Collected Links Feb 23, 2022

Collected Links Feb 23, 2022

User Experience

Mike Rundle

My buddy is an electrician and told me a few months ago that he always leaves the screws in a vertical position on jobs as a sign of craftsmanship. Been thinking ever since what my “vertical screws” equivalent is for product design.

Kenneth Auchenberg Thread about DevEx and why it matters:

First and foremost, an outstanding Developer Experience starts with your product. DX is fundamentally about your product experience for developers. It's product-led growth for Developers.

Adam Leventhal “Always be sure to provide ample parking when presenting a google doc”

Wouter de Bres “Sorry designer, we had to scope down the project to fit in this sprint.”


Christopher Winslett This is also a good heuristic:

Step 1 - 50 of scaling a SQL database:

Say to yourself: "I did something wrong. The database is capable of scaling at least 100x my current data size and performance requirements."

Then, go look at application metrics / logs / database logs to find the limiting behavior. HTTP protocol for synchronizing states across clients, for collaborative editing, serverless offline mode, and P2P networking:

Braid adds these features to HTTP:

  1. Versioning to HTTP resources
  2. Subscriptions to GET requests
  3. Patches to Range Requests
  4. Merge-Types to specify OT or CRDT behavior

Server-Sent Events, WebSockets, and HTTP Apropos. I’d love to see pub/sub backed into HTTP. Interestingly, this is no longer a question of browser vendor adoption, but rather what would edge platforms do (AWS, CloudFront, etc)?

With that in mind, to me it makes more sense to define a standards-based function for pub/sub in HTTP, rather than WebSockets (or WebTransport).

However, I’m far from certain that will happen, and so the best path forward is uncertain. Should we just extend and refine SSE (if we can get browsers on board)? Because a WebSockets sub-protocol wouldn’t require browser buy-in, that path might be more practical – but will we be able to get enough momentum behind a single proposal? Alternatively, can we get the browsers to implement a new PUB HTTP method? Or will edge compute platforms converge and make all of this unnecessary?

Lily Scott Yes. Sigh.

if you're into JS dev, no matter your thoughts on ESM, some piece of text on this page will make you upset Pure ESM package

Erik Rasmussen

TIL: @1Password has a CLI! So I can securely publish to @npmjs with:

npm publish --otp $(op get totp npmjs)

TJ 😂

Personal log, day 37. Homebrew is still updating. I don’t see any end in sight. If I don’t write code soon, I will surely die.

Troll your visitors “Do you ever open a website and watch in amazement as the page elements haphazardly shift around? Don't you wish your webpage could do something like that???” Let me tell you about hiccupFX.js



IEEE 754 is a double standard

Gergely Orosz

Google interviewing people: "Design a system that can scale to billions of users, with a p99 of 30 seconds for data replication. We ask questions like this because this is the type of work you'd do here, day-in, day-out."

Also Google when changing your profile image:


Andy E.

Normalize :)'s and "haha!" in performance review feedback. ~Life~ Work can be less formal.

Ad Agency Publicly Calls Out Coinbase CEO Over Credit For Super Bowl Ad Idea Here’s a fun trick for a CEO/founder. “Share” the credit with the team. Makes you look humble and generous. Don't credit any outside contributors, though, that way taking credit for the team, by extension for the company, by extension for the CEO/founder.



eevee This is crypto. You can’t just separate the lawlessness from the speculation. One doesn’t exist without the other.

um, stolen? what do you mean? they changed hands via a legitimate transaction. it's all recorded on the blockchain, which is 100% secure and immutable and trustless. where did "stolen" come into it? hundreds of people simply decided to transfer their tokens simultaneously

Straight to Spam “sorry you didn’t get the invite, did you check your spam folder?”

Everything Else

Buitengebieden “Miniature artwork..“

Ashley Holub, PhD

Gate agent: you must wear a mask, we all make life choices but yours right now needs to be to wear a mask. If TSA shows up here and you’re not wearing one it will be a $30k fine, and let’s be honest you’re flying southwest so you don’t have that kind of money

Alexis Gay

Thanks for reaching out to Support! Could you please send the make/model of your computer, your operating system, your browser, the temperature in the room when the error occurred, whether you were standing or seated, your favorite throwback jam, the age of your first kiss, your—

Radley Balko

AirBnB these days is like renting a car. There's the quoted the price. And there's the price you end up paying. And one has very little to do with the other.

The Kavernacle “are we the baddies?”

Jordan Peterson announced as speaker for a Bitcoin conference - the r/Bitcoin subreddit reaction is soo good 😂

Facebook Has a Superuser-Supremacy Problem

Most public activity on the platform comes from a tiny, hyperactive group of abusive users. Facebook relies on them to decide what everyone sees.

Jed Bridges “This is so upsetting”

Christopher Chabris: “A 40-year followup of the original marshmallow study cohort found that being able to wait for a second marshmallow in childhood doesn't actually predict better outcomes in mid-life New Study Disavows Marshmallow Test's Predictive Powers - UCLA Anderson Review

Scott Shapiro: “Waiting 40 years for a followup shows amazing self control”

Son of Dad “My low-budget ‘Doctor Who’ remake is coming along nicely”

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