfill Since CSS regions are not coming to a browser near you, Adobe made a significant update to their polyfill. Lots of good stuff, but also a few significant gotchas.

Zero downtime deploy with Dokku in which I hack the fabulous Heroku-in-a-box for safer, gentler, deploys.

Lines of Code

Microservices Sounds exactly like SOA, before it went on a tooling/governance/WS-* bender. It's a good idea, I just feel too open to interpretation.

Naming JavaScript Functions, or why you should rename even your anonymous functions, and some common prefixes to use.

functional.js showcases functional programming with ES6 by rewriting parts of underscore.js.

reduce() and array indices in which we learn how reduce behave with and without initial value.

Joshua ♥ Hull:

OH: "In Haskell, deploy to production is the same to submit to journal for publication, right?"

Ana Nelson:

Deleting dead code, singing "if you liked it then you should have put a test on it".

Locked Doors

When it comes to secrets, Wall Street titans and Silicon Valley VCs see eye-to-eye TL;DR:

So if you’re an ardent believer in anonymity, be careful: If you reveal something important enough to be legally protected on one of these platforms, your anonymity might not be secure. The only secrets you can safely reveal on these platforms (and even then, only as long as they’re not crimes) are your own.

Microsoft sniffed blogger's Hotmail account to trace leak And if you think it's just Microsoft, I've got a phishing email I'd like you to read.

None of the Above

Dissent Unheard Of:

Perhaps the scariest part of speaking out is seeing the subtle insinuation of consequence and veiled threats by those you speak against.

A guide to dressing for seasons in SF TL;DR “Dress warm”

How to write a bug report is worth reading again.

Gears of war: When mechanical analog computers ruled the waves Computing with gears, cams and lots of grease.

Monsanto Owns Us: The Monopoly of Seeds and Intellectual Property Rights TL;DR:

After all, how can one trust the creator of products like Agent Orange to alter the genes of our food?

Absolute Zero is 0K on the race to freeze the "permanent gases".

Sapna Maheshwari:

my friend was telling me about her engagement the other day. and i was like oh cool, with what brand?

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