Fine Tune: The missing UI for OpenAI

Go beyond the playground * Fine tune your completion model * Upload classification and search files * CSV, Excel , JSONL * Open source

Fine Tune: The missing UI for OpenAI

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It started with an experiment, to see if OpenAI can help me write my blog posts. Fun to figure out, even if it didn’t help that much (yet).

Along the way I made a few missteps working with the API. Could have been easier to figure out. Also learned that my sample data got silently truncated for using too many tokens,

So the idea came, why not do a UI for the OpenAI API? And Fine Tune is that side quest.

It covers most of the OpenAI API as of Nov 2021. I didn’t get to work with answers yet.

You can use the UI to upload completion files for training and validating fine-tune models. And to upload classification files, and documents to search against.

It accepts CSV, Excel spreadsheets, and yes also JSONL.

It will warn you about missing fields, and when your records are too large that OpenAI will silently ignore them.

There’s a playground for completion, classification, and search. You can run these queries in the browser, and see what the request looks like.

It runs entirely in the browser. Your API key is only ever used to talk to the OpenAI API.

It’s open source. Built with Next.js + TypeScript + TailwindCSS + NextUI. So if you’re looking to use any of these tools, feel free to check the source code.

Anyway, I hope you like it. If you find this helpful, please help and spread the word.

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