How To Pay Your Bill In 7 Easy Steps

Step 1 Your adventure begins with this login screen that doesn't quite know what it wants you to do first. All these Really Important Buttons abound.

Fortunately, you know why you're here for — to pay your bill — so let the adventure begin: login!

Step 2 Locate the "PAY MY BILL" button conveniently located at the top of the "USEFUL TOOLS" category.

Ignore that the UI is shouting at you, it's just trying to make conversation.

Gently, but deliberately, click the button.

Step 3 Congratulations! You have uncovered the much coveted "Pay My Bill Online" button.

You are now ready to advance to the next round.

Click the button, please.

Step 4 You have advanced to the "Pay My Bill" round!

Before you can go further, let us tell you about all the exciting features that await you, should you decide to proceed to the next round.

You could "Pay your bill", and you could check your balance, and you could even use your bank account. Amazing!

Are you as excited as we are? Then let's advance to the next round!

Click the button.

Step 5 This next round is made of awesome sauce. Are you sure you're ready for it?

Like really ready?

Then click to continue.

Step 6 Whoohooo!

You've made it through five rounds. We couldn't be more proud!

So proud, in fact, we prepared this special page just for you.

You, and only you, can now login to your very own personal ePayBill account.

And that's not all: as a bonus you now have yet another login password to remember!

Already enrolled? Well, then just login to advance to the next stage.

Step 7 So I kind of made up that it's 7 steps. There are many, many more steps involved in paying your online bill.

Like adding a billing account.

And then adding a payment account.

And then wondering how come your account is all paid through December, but Payment History says the last payment was made in September.

Thankfully, there's this very useful Contact Us page:

If this is what it's like paying for your health insurance, you can only imagine how it works, when it's time for health insurance to pay for a treatment or prescription.

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